Sunday, 26 June 2011

Shopping, A Vintage Fair, Some Blisters and a Rubix Cube.

Today Himself and I went to Reading shopping. Not exactly what I had had in mind for the day but what the heck, I'm not one to turn down a trip to the shops!
I mooched round the clothes shops whilst Himself scooted off to Toys-R-Us and Argos. I bought myself a rather lovely summer dress in Oasis reduced from £55 to £20.

I'm already spending the birthday money I haven't got yet! Oopps.

Himself decided it was time for a drink and as we headed in the general direction of the pub I was handed a leaflet for a Vintage Fair at The Purple Turtle. As we were literally outside we went in. It was pretty disappointing actually. It was quite disjointed and as Himself pointed out everything was just muddled up like some kind of huge jumble sale. There were rails of clothes where all eras, sizes and even genders were just shoved on any old how. That combined with that bizarre attitude some of these sellers seem to have, that just because something is vintage they can charge a fortune for it no matter what condition the item is in. For example there was a suitcase full of handbags, most of them were pretty beaten up some were completely wrecked and yet the cheapest price was £15. Well they are old aren't they? so they must be worth that much even if they aren't even usable!
I did buy this brooch, it caught my eye. According to the lady on the stall it's 1930's marcasite, personally I don't think it is that old but I liked it so I bought it.
We left and went to the pub.  I was nursing very sore feet at this point. For some reason a pair of shoes I have never had a problem with before suddenly turned and mullered my feet. I ended up with 4 plasters on one foot and 3 on the other. I'm going to Bath for the day tomorrow, god knows how I'm going to walk all day :-(

 So Himself has had a graphic design idea which involves a rubix cube so he bought one. I had a go. It's been years since I last had a go on one and I still can't do it!

Action shots!
Oh and if you all felt the earth tilt on it's axis on friday that was my fault. I bought a white dress!
I saw it as soon as I walked into the shop, I loved the style but it was white, WHITE. I tried it on and it actually looked lovely, amazing. So I bought it.


  1. I could never do rubiks either...I used to try and peel the stickers off! ;)

  2. That white dress is so pretty, very Sienna Miller. And yeah, know what you mean about over priced vintage - it can be the same in the charity shops. Utterly trashed and old? Expensive Vintage!

  3. Oh wow, I love that dress. Will you model it for us? I'd love to wear it as a 1960's inspired wedding dress complete with flowers in my hair.

  4. There is a 'vintage' fair local to us that do the exact same thing! It's really frustrating especially when a lot of the stuff is just old tat!

    Awe good old reading! I used to go out there as a teenager! I have been to purple turtle! Have you been to Pav's? x

  5. You could always solve the feet problem and go to Bath with your sandy shaw white dress wearing no shoes.... well it is summer.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy
    Beverley xx

  6. That a lovely little brooch and your white dress looks very retro, like something from the Sixties. Nice buy.

    You're so right about some vintage fairs. I went to one in Gloucester recently and it was a real let-down. There weren't any decent stalls and virtually the lot of them were selling stuff from the 80s or later; there was very litle quality vintage there.

  7. I love that white dress and that pretty brooch. I agree with the vintage fair thing, personally I prefer to find it myself, it takes the excitement away when it's been selected for you. x