Friday, 14 July 2017

Discovering Cornwall.

It's been many a long, long year since I was last in Cornwall and Himself has never been so when he expressed a passing interest in going I had us booked in before he could even finish the sentence.
As you may have gathered I was feeling in need of a break from the stresses of (working) life.

I have no idea why I plumped for Penzance, maybe because it is the end of the train line and we were travelling by train or just because my Dad was a big Gilbert & Sullivan fan so the name stuck. As it goes I then discovered it is one of the most depressed and run down areas in the South West...oh.
Actually it was fine, sure it's seen better days and there were empty shops, the odd rough sleepers and a level of Chav-tasticness to some of residents, but certainly no worse than the town I call home.
It's also a great base for getting out and about around the very bottom of Cornwall, especially if you have a car (which we don't). We had planned to do a lot of walking so that is exactly what we did and sod the weather.

We arrived in the pouring rain after a dead easy train journey. I chose suitable reading materials for the train, both old favourites and set in Cornwall.  The Empty House by Rosamund Pilcher which I read on the way down and My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier which I read on the way back. Light and airy out, dark and twisted back!

As Ann at Polyester Princess said about her recent holiday what a difference a day makes. In our case it was the reverse of her holiday, we had 2 days of pouring rain and high winds to begin with followed by two days of glorious sunshine.

On arrival in the late afternoon we checked into our B&B.
A listed building in the heritage area of the town it only had 5 rooms and was pretty old school in that the bathroom was at the end of the corridor rather than en suite and the hours for breakfast & check in/out were pretty tight. We have become so used to being en suite that this was a surprise at first, but it was no different than being at home once you got used to it, well other than the potential of being spotted staggering to the bathroom in your nightshirt with a terrifying bedhead by a total stranger obviously.

We unpacked, checked out the room and lay side by side on the bed to test the comfort as you do, then woke up about an hour and half later!
We mooched into town and got our bearings, went in some shops, ate some chips, bought some wine at Tesco as we planned an early night in.

We also checked out the amazing Jubilee Lido. An absolutely fabulous Art Deco Lido that has been fully restored
It's gorgeous! It was great to see it busy, even in the pouring rain and the cafe is well worth a visit just in itself. I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

The next day we planned to go to St Michael's Mount because according to the website not very helpfully it was shut on the Saturday. According to Mike at the B&B this is probably due to it being 'Change over day' ?!?
It was a dead easy walk to Marizion with pretty views and would have been lovely if it wasn't for the wind and rain.

When we got there it was to be greeted by big signs in the car park saying the castle was shut but the gardens were open.
I was gutted, as I had been really looking forward to seeing the castle. There seemed little point catching the boat over just to walk round the gardens in such miserable weather and as the causeway wouldn't become clear for another couple of hours we couldn't walk over either.

I don't know if this was a sign of Cornwall in general, or just this part of it, but closing at will and despite your advertised opening hours seemed to be a very common thing!
Wet, cold and just a bit fed-up a decided I cup of tea was in order. We found a tiny, and when I say tiny I mean tiny, cafe called The Copper Kettle where we ordered a black americano and a cream tea.
What can I say? Other than it was Tuna Melt-Gate all over again!!
Of the 4 tables occupied, 3 of us ordered the cream tea only to find when it arrived there was no tea. Apparently it is a food item only and you have to order the drink separately, "so it's not actually a cream TEA then? but a plate of scones and cream?" asked one poor bewildered chap.

All I can say is The Copper Kettle was a dreadful mistake. the scones were so dry they fell to bits when you touched them and sucked every last bit of moisture out of your mouth when you did attempt to eat them. I actually gave up, gave up I tell you and this is me, a gold medal holder in clearing a cake plate. Disappointing does not come close.

We decided to walk back.

 I should add by this point the wind had destroyed Himself's umbrella and my waterproof jacket was starting to let in rain so we were both getting pretty wet. To top it off about half way back one of my shoes gave up the ghost and was letting in a lot of water.
Just to clarify I do have proper withstand a nuclear attack level walking boots but as we were travelling light and they are not exactly going out shoes and also weigh a ton. I left them at home and took my leather Converse.
I know expert walkers would scream in horror at that statement,  but ever since I have been having various issues with my feet I find Converse incredibly comfortable for long distances, in all but the most rugged terrain. These ones were going on for 15 years old so they have had a bloody good innings.
I squelched into New Look which was the first shop we approached and grabbed socks and some royal blue sneakers, then on my way past the sales rack I spotted these babies.
Which were what I actually changed straight into once were were ensconced in a nearby pub.

Chinese print creepers with platform crepe soles, completely impractical for a walking holiday but bloody fabulous and super, super comfortable.

That first pint was absolute nectar so Himself googled real ale pubs in Penzance and we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening on a mini pub crawl.

Highlight for me was the Admiral Benbow. I Loved it! Made up of lots of tiny nooks and crammed full from floor to ceiling with 'stuff' mostly nautical themed.

Himself found it too much and felt claustrophobic so we moved on after one pint. He did love the Scooby Doo-esque diving helmet lamp too though.

I should also mention The Turks Head where we got banished to the garden because I was horribly unfeminine and ordered a pint!
Finally it made sense to seek out some food so we ended up in The Smuggler's Den. A cafe with a just slightly over the top pirate theme but decent food none the less. We both had a burger and chips, mine a delicious lamb & mint before trudging home to strip off sodden layers and fall into bed.

The next day dawned glorious and bright. The wet weather plan had been to catch a bus to St Ives the dry weather plan was to walk to Lamorna via Newlyn and Mousehole so that is what we did.

I never studied The Newlyn School during my time as an art student but I knew of it, and I was aware that Lamorna Cove was meant to be breathtaking from an artist's point of view, whereas even Dylan Thomas described Mousehole as 'the loveliest village in England' so this was why I wanted to see them.
 I had printed off the walk before we left, looking at it again when we got back, I see it was described as extremely challenging in parts, the tourist information in Penzance described Mousehole to Lamorna as 'strenuous' on their board. they weren't kidding.

Anyway the first bit was a breeze, flat and easy going with glorious views.
Newlyn was pretty

Mousehole every bit as lovely as expected
and also packed with people. We paused for an ice cream and a comfort (wee) break  before pushing on
up, up, up through the village pausing only when our lungs felt they might explode at the effort (which was often!) we finally found the coastal path
no this isn't it, but some random overgrown gates in the middle of nowhere!

A first it was fine, a narrow overgrown path through trees and hedges where like cars on the narrow roads thereabouts you had to find passing places to step out of the way when other walkers came towards you.
We saw some gorgeous views of the sea when you did come clear of the trees, then it started getting difficult. It has to be said the recent relentless rain and me having a across the body bag instead of a rucksack didn't help, but some parts were treacherous. The path would suddenly plunge terrifyingly down with rough steps of 3 or more foot deep only to turn and go sharply up hill again so you were literally rock climbing, trying to find a safe hand and foothold to heave yourself up. In 3 or 4 places little springs made streams running across the path adding an extra frisson of danger with deep mud and slippery rocks!  
We finally made it to the stunning cove before Lamorna where the path hangs on the very edge of the cliff and took a welcome break.

We thought about turning back but foolishly though that a) Lamorna itself was round the next bend and b) it couldn't be any worse going forward compared to what we had already done so pressed on.

I have to say in some parts it was so hard going I didn't have the chance to enjoy the glory that was around me because I was too busy trying to negotiate the next bit without breaking my neck.

After about another hour of bloody hard climbing we finally could see Lamorna itself, getting there took about another hour and more scrambling, climbing and clinging to rocks.
action shot of me toiling up the last hill!

Just as a final sting in it's tail was the bit of path down to Lamorna. I won't lie, some of it was terrifying, with a sheer drop on one side as you slipped and slid and clutched onto the rocks to the other, it was grim determination that kept me going. I don't suffer from vertigo as a rule but could have easily developed it on that last stretch that's for sure.
The whole walk is only about six and a half miles, nothing at all if you like walking but I felt like I had scaled Mount Everest or something!
We sat for a while with a cold bottle of water to help add recovery (a stiff brandy might have been better) before heading up and out of Lamorna through the woods and onto the road back to Penzance.

The plan had been to walk all the way back too but we couldn't find the path across the fields and it turns out the main road was busy and very narrow in parts so would have been pretty dangerous to walk, also I was bloody knackered.

About a mile out of Lamorna and deep in the woods we found a bus stop, the kind that is in the absolute middle of nowhere with nothing to be seen but trees and probably has one bus a week go by.
More as a reason to stop for another breather than anything else I said "look a bus stop, I wonder when the next bus is" and went to study at the timetable.
Literally that same second a bus came sailing round the corner! I blessed providence and my beautiful guardian angel, stuck my arm out and flagged it down. At the same instant Himself did as it goes. Lord only knows what that poor driver must have thought of these two demented people on foot in the middle of nowhere but he didn't bat an eyelid, sold us two singles to Penzance and said "Thank you my lover" when he gave me my tickets and change which thrilled me no end as his was the first proper Cornish accent I had heard. (For some reason there seem to be a lot of Londoners in Penzance.)

We recovered by eating absolutely delicious chips from a place by the market and spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the harbour, enjoying a restorative cup of tea at the Jubilee Lido cafe.

We both fancied Italian for dinner but the only one in Penzance had inexplicably closed, tables still laid, dying flowers in vases.The next nearest was in Newlyn, and the thought of more walking made me want to cry.
So instead we plumped for an early dinner at The Dolphin Tavern. I had the most delicious piece of fresh plaice Mmm, then like the party animals we are we slumped in bed watching tv for the rest of the night!

So there is our Cornish adventure. Would we go again? Definitely! but to somewhere other than Penzance.
There's a lot of Cornwall left to see.

I shall finish with my purchases. Bearing in mind Penzance was full of charity shops I didn't buy anything from any of the ones I  did manage to slip into. There were no vintage shops but I did browse a mad antique/junk centre where I got 2 brooches for £3 each.
I also bought myself this little felted sailor mouse
and that was it, apart from the shoes of course!

We jumped on the train home for what became a journey nightmares are made of. Instead of getting in just before 8pm for a bit of dinner and then Poldark for me, we finally staggered in the door at 11.45pm. Due to my old friend signaling failure We sat for 2 hours at Plymouth before they cancelled our train and we had to get off and onto to another. This sat for another half an hour before finally setting off for Exeter where it would terminate and there would be coaches laid on. As it happened by the time we reached Exeter they had partially opened the line again therefore cancelling the buses and ours was the first train to be let through. This meant every poor soul trying to get to London who had been abandoned by GWR in Exeter dived onto our train. Now I use trains pretty much every day and I have certainly been on a very full train before now, but this was the worst by a country mile. It was so full it was actually scary. there wasn't an inch of space with people standing. It stopped and started and stopped and started before finally getting to Reading where it terminated, meaning all those poor people heading to London had to try and find yet another train, knowing by the time they finally got there the underground would have stopped running!
Luckily we were able to jump straight on a train heading towards Bristol with no extra wait. What a nightmare. As advised by the train manager I filled out the online compensation form only to be told there had been an unprecedented amount of claims for that route so there would be a delay in them getting back to me, no shit!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Flaming June and It's Purchases.

Another month has been and gone and I haven't managed to blog at all...again.

Same reasons as last month on the whole and just super busy at work mainly, my line manager has been away for 3 weeks and I have been covering for her. So yes I've been manic busy and just a wee bit stressed with it all.

It hasn't been all work and no play though. I've managed to get out and about every now and then. A trip to the cinema, dinner with friends a couple of times, a baking hot Father's day barbecue at my Brother's house which Dad loved, and a day out in Bath with my Ma.
I found out by chance towards the end of last year that my Mum had never actually been to Bath, she had only ever driven through it. We had hoped to go before Christmas but that fell through and the trip somehow got forgotten, until now that is.  

We had a lovely day, it started of grey and drizzling
but the sun soon broke through to the point I ended up getting a bit burnt.
We just mooched about with no set plans. We decided to go into the Abbey which was actually the first time I have been in there too.
It was very beautiful and had a gorgeous embroidery exhibition on inspired by pages of a medieval illuminated manuscript.
The only down side was an opera type singer who was 'practicing' the whole time we were there, dear god she was bloody awful, I think my ears were bleeding by the time I left.

We had lunch and a look at the Assembly Rooms.
I do love the chandeliers there.

I made a couple of purchases. This gorgeous fish tealight holder that looks so pretty with a candle in it, without one it looks plain blue, but put a tealight in it and the magic happens.

A brooch at the indoor market
I know it's not quite the right time of year for snowflakes but still, it was too pretty to leave.

I also bought this lovely Murano Glass pendent in a little shop on Pultney Bridge.

All in all a fab day even if I did walk my poor Mum's feet off apparently!

I hope you are sitting down reading this because amazingly enough Himself and I also had a mini holiday!!
A while back Himself, who is not one for travelling or trips away, made interested noises about Cornwall.
Well you didn't have to say it twice, I had a B&B and train tickets booked before he could change his mind.

We went to Penzance for a long weekend and I shall dedicate my next pots to our time there.

I'm going to finish up with my June purchases, sit tight there are a few. As ever when I am feeling stressed I shop. Thankfully all the frocks were sale items.

Three lovely Vodoo Vixen dresses. The top two are freshly ironed, I had to wash them straight away because they both smelt a bit weird.
The red floral dress I ended up sizing up with because my size was sold out. I loved the dress so much and it was a great price so I bought it anyway and figured if it's too massive I will prevail upon my Mother and her amazing skills to take it in.

I also sized up on this Hell Bunny dress.
I have been stalking it ever since it was announced, but my size has been sold out consistently since day one.
Eventually it went into the sales so I knew my size would never come back into stock. I just bought the next size up at sale price and figured I could do something with it. I have to say it's actually been nice to wear it in this super hot weather because it is too big so it is loose and cool. I will wear it with a belt otherwise though.

As we are on the subject of novelty prints I almost bought this dress a while ago but even I, the consummate lover of novelty prints, took a step back because it may just be a novelty print too far.

Then it got reduced again so I thought sod it and hit 'buy'. It's actually a much deeper turquoise than it looks in this picture and I'm not quite sure where or when I shall wear it!

I bought this embroidered tunic top for £2 in a sale at my Dad's care home.

and the pirate t-shirt at the same time as the Hell Bunny dress. As you know I like to wear quirky and different exercise gear (when I actually get off my fat arse to exercise that is) and this pirate fits the bill perfectly.

Finally I have one handbag purchase. It was listed as a yellow handbag, a colour which I have taken a fancy to owning.
When it arrived it's very much more tan than yellow as you can see from above it seems ti photograph light. I don't mind it's still lovely and a great addition to the collection.

I shall attempt to post more regularly from now on, honest.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ne'er Cast A Clout til May be Out

Well in my case a blog post. May came and went in a mad whirl of stresses at work, and horrors in the world outside of it, a sobering month indeed.

Even the weather didn't seem to know what to do and we went from waking up to a ground frost to nearly 30 degrees all in the same week!?!
This meant starting the week with the winter weight duvet and ending it going out and buying a new summer weight one because I could NOT find ours anywhere!
Ironic because this house has no storage and as Himself pointed out we moved in August so must have had it on the bed at the time we moved.....
Anyway Argos had a deal on and we now have one of those 3 in 1 duvets, a 4.5 tog and a 9 tog that can be clipped together to make a 13.5.
Of course I found our original summer duvet 2 days later as you do, it was in with the towels, no I have no idea why either.  

The last Bank Holiday weekend started with the annual work clothes buying trip for Himself, an event always fraught with danger as it combines two of his most hated things, Shopping and People. Thankfully it passed with only one small incident. Trousers, shirts and sundries were purchased, trainers were not (my birthday present to Him).
I've learnt to read the signs and quickly realised limits had been reached so whisked us out of Sports Direct and into Wetherspoons where beer, wine & bowls of chips worked their restorative magic.

The next day instead of going for a walk we met my Mum at Dad's care home with ice creams and Star Wars Rogue One both of which Dad thoroughly enjoyed. We were back there on the Monday as it was my brother's birthday so we all coincided there for a glass of something.

It was also the weekend that we found we had a leak in the kitchen. Thankfully this turned out to be one of the washing machine pipes I was worried they were going to have to try and get behind the cupboards under the sink. For some reason I found the whole thing extremely stressful, just where I'm at mentally at the moment I think.

I had my hair cut and coloured which was slightly unnerving as the Sister in Law is currently suffering from vertigo! She was telling me all about how ill she had been, how dizzy she feels and how she often can't see straight all whilst weilding her hairdressers scissors! It's maybe a tad shorter than I had expected but otherwise pretty damn good considering the circumstances.

We went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. I really enjoyed it, Himself didn't and actually fell asleep! Oh well.

 Soo came over for a catch up last Saturday. It's been an age since we have been out, well it felt like it anyway. We just mooched into town and had some lunch out. The Chazzas were absolutely rubbish which seems to be the way at the moment. I bought a scarf and that was it.

May purchases;
Some black wide leg exercise pants and a navy and red cherry print vest top from Sainsbury's when they had their 25% clothing sale on. I have the trousers already in grey and love them. Not that we have been able to get to the park much with all the rain we have been having. the downside of exercising outside.
Whilst on the work clothes purchasing trip. I bought 2 pairs of black capri pants, one casual look pair and one more smart for work. Two gypsy tops one black embroidered and one red & white gingham as well as a checked shirt.
I couldn't be arsed to queue up and use the fitting room so of course I got home to find trousers that were meant to be the same size, were actually one pair slightly too big, and one pair I could barely fasten. *sigh* They got returned along with the black gypsy top which was way too short on me.
I also bought a pair of sliver loafers reduced to £5
They stayed :)

I did a bit of online frock buying via some of those 'it's a bank holiday have some money off' emails.
A Dancing Days floral dress, which is very loud but I love it.

Now you know me and a novelty print, I very rarely say no. I couldn't resist this one even though as Himself quite rightly pointed out the colour is far too light for me.
But lobsters and prawns and fishies, what's not to like??
It looks fine with a stronger coloured cardigan so it's staying.

This black and white summer dress was a charity shop purchase for £3 earlier in the month.
Talking of earlier purchases. Remember the Voodoo Vixen frock I stalked for months on end until it went into the sales?
well I finally wore it and lets just say good grief the sleeves.......Clearly my dress had gained a lot of extra love in the sleeve department than the one in the picture here.

on me it was more like
I kid you not!

This is where having a seamstress for a Mother is a marvelous thing. She tutted and exclaimed, removed the sleeves, took some of the extra fabric out, pinned them back in made me try it on, adjusted them a bit and returned it to me with the cute little cap sleeves I was expecting in the first place.What a star.

Finally I broke the bag buying drought with this 1970's moss green Clarks number. It's in great condition but smells terrible so is currently airing outside before I try a good clean and some bicarb in it.

Finally whilst Himself was looking at stuff in H&M I browsed their mini homewares section and just had to buy this lion juice glass to go with the Tropicana one we already have.
Right I'm off to sort out my shoes to make room for my new ones. It has to be said I do have a bit of a thing for sparkly shoes, a pair for every day of the week it seems.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Spring Greens and Baby Birds.

Bearing in mind we are super busy at work it seems odd to say I have just had a couple of days off, but it was kind of now or never and I have also had a less than gentle reminder I still have two thirds of my leave to take before September so how about I get on and book some hmm?
To be honest it's a combination of having slightly more holiday and a completely different leave year to Himself and also the fact that I thought I would need time to move again.
As it goes our landlord hasn't got round to filing his planning application yet and offered us this place for another year. We both admitted we couldn't face having to move again this year so we said yes. We haven't exactly got on with our downsizing so it's no bad thing really!
It does mean I have 2 weeks in hand and I don't really know what to do with it. We can't afford a holiday so I'm kind of stumped .
Mostly though I need to keep busy, it takes my mid of stuff so I keep on working, but I'm also aware of how horribly tired I am. There are worse problems to have.

I did a bit more tidying in the garden. My Mum is of the opinion 'Why bother?' but as you know I love gardening, it's how I relax and unwind, also the landlord did ask would we mind trying to keep on top of the wilderness so I feel I'm kind of doing that and a bit more. On the one hand I find it hard as a keen gardener to have such a an overgrown mess but on the other the wildlife it brings is an absolute joy.
Red Kite watching what I'm up too.
The bit that still needs tackling.....
Believe it or not there is a veggie  patch under there.
The bit that has been tamed.

The path and round stone edging was a surprise, it's fascinating to see the bones of what was once there, sort of garden archaeology. If it were down to me there would be more flowerbeds but hey it's not.

I absolutely love the bird life, it's such a lovely way to start the day sipping tea and watching them busy on the feeders. I have a robin with no tail (who is so damn friendly I'm not surprised he has no tail!) There have ben baby starlings an baby robin and this week 2 baby goldfinches. They are teeny tiny and so, so, SO cute
Himself has named them Harry and Barry, they may not have figured out how the bird feeders work yet but they have figured out if they sit underneath enough food will get dropped for them to get their fill. They are not stupid these two.

In other news we haven't been able to get to the park much due to other commitments and the weather ,but we are still getting out for a walk when we can. We have discovered we are about a really pretty 20 minute walk from a great pub so I foresee a lot of summer evening walks in that direction!

This is an old railway line that is now a cycle way & footpath.
I took this picture on a walk to christen my new flask, As I mentioned before Himself has a theory that I have a 10 mile limit before I get grouchy, I however have a theory that I have a 10 mile 'I need a cup of tea' mark so decided to invest in a new flask to test whose theory was right!

Being out in the air does my soul good. Last year when all the shit hit I would get this feeling like I couldn't quite breathe inside, I'd just have to get out and walk, even when it was blowing a hoolie. I need to make more time for walking.

It's not just work that has been busy. May is the big birthday month between friends and family they cover 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 22nd & 29th, as you can imagine it's a bit ouchy on the pocket and tough on the waistband and liver.

Himself's Dad is the 9th so we whizzed down to Margate last weekend to catch up and go out for dinner and a few drinks.

Though, hand on heart I am absolutely thrilled with how the town is regenerating after years of decay.
There does come a time, and in my case it was about midnight last Saturday, when you look around and find yourself stood, trying to get a drink, in trendily wood clad micro brewery, amongst a crowd of braying, bearded & man bunned DFL hipsters, whilst a guy with headphones and a laptop who thinks he's a hip DJ but is actually a prat, plays Jive Bunny (I kid you not) and you just have to wonder what the hell has happened to the town you loved.

I am getting too old for this shit.

Luckily we got to spend quality time with friends and family as well. We also had a couple of excursions to the cinema, I'm sure you have come to expect nothing less.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Which I loved, though not as much as the first one. Baby Groot stole every scene he was in.

Their Finest
Which was a surprise. For some reason the trailer had made me think it was a lighthearted comedy, it's absolutely not. Apart from Bill Nighy playing himself (as he seems to do in everything these days) which irritated Himself no end and Gemma Arterton's ever roaming Welsh accent we both enjoyed it. Sam Clafin is superb as always.

Which was extremely silly and didn't amuse me as much as it did Himself.  

We have tickets for the new Pirates of the Caribbean which I'm excited about, it will probably be shit but I don't care I love those films.
I did also see a trailer that sent a chill of horror down my spine. For some reason they have decided to do a remake of Daphne Du Maurier's book My Cousin Rachel. This fills me with despair why oh why do they feel the need??

If you haven't head it, I highly recommend the audio book read by Michael Maloney, or if you can possibly find it, the one read by Richard Burton, they are both superb. Whatever you do, do not listen to the one read by Mel Gibson!!
(The perks of working at a copyright library back in the day meant I got to plunder their vast audio book collection!)

I shall leave you with my solitary frock purchase since Easter. Not a single handbag either. I had hoped I might find a gem in New York but we didn't manage to make it to the flea market we had hoped to go too, so other than a couple of t-shirts from Uni-glo, smellies from Bath & Body Works and gifts I came home empty handed.

I bought this frock when I was browsing the Attitude sale page for stuff for Nephew Number One.

Apologies it's fresh from the wash and in need of an iron!

*DFL = Down From London