Sunday, 13 April 2014

I've Looked At Life From All Sides Now,

So as it turned out our visitor had a last minute change of plans and wasn’t able to visit after all. This meant, in theory I got to move all my stuff straight back into the front bedroom but true to my word I decided to have a thorough sort through first. It was a kind of grey showery weekend so instead of going outside to garden I stayed in and de-cluttered instead.
 It never ceases to amaze me how tiring it can be, it’s not like I was hefting heavy stuff around or anything, mostly I was sat on my bum with a drawer or box on my lap going through the contents, but after 5 or 6 hours I was knackered. I suppose, especially with personal stuff and paperwork that you have to concentrate on, it can be emotionally and mentally draining.Well that's my excuse anyway.

By Sunday evening the job was pretty much done. The room is still full of my stuff, no fear of me ever going minimalist! But I did have a satisfying 1 sack for charity, 2 sacks of recycling and 2 bags of rubbish.
I found a hilarious old picture of my brother and some equally bad ones of me, including my college i.d which showed me with my ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ Bonnie Tyler haircut. Yes people I actually took the album into the salon and asked to have my hair ‘like that please’! 

Dear oh dear.

My underwear drawer is also in the front bedroom and I did that thing of finding a really pretty bra at the back of the drawer and thinking ’How lovely, why do I not wear this??’ I duly put on said bra the following morning and trotted off to work. 




By the time I got home I knew EXACTLY why the bra had been consigned to the back of the drawer!
Now only another woman (or man, if that is what floats his boat) who has ever spent the day in a really uncomfortable bra can know the sheer, utter, joyous relief of whipping that baby off the minute you have shut your front door behind you. This time round it is going to wing it’s way to Oxfam (who have a wonderful charitable scheme for unwanted bras) and most definitely NOT going back into the drawer.

I did take some time out to go and see 'Captain America – The Winter Soldier' on Saturday. It was good, but not really my cup of tea. Strange really when you think how much I loved the first film.  

We also went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel before it closed. I did enjoy it, and Ralph Fiennes is just amazing in it.

Actually it's been a busy week  because I also went out with friends to try the ‘New’ menu at the pub opposite the station. It turns out the new menu is basically just the old one but with all the less popular choices taken off it!
 I stuck with the good old Macaroni cheese and garlic bread. They also do a very decent house white for £8.99 a bottle, it would have been rude not too have that too.
 Sadly no extreme wood sports on the big screens this time round, which was probably a good job as we were busy chatting, though we did get interrupted by the table next to us asking us for answers to questions on the pub quiz! Could they tell just from appearances that we were all ex-librarians?

Friday night we were double booked with drinks with Melissa and Dan to celebrate their engagement (I can safely say I don't think I have been so thrilled about an engagement since my own.) and Nephew Number One playing a support slot at the O2 in Oxford.
We managed to skillfully juggle both by finely tuning our times, this meant joining Melissa and Dan for a swift couple of beers first, then dashing up the Cowley Road to see the Nephew before dashing back for more beer before catching the train home. 
All in all a cracking night and I am now the owner of some rather splendid beer glasses (that we christened tonight with a bottle of fizz.)
I loved them for their shape, basically they are giant Babycham glasses and Himself loved them because they said 'La Trappe' on the side (The Trap is a Northern term for the toilet.) 
I know this may offend some but I'm afraid I have no compunction about re-purposing a beer glass if I like the look of it.

This week I also shortened the chain on the magnificent necklace I mentioned last week, here it is in all it's stupendously mad glory.

I've had a great week but today I am in a funk, I found out my Alexander Technique teacher died just before Christmas and it has knocked me, I knew she was ill but I hadn't realised how serious it was this time, well that's not strictly true, lets just say I didn't want to accept how bad it was, but dreaded it must be because I hadn't heard from her in a few months.

 I had been working with her for about 15 years and she was just one of the most wonderful people you could wish to know.
So damn lovely, and life just kept throwing crap at her, including a very rare form of cancer, and yet I only saw her downhearted twice despite it all.
Somehow she always managed to see some good and turn things to the positive, I hate that she is gone and I shall miss her.

It really makes you realise you really should grab every moment and live life to the full, a lesson that was brought home to me twice more this week.
Once by hearing an ex-colleague of about my age had had a stroke, and then by chatting last night with my brother's best friend Mark who has just thankfully recovered from a 4th round of heart surgery.
He said my brother worries more about him than he does about himself!
 They can't really fix his heart and he knows the next time could well be the last, and that that next time could be at any moment, amazingly he isn't at all scared, in fact he was incredibly chilled, at peace with life and himself, he said he has made the decision to just live every minute to the max so if his heart does stop he won't have wasted a moment.
It certainly makes you reassess, think about wasted time and the luck of the draw when it comes to things like health.The fact that right now I have good health and yet I have got very lazy again and am eating too much of the wrong stuff again, I have gained weight again etc.

Time to jump back on the wagon and grab those reins.....

First stop to soothe my soul, (and help my waistline) was doing some hard graft in the garden yesterday. The veggie patch is 3/4 dug and mulched and strawberries, peas, onions and potatoes are planted.

Today I plan to get out there and start tackling the flowerbeds. I also need to find some decent small branches to bring in the house to decorate for Easter. One of my Mum's traditions that I love. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Comedy, Music and Shopping.

Hello, hello it's been a while. I didn't blog because I had been a boring old fart and done absolutely nothing worth mentioning and then I didn't blog because I was too damn busy gadding (or gladragging to give it it's full 1920's title) about town.

First up I went to a retirement do at the library. It was the first time I have been back there since being given the boot, and I nearly bottled out. In the end I'm glad I didn't, it was lovely to catch up with people like my first ever boss, but it did feel weird, very, very weird to be back.

From there I went to the pub as you do, where I drank wine and ate a big bag of Wotsits for my dinner, god I love being a grown up sometimes.

From there Himself and I went to see the comedian Richard Herring for his latest tour 'We are all going to die!' As ever he was very clever and very funny, a good way to end the day. Well I say that. The show finished a little earlier than we expected so Himself decided we should walk the long way home and have another drink.
You get an interesting crowd in the pub at that time of night and the big screens were on showing Extreme Wood Sports, I kid you not. I was mesmerized! You have 2 teams of 4 against the clock chopping and sawing the heck out of bits of wood in a tag team. Bloody mental, Canada won which seemed only right somehow.

 We left the pub and it was absolutely hammering down, my poor Curtise boots got soaked right through, what a christening for them. Thankfully they lived to tell the tale.

This was followed by a few days off work and a trip to the seaside. Himself to stay with his friend and me to stay with my sister.
She was a bit more all over than usual but it was her last day of work having been laid off. She is actually delighted about it as she had come to loathe her job but still it is an odd feeling.
We bought a couple of bottles of fizzy stuff and toasted new starts.

I have to say it wasn't the most comfortable of stays as the wee air mattress she had bought for me to use went down steadily overnight so I had hardly any sleep.
I know I'm not the most sylph-like of creatures but I wouldn't say I was hefty enough to flatten a mattress, we came to the conclusion it must have had a hole somewhere. Ho hum.

Thankfully after the most insane storm on friday where trees and houses got struck, the weather at the weekend was glorious. We sat on the front steps drinking Prosecco whilst we waited for her other half and our friend Kay to arrive.
 I managed to take a picture of our feet by accident

as you can see we are all about the slipper glamour!

I am in black and before you ask yes I do have ridiculously small feet for a tall person.

Kay and I headed off to Margate old town to browse. In some ways it's great to see it busy again but on the other my god they have jumped with both feet onto the retro vintage bandwagon and I fear what will happen when that bubble bursts again.
Everything was ferociously expensive, Vix's wall of misery were £25 a pop! I also tried and negotiated a rather splendid bubblegum pink, white and blue 70's frock for dear Vix but the woman would not drop the price as it would make a 'great fancy dress costume' Hmm

All I came away with was a 1970's Snoopy mirror from a charity shop for £1.99 and a lovely purple 1980's tartan skirt for £3.50

It won't fit me as is but I'm hoping I can do something with it. I did buy a mental necklace in a pop-up shop but I need to change the chain so more of that at a later date.

I must share with you the magnificent toilets of the cafe we had lunch in
and whilst I'm at it my sister's fabulous kitchen. Every time I visit her flat is different, she loves interior design and is always changing her look.
From the old town we headed up the High Street because there is a Primark in Margate and every time I visit I absolutely have to call in, why on earth you may ask?
well for this actually
The best panoramic views of Margate beach in the world! It used to be a cafe which must have been wonderful. Imagine eating with that view to gaze upon.

 After that I caught up with my sister and her fella at their jive class. As I have 2 left feet I sat and watched before we headed out to stuff our faces in the resaurant of the hotel at the end of her road. Then it was home for more wine and bed or slowly deflating through the night in my case.

Himself and I linked up on Sunday to visit his parents before heading home. They were in good spirits though neither is at all well, it was good to catch up though.

It was also good to get home to a lovely freshly made bed. Bliss.

Monday we were off to London to see Daughtry. I bought Himself the tickets as he really likes the band and I felt the need to make amends for dragging him to see Gary Numan! (who he did not really like at all)
For those not in the know, the front man was in the final of American Idol a couple of years back and has an incredible voice.
 He did not disappoint live, he sang solid for 2 hours, the rest of the band even went off for a break and he came on alone with an acoustic guitar and just played on!
It was the last night of the tour so the band took this picture. I'm in there somewhere, to the right of the sound desk....
I decided to give the pirate dress an outing, it is actually slightly too big which was quite gratifying, especially after my week-end of indulgence.
Who doesn't love a frock with pockets?

No head because I hadn't put my face on yet and me sans make-up is not something I need to scare you with on here!
Other than that my boots absolutely mullered my feet and I have the mother of all blisters, the train took twice as long to get home than usual, Oh! and we found, or should I say I found, what could only be described at the worst Wetherspoons ever, like in the world ever. It was horrific in every detail, but especially the clientele, I felt quite proud of myself. It's the one in the tatty shopping mall in Shepherd's Bush in case you ever feel the need to test it.

Tuesday we had wisely booked of work as we thought we might be home late so after a mammoth lie-in I decided to hit the charity shops. There was the usual uninspiring toot in the main shops, though I did score a couple of Hawaiian shirts for Himself, he is a big fan of a Hawaiian shirt. I struck gold in the smaller local charity ones.
Hanging pockety thing with elephants and an elephant bedspread
Teal cardigan grrr
nautical style tee
Awesome bright green plastic shopper
 And the piece de resistance......
Genuine Homemaker £6  = get in!
There were other pieces but I only had a tenner on me and some of them were very very well used. I actually sorted through the few sets of cups and plates to match up the ones in best condition bacause you have to do these things right?

Anyway I am away, we have a visitor this weekend and I must clear the front bedroom of all of my 'stuff' Good lord. I have seriously vowed to sort thoroughly before it goes near going back in, the amount of shit I have is insane.

Hoarder Next Door anyone?


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Two Go Mad In Witney Again.

Yesterday I gave my usual Saturday lie-in a miss to meet Soo for day of shopping/gossiping/Wetherspooning in Witney.
The weather looked miserable when I let home so I scooted back and put a brolly in my bag but by the time I got to Oxford the sun was out and the rest of the day was glorious.
I have no idea what was going on in town mind, there were police everywhere and the police helicopter was hovering overhead, no idea if this had a knock on effect on the traffic but it took forever for my bus to arrive, bah.

We eventually arrived in Witney having also spent the time nose to tail in traffic, which though frustrating did give us the chance to have a lovely catch up!

It was also nice to get out in a lightweight jacket. I had had said jacket dry cleaned and asked Himself to pick it up. When I got home that night it was hanging on the back of  the chair so I said "Thanks for getting my jacket" Himself said "It is yours isn't it?" so I'm like "Well yes, don't you recognise it?" to which he replied " Well I figured it looked like the kind of thing you would wear, so I brought it home."
 Apparently the woman in the shop had asked him to check it before he did. Nice to know he takes such a keen interest in what I wear. *sigh*

Mind you last week I was home before him and in the kitchen when I heard him come in. As he didn't call out or come through I finished what I was doing and went through to speak to him. He was standing by the dining table looking the other way and as I came out of the kitchen he turned round and jumped violently.
I said "Sorry dear did I make you jump?" to which he replied "You weren't there, and then suddenly you were. It was just like a horror film!" Err thanks.

Anyway back to our day out, we had great fun altogether, browsing the likes of Dorothy Perkins and Marks exclaiming loudly over the horrors left on their sale rails and even more loudly about some other horrors that made up their Spring collections. To the point where we did worry we were perhaps being a bit too loud?.....nah!

From there we went to The Pill Factory, which I have mentioned before as the vintage/retro/antique shop where you think 'oh that's nice' pick it up and go 'HOW MUCH??' and hastily put it back down again. They do have some lovely stuff in there though so it was fun to browse.
This did did make me laugh.
I'd hardly call a rusty great hook 'charming' but each to their own.
I loved this teeny tiny waistcoat too, didn't dare look at the price for fear of exclaiming out loud and it was hanging very close to the till.
From there we browsed the fabric shop where I bought Himself some leather elbow patches for his brown corduroy jacket.

Next stop was Renaissance. A shop that started life as a dress agency but now has a charming mix of reproduction and true vintage pieces. I was completely won over by this little Hell Bunny apple print number so it winged it's way home with me. Very naughty because I'm meant to be saving my pennies but I couldn't resist.
We adjourned to Wetherspoons for some lunch and a large glass of wine before scouring the charity shops where pickings were sadly slim. Unfortunately we had run out of time on our parking so we had to hot foot it back to the car park and head for home.

Today was another glorious sunny day. I had thought about digging the veggie patch but when it came down to it I couldn't be arsed, so instead I spent the day just pottering about inside and outside. I recently bought myself a new lounging around the house jumper which I absolutely love, it's just so darn cheery.
It's amazing what one week of warm dry weather can do for the garden.


Finally I will sign off with a rather special addition to my vintage bag collection. Some random lunchtime browsing on Ebay struck gold when I found this mis-listed Art Deco bag. It doesn't happen very often that's for sure.

Elephant gold.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Here Comes the Sun.

It is impossible to describe just how much I LOVE Spring.
The sun is out and it feels wonderful. I spent most of the weekend outside firmly resisting doing anything much to the flowerbeds, it is just much too early.
The temptation when the sun shines and has some real warmth in it is to get stuck in, but by next week we could have thick frosts and cold winds and all those delicate plants you have exposed will be damaged, so the messy dead old growth is staying for now.

I did tidy the front garden which was an shameful mess and full of other peoples rubbish. I filled a whole carrier bag full with sweet wrappers, crisp packets and the like and it's only a tiny garden.
 As it happens the bag I conveniently found in the flowerbed so I thought I'd make use of it!  
Today I nipped down to the shops to get a new cold frame and doormat for by the back door. I then spent the rest of the afternoon pootling about outside, bliss. It was so lovely to get a whole line full of washing out too.

Other than that it's been a quiet week. We had a bit of drama when it seemed the boiler had conked out, thankfully anything gas based can only be fixed by a registered engineer. This meant the rental agency were able to send someone out the same day without having to go through the crazy fiasco of trying to get hold of the landlady in Italy, followed by her sending in her cousin, to decide when he finally bothers to show up that he can't fix the problem!
As it turned out it wasn't the boiler but the thermostat in the hall and the thermo-pump in the airing cupboard both breaking at the same time.
We went to see The Book Thief for orange wednesday. There were some seriously strange people seeing the film that night. One woman in particular caught my attention. She refused to let anyone else sit in the same row as her, spread herself out over 4 seats, and then spent half the film bringing containers of food out of her many bags and eating them quite noisily. She then gathered everything up and left! I swear she just came in to eat her dinner and not watch a film.

Anyway the film was brilliant and I highly recommend it.
It's about time the story of the average German got told too. Sometimes it feels like people think it was only the British who struggled and were bombed out of their homes, whilst the Germans sat back drinking champagne and giving evil laughs.
The average German struggled, starved and was bombed too, the vast majority didn't want the war at all, it's nice to see that story being told.

My Mum and Dad got married in the 60's and my Dad's family got sent anonymous hate mail when it was found out my Mother was German. Yet the true story was my Mum's family lived in a tiny village on the Dutch border, indeed half the family were Dutch.
The horrors and deprivation they suffered you cannot begin to imagine, yet as far as those haters were concerned, she was the enemy scum and should be strung up even 20 plus years after the war had ended. Nice.

Anyway on a happier note I did a little shopping last week!
A vintage style frock for 99p plus postage. I took a punt on it as the picture was really out of focus and I'm very glad I did, all it needs is a good wash and press.
A Hello Kitty shopping bag for a fiver. result.

Now anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows I love boiled eggs and all things to do with them. I spotted a fab brooch made from an old wooden jigsaw piece on Etsy and ended up buying a couple of others too.
The egg, elephant and sailor boy came from the same seller, beautifully wrapped and in a little handmade purse.
The swallow came from another seller, took forever to arrive, wasn't as well made and when it did finally arrive, came with a somewhat patronising note.
Now if the seller had bothered to check at all I have been a seller and a buyer on Etsy since 2010. I really don't think I need to be told, among other things, that by buying through Etsy I was actually  'supporting handmade in England companies' and therefore  'you are helping creatives and individuals' I felt like I was being patted on the head as I read it, and you can imagine the kind of voice I heard saying the words as I read it!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Goodreads Tag.

This is not one of those blog posts you get tagged in or tag other people in but just something you can do if you fancy it.
As I love reading and love books and am on Goodreads I thought yes I'll do this. So without further ado:
1. What was the last book you marked as 'read'?
That would be 'Rock and Roll High School'
2.What are you currently reading?
Tea - A History of the Drink that Changed the World.
3. What was the last book you marked as 'to be read'?
 None I don't tend to mark books as 'to be read' my teetering bedside book mountain is my 'to be read'.

4. What book do you plan to read next?
The two books that are side by side on the top of my two book deep bedside book mountain are 
so it will be one of those. I'm trying to read the mountain in chronological order so those that have been there the longest first, however every now and then I get something new I just cannot wait to read and break my own rule!

5. Do you use the star rating system?
I do but it's really hard not having half points!Do you mark up or mark down??

6. Are you doing a 2014 Reading Challenge?
No but I have set myself the task of reading more this year. I never seem to get round to it these days and I miss it badly.Not working in a library any more has had a direct result on how much I'm no longer reading that is for sure.

7. Do you have a wish list?
Not on Goodreads but yes on Amazon!

8. What book do you plan to buy next?
I have no plans, there isn't anything I am champing at the bit for right now. If I read a review of something I like the sound of I'll file it away or make a note to look out for it, but I really am trying not to buy anything new when I have so much already waiting to be read.

9. Do you have any favourite quotes? Would you share a few?
The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is by PG Wodehouse, to set the scene some lord so and so had gone big game hunting and was posing for a photo with a lion
'Unfortunately no one had told the lion it was dead, a small battle ensued which the lion won'.

I do have a million and one Sherlock Holmes quotes but I won't get going on those!

10. Who are your favourite authors?
Oh gosh I have a wide range. I love Jane Austen, Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham, Daphne Du Maurier. I also love Marian Keyes, Kate Morton, Kathy Reichs, Lisa Jewel, Rosamund Pilcher, Maeve Binchey, Bill Bryson I could go on  and on.

11. Have you joined any groups.
Yes just a couple but I always find after the initial flurry of posting it dies away.

12. Are there any questions you would like to add?
What is your favourite ever book?
Mine is The Hound of the Baskervilles by Conan Doyle.

What books do you go back to again and again?
The books I go back to like old friends are The Lilac Bus by Maeve Binchey, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons and The Empty House by Rosamund Pilcher.

Guilty secret? I always revert to reading Enid Blyton, either The Famous Five or Malory Towers books when I am ill. 



Saturday, 1 March 2014

Random Things and Double Takes.

Well I'm feeling human again and good job as I had a couple of nights out planned for this week. Isn't it always the way? You don't go out for ages and then two nights out come along at once. Other than that it's been work, work and more work.

Last weekend Himself had to dash off to Margate so I made myself a lovely shepherds pie topped with cheesy mash which fed me all weekend with different veggie accompaniments. YUM.
I planned a quite weekend in pottering around the house and garden which is exactly what I got.
My parents did call in on the Saturday afternoon as finally the water has receded enough for them to get out of their village, I think they were going a little stir crazy for some different company! It was lovely to see them in person after so many weeks.

It was Soo's birthday this week so a good excuse to go out for a few drinkies and much food. We ended up going to Gino's a little Italian in Oxford where I started with cheesy garlic bread followed by gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce.
Oh.         My.           Word.
It was absolutely AMAZING. I couldn't eat it all and was so full I felt sick but I couldn't stop picking at it because it was just so delicious.
In the end I had to beg the waiter to please take my plate away so I could stop.

We decided to adjourn to Wetherspoons and this was where I had my first double take. I was at the bar and glanced around to clock a lad in the shortest of short shorts I have seen this side of Kylie's hotpants!
The were red, edged in white, and he had accessorised with bare legs, red espadrilles a thick tweed jacket, a hat and scarf.....
The girl behind the bar turned from the fridge, saw him and went
"Christ!" then as the lad turned to reveal the shorts were not only very short, but also wedged uncomfortably up his bum, shook her head and said sagely "Rather him than me."

All in all a great night out, though it has to be said I had the most mental bizarre dreams that night, most definitely due to too much cheese.

Oh and overheard as we left the restaurant from the two ladies seated behind us who were well dressed and in their late 60s.
First lady "Was that when you were living with him?"   
Second Lady crossly "Yes, but it wasn't like that!" I'd love to know what that was all about.....

Next night I was out again, with my friends Liz and Simon. This time just down the local for pub grub and whatever wine was on offer that week, I'm all class me!

Today I caught up with my brother and cadged a lift off him to Tesco. The Brownies were helping to pack bags at the tills and I heard a lady explaining to one rather alarmed tiny Brownie that that "must be the Ice Queen doing her shopping." I glanced down the aisle and did my second double take, a girl with white pancake make-up on her hair, face and lips so thick it was cracking off, was teetering along in a long white dress, huge silver platform shoes and a massive grey fur coat and a tiara.
Now I'm very much one for each to their own, but jesus she looked terrifying!
The lady serving me sighed and said in a very world weary voice " you see it all in Tesco."

My final double take was when I went to the bank in Oxford. The street preachers were out in force and the first one I passed was going on about how human's have souls but animals don't and this is what makes us different to 'the beasts'.
I was pondering on this as I queued in the bank, can't say I agree but there we go. As I passed him on the way back to work he was in full flow and bellowing at the top of his voice "Are you confident if you were dead you could look death in the face and say to him 'where is your sting'?"
I must admit this made me snort with laughter.
I mean let's face it, if you were already dead I'd say death's sting would be pretty obvious wouldn't you? Also I'd say as an already dead person, fundamentally it would be kind of irrelevant. 

To be fair I think I get what he was trying to say but had phrased badly. It did make me chuckle all afternoon though.

I shall sign off with some pictures from my garden. It was a gloriously sunny day today, one brief respite from the rain, more is forecast for tomorrow. *sigh*
Now here's a bit of gardening advice from me that goes completely against what both Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don tell you to do!
They both say the only place for forced bulbs is the compost heap as it takes so much out of them to be forced to flower early and indoors that they will take years to recover. Now I hate to give up on any plant until it is absolutely stone dead. So I ignore their advise and plant the bulbs out in my garden after they have finished flowering. Working on the theory that even if it does take them a couple of years to recoup they will eventually flower again.
Well the daffs above and the hyacinths coming through below were early flowering indoor bulbs from last year.
As you can see they are both either already, or about to, start flowering so so much for coming up blind for years until they recover!
My gardening advise to you is if you have some bulbs like this find a spot and plant them out, don't bin them.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

All That I Have is Yours.

Valentine's Day has been and gone and for the most part the internet seemed to be full of people saying 'Fuck Valentine's Day!'
When did it all get so angry?
It's too commercialized, just an excuse for the money men to make money, 'I don't need one day a year to tell my beloved I love them, I do it all year round'
Do you? well good for you.
 I on the other hand, think Valentine's day is just like Christmas, or Easter or Mother's day or whatever other celebration day out there. It's only too commercialized if you LET it be.

Personally I like to buy Himself a card and to get one back, to have an excuse to drink a bottle of fizz with our dinner and to have a mid-week date night. Maybe it stems from the fact we did 4 years of long distance relationship so it was nice to have a special occasion like this I don't know, maybe not.
 I also tell Himself I love him randomly throughout the year too, but I still like to buy him a Valentine's card and I couldn't give a shit if people think I'm a mug for doing it.

We have a tradition of going to the cinema for our Valentine's date and I get to choose the film.
On the whole this has been very successful, apart from the year I had a mental aberration and completely forgot he hates westerns and insisted on True Grit, other than that it's been great.

This year was meant to be The Lego Movie. However in true romantic fashion Himself had shared not only his love for me, but his germs also, and the cold that had him being a grumpy snotty git at the start of the week, had me wrapped in a tartan blanket being a pathetic snotty mess by Friday. As he was also coughing up half a lung every 30 seconds at this point we decided to give the cinema paying public a break and keep ourselves at home.

Other than yesterday when I hardly stirred from my pit all day, I have had to keep going into work as we are short of staff due to sickness (how ironic) and there were over 200 student interviews to book in and organise. Under pressure would be an understatement.
On top of that the powers that be have decided to increase the class size over the next 2 years which will mean having to organise at least 1000 interviews, almost double what we do now. It would also mean doubling up on everything else we do too. I'm going to have to give this job some serious thought in the next few months as I'm honestly not sure I can stick with it if that is the case, it might be time to move on.

 Oh and I have to give a presentation this Friday too and I haven't even had the chance to look at it yet FUUUUUUCKKK!
Sometimes I hate my job A LOT.

Would you believe my boss had a go at me for not having done any preparation, even though she would have had to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see how busy I have been.
I just fixed her with a look and said "Ok here's the thing with the presentation, Don't want to do it, have to do it, will get it done, ok?" in *that* kind of a voice, and she very wisely let it go.
Despite the bravado I am absolutely bricking it, I really should be prepping now, not sitting here blogging!
Think of me on Friday at 11.15am, I'll be the one hyperventilating in front of about 100 people in a lecture theatre.

I haven't much to show you by way of purchases, what with work, insane weather and illness there hasn't really been a will to shop. I had some cute sale stuff arrive by post that I ordered a while ago
 A Wren make up bag, with a wren on it (funny that!) I will probably end up using it as a handbag because it's so fab.
Hedgehog cushion!!!!!! Himself has banned me from buying any more cushions but I wisely ignored the ban when I spotted this felty fellow.
Blue and gold dress and jacket off Ebay, currently in the wash so I've nicked the sellers pic.
I am still battling on with working my way through my wardrobe, I'm making headway and about 2/3 through. This week was 2 keepers and 3 out. The weird thing is the damn wardrobe is no emptier despite me getting rid of various dresses. Admittedly it was way too overloaded in the first place, and I do keep buying new things on Ebay,  but still.

I also had a moment of madness and sorted out my nail polish collection.

You know there are some bottles in there that are over 20 years old now,(there's value for money for you). I threw out the ones that had started to dry up. 14 of them in total Himself told me that was pathetic and hardly worth the effort. he kind of has a point, especially as I bought 2 new ones on Thursday! 
The two on the left are at least 15 years old and really need to hit the bin as they are so thick they hardly come out of the bottle anymore, they were limited edition shades, with a petrol like colour effect which was why I bought them. I got them in Boots where I was killing time before going to the dentist. I never forget as I stood in the queue the terribly posh woman behind me exclaimed loudly over how amazing they were, we chatted briefly and she decided to buy them too, for her daughter's birthday as an extra 'little something'. See every bottle has a memory, and my only question is why on earth do I remember random shit like that?

The two on the right are the new shades purchased on Thursday, again limited editions, which I am clearly a sucker for.

Oh I also succumbed to the siren call of the Clarks sale thanks to Curtise! I have bought the same boots as her which makes me feel a bit creepy and stalker-ish
(seen here with another Ebay purchase,a lovely plaid jacket that needs to go to the dry cleaners because it stinks.) I got the girl to knock another fiver off as the only pair in my size were shop soiled, it never hurts to haggle!
In that strange way karma has, the one in one out rule kicked in without me doing anything. When a pair of boots I've had for a while and worn tons suddenly became damn painful to walk in. On closer examination not only had a nail that held to heel on come through the inside and basically stabbed a hole in my sock and my foot  = OUCH, but the heel had started to fall off.
So they hit the bin with a resounding thud whilst I poured neat TCP into the hole in my heel in the hopes of stopping any lurking gangrene in it's tracks. 

I shall sign off with a wee bloom from my garden. I had to go out and pick up all the stuff that had blown around the patio in the gales.
Next to the back door I have a big tub I grow cut and come again salad leaves in, great for just reaching out and snipping when you need a few for your dinner!
 Last year when I visited my sister we went to her local garden centre where they had some very sorry packets of bulbs reduced to 10p each. I rummaged through and found some packs that looked like they might still have a couple of healthy bulbs in, worth a punt for 10p. As it was raining when we got home I just shoved them all in the tub by the back door et voila!
A couple of single and a couple of double snowdrops, and some mini irises. Result!