Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A Visit to Bath.

This sunday Himself and I decided to use up 2 of my freebie train tickets and go to Bath. I ADORE Bath, it's such a beautiful city, notwithstanding the fact I am also a die hard Jane Austen fan! (this is the street at the end of Persuasion)

Last year the city had lifesized wooden pigs all painted up and dotted around the city. After much coercion I got Himself to go and see them and we had such a great time that when I saw this year it was lions I had no difficulty talking him into another visit. This year there were over 150 lions so we didn't see all of them but we did see most.

Here are some of my favourites.
We walked around the shops and ambled up and down various streets dodging the rain showers until we reached the Assembly Rooms which also house The Fashion Museum. Last year Himself refused point blank to go in and this year was no different! However he did seem happy with the idea of him going of for an hour or two (to the pub) whilst I went in so that is what we did. Now on the one hand I was very disappointed the 'museum' turns out to actually be just an exhibition within the Assembly Rooms. So you kept seeing signs saying things like 'we have over 2500 handbags in our collection' next to a case of say 20! *so* frustrating when you would just LOVE to see them all.

Some of the 1500 or so hats they have!
On the other hand it was well displayed with long and interesting explainations.

Like the story behind this lovely wedding dress including all the bills and receipts for the whole wedding itself.

In the final case their predictions for this autumn. I loved the above prediction the best.
On the way out there happened to be a Vintage sale.

Which was blissful to browse round but sad in that now so many people have jumped on the 'Vintage' is cool bandwagon the prices of a lot of the items are crazy high.
Finally it was time to drag myself away and meet Himself in the pub of his choice for a delicious glass of wine or two before catching the train home.

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  1. Totally agree with your thoughts on the 'vintage bandwagon' there are still some bargains to be found though!

    FF XO