Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Two go mad in Witney.

I thought Soo and I were just having a girly shopping day out so I wouldn't need to take my camera, foolish VERY foolish! Oh the sights I could have shared if only I had had my camera with me!
The one on my phone is shit I did try to take a couple of pictures with it but they were poor to say the least.
This is the best of them, who would not want a Peter Rabbit bird feeder in their garden? Come on now don't be shy!

But I am getting ahead of myself.

I headed out to the train station in the pouring rain and that was kind of the theme of the day with hindsight wellies might have been a better idea, seriously will this weather ever stop?

To set the scene...It's been many years since I have been to Witney which is a lovely Cotswolds-y sort of town in Oxfordshire.
It has a perfect mix of independent and charity shops on the High Street and a new precinct with a few chain stores.
It also turns out Saturday was carnival day, we somehow briefly ended up trapped in the parade (I blame my large leopard print umbrella, it does look a bit carnival parade-ish) and we just may have got in without paying due to this fact.....oopps.
They really were being terribly British and battling on despite the weather with stalls and games and a marching band with majorettes. Oh and they had donkeys, beautiful cute donkeys for a donkey derby, but I had no camera - boo :-(

We got slightly lost leaving the carnival but after following the confusing directions of a friendly Postman we finally found the High Street.
There was an 'emporium' always a good start. It turned out to be the shop for a house clearance company. It was a weird and wonderful mix of 'stuff' at random prices for what on the whole was tat. The couple who were behind the till looked the sort who would con your Grandma out of all her heirlooms, the attraction of house clearance to a certain type I guess, didn't make for comfortable shopping, well for me anyway.

Next we did charity shops which were extraordinary and unlike any I have been in before, and the market, where I nearly said something a bit rude at them wanting £10 for a plate.

Stomachs said it was time for lunch, so we retired to the new Wetherspoons. Another time I kicked myself for not having my camera.
Witney is famous for it's wool trade and blankets, the pub was decorated to reflect this with artwork made out of pieces of weaving and looms. The best bit by far were the knitted lampshades, they were beyond awesome and I want one very badly!

Fueled with fish and chips and large glass of Pinot Grigio I was ready to shop some more, oh yes.
Next stop the fabric shop where Soo spotted this material and I squeed very loudly and bought two metres.
which just goes to show you how rubbish I am at clothes making becuase my Mother came round the next day and said 'It's lovely dear, but you need at least 3 metres for most patterns'


I went on Ebay and bought some more. *sigh*

Next up was one of those Upcycling/Shabby Chic/Cath Kidston-esc type of Antique places with rooms full of stuff where you basically go round excitedly picking things up going 'oooh that's so LOVELY!' turn it over and go 'HOW FREAKING MUCH???' and put it down again. We wandered round and did that a lot then left without buying anything.

Quick bottle of pop stop and we hit the new shopping precinct, for there were sales on which means non charity shops are allowed. I bought this frock in Dorothy Perkins for £7

and LOTS of cheap accessories, once a magpie always a magpie!

 Finally footsore and weary we headed back to the car at Sainsburys, calling in to buy a steak pie and cat food for hedgehogs (me) toilet rolls, coffee and wine (Soo)

Of course this was when the rain decided it was time to go monsoon again!

Behold my purchases.

1970's Fish moneybox and a wee owl.

Eggs cups 50p each. The bottom two are christened my 'Poirot egg cups'. All three were used Sunday for breakfast!

 A gorgeous bowl with a purple heather pattern. I plan to put potpourri in this.

Scarf for hair.

I also bought a birthday pressie for my Mum which I am very happy with.

All in all a great day out


  1. Yay for freebie carnivals!! Ooooh I luurrrrrve your fishy - I love fish ornaments with their fishy-kissy lips hehe!! Ten quid for a plate? Sod off! Glad you didn't cave but bummer about the beautiful fabric, I would have bought two meters too even though I've been sewing forever - I usually make tops or skirts anyway - thanks for sharing sweet-cheeks:)) xo

  2. Happy birthday to you!!! If I take my camera I usually forget to charge the battery so I'm just as bad.
    That fabric is ace, I wouldn't have a clue about how much I needed either, dealing with metres of cloth is as scary & intimidating as mobile phone shops. x

  3. sounds like a great day out!!I always forget my camera I am a rubbish blogger!

  4. This sounds like my kind of day a little shopping a little drinking a lil more shopping a random parade! I love all your bright accessories I love that kind of stuff too.

  5. Sounds brilliant! I'm hopefully going to Cornbury which I think is near to Witney for the Wilderness festival. Witney looks lovely - I can imagine it would be pricey but there would be some great stuff. Glad you had a great day out despite the weather - take a camera next time _ I want to see the wool lampshades!

    Love the Poirot egg cups! (I saw a thing at the manor called an Eggy Peggy)

  6. Hmm, I make skirts from 2m of fabric all the time, so it is possible. That fabric is very lovely indeed xxx

  7. What a fabulous array of new treasures you picked up. I especially like all of the accessories, very much including those wonderfully cute cherry earrings.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Lovely finds and sounds a fun day out indeed. I'm a sucker for jewellery sales too, especially all these little animal knick knacks that are in the shops now, been buying loads of animal rings from Ebay for 99p each and they're identical to ones selling in Topshop etc. for much higher prices. xx