Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid.

I had the option of sitting/dancing around in a field today listening to various rock covers bands but instead I am limply slumped on the sofa feeling like an elephant has been sitting on my chest all night. Yeah that must be it and the elephant is responsible for the snoring also *ahem*
Thankfully I don't usually snore but this week I'm so damn bunged up I've been on fine form each night apparently, poor Himself, I'm mortified.

Last weekend I was out in the middle of the countryside - literally, at a wedding reception. Seriously even the taxi driver got lost trying to find the venue and he's a local!
One of my work colleagues Heather got married and the reception was at a gorgeous barn out in the fields, we arrived to English Country Dancing, there were geese and small girls in white dresses with cornflowers in their hair, it was like stepping into an episode of Larkrise to Candleford!

                             (Picture of the TV show not the actual wedding I was at)

I must add I did NOT join in with the dancing at that point. This is a woman who is so bad at dancing I was actually asked to leave my ballet class as a child, it was a small dance floor there would have been carnage. So I sat down with a lovely glass of white wine or two instead.

Look at all the lovely bunting that Heather made all by herself, by hand and not by machine! I understand it was a task that nearly broke her so tedious was it, but so worth it don't you think?

I did find myself on the dance floor later in the evening, there was a Brit Pop disco so it would have been rude not to. We also had a hilarious taxi ride back to our hotel with the groom's parents and aunt. The aunt had been celebrating more than a little shall we say, and somehow got wedged between her chair and the taxi door at one point and then exited the taxi by landing on her behind. God I bet she hurt the next day, head and arse!
I went with two other work colleagues so I had a single room booked at the hotel we stayed in. It turned out to be the room with disabled access and the first thing I did was set the alarm off, most embarrassing.
 In true sitcom fashion the girl from reception came in the re-set it and as she walked into the room the curtains fell down! She said 'Oh! the curtain has come down!'
I said 'So it has' she said 'Will this be a problem?'
me 'Err yes just slightly' (it was a ground floor room with the path up to the entrance running past the window in question.)
'I'll move you to another room then'. which meant I got to spend the night in a double room upstairs instead, so hurrah for broken curtains says I.
I wore a very lovely Pearl Lowe dress and don't have a single picture of me in it. Sorry.

Wednesday we went to see Batman.

On the whole I enjoyed it, though I did find it over long and I found I just couldn't warm to Bane as the villain if that makes sense. I loved Catwoman though and especially Robin, that was a very nice touch.
Saw the trailer for Judge Dredd, it didn't look good, I'm gutted. I used to read 2000AD avidly and was looking forward to a decent version of the film.

Thursday I went out to dinner with some friends in a little village pub just down the road from where I live. The Red Lion and Britwell cum Sotwell

There is also a donkey sanctuary in the village and it is so lovely to see fields full of donkeys, mules and asses. Just too cute, especially when there are babies.
                                                   (more interested in grass than people!)

The food was wonderful, I had cheese and herb fritters to start followed by the most delicious fish pie. I never get to make or eat it at home because Himself doesn't like fish or even the smell of it cooking. They also did this brilliant thing of half size puddings if you just want a taste of something sweet but couldn't fit a whole portion. I had a half meringue with fresh cream and fruit coulis.
I was blissfully but not uncomfortably full. All the meat and veg is locally sourced which I am all for, I shall definitely be going back.

Friday I knew I had nothing else on so I gave up battling and gave in to my cold which is why I am slumped here instead of doing other exciting things. I did have a root through my cds looking for some to put on my I-Pod and discovered the album that I'm listening to right now which gives this post it's title.

Collective Soul - Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid. 


  1. Sounds like a great wedding - my dancing is pretty much flailing unless I'm dancing to techno!

  2. Oh, I do hope you feel better soon.

    I got chucked out of ballet class as a kid too. It happens to all the best people, don't you know? ;)

  3. I love that area, did you used to go to Wallingford open air pool? I have many happy memories of that. That pub sounds lovely, perhaps a bit far for a meal out for me but very temping x

    1. I only moved to this area when I was 16 so I was far too cool to use the outdoor pool at Wallingford, too busy posing with my friends instead!

  4. I'd like to see a pic of you in that Pearl Lowe dress at some point please!

    By the way, I've moved my blog to - do pay a visit!

    Miss P xx