Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Curse of The Modern Trouser.

It's been a quiet week in Magpie Towers, you know work, eat, water the garden, work, eat, get soaked in a torrential downpour etc.

The weather in the U.K has almost decided it's summer and we have had a couple of gorgeous hot days. The kind of weather that where a well fitted pair of 3/4 length trousers or smart capri pants are a must for a working gal.
Now I know I am a bit taller than most and bizarrely a lot of my height is in my torso rather than my legs but I know I am not alone in cursing the fact that modern trousers are all cut so damn low slung!

In the 90's I embraced it with bare midriff on show but at least back then you seemed to have the choice when it came to low slung or a higher waist.
Now everything seems to rest on your pelvic bone which is not only uncomfortable, especially when you sit, it gives you the terrible triple whammy of a muffin top with a camel toe at the front and a builder's cleavage at the back!?!
Even if they fit you spend the whole day pulling them up because they feel like they are falling down and feeling obliged to suck your stomach in. Not good, not good at all.

Allow me to demonstrate with a pair of (when seen on the hanger) lovely black polka dot trousers I bought a couple of weeks ago.
It's all deceptively fine so far!

Now the dilemma is do you buy a smaller size so they stay up but give you that attractive muffin top/camel toe combination? Or do you do what I did and buy the larger size which is fine at first, but once they have worn in a bit there is too much waist

and you suddenly turn into one of those teenage boys you despise with your jeans below your arse and your pants on show!

Now I know some of you might say I should have gone with the smaller pair because once they had worn in they would get a bit loser so the muffin top would have vanished but they would still stay up. I can assure you sadly it never seems to work like that. Had I done it their waistband would have stayed resolutely and painfully tight and unflattering.

The other problem is even if I did find a pair of low slung trews that fitted, most of my tops end at my waist which is where they should end, but when your trousers don't you end up with a couple of inches of your most flabby area suddenly uncovered for the world to see. Even if my midriff was still flat and toned (those years are LONG gone) it's not a good look for the workplace.

Why oh why can't shops have proper trousers any more?


  1. Oh I have just given up......trousers...pants......leggings....jeans.......all wrong.
    I feel for you, its so infuriating.
    love V

  2. I hear you loud and clear, my dear lady! Pants and I - be they modern, repro or vintage - very rarely hit it off well. I'm short and fairly curvy, and tend to like a little support in the abdominal area (no flimsy fabrics for me there - washboard abs I do not have!), and have had a devil of time finding good (as in well fitting) pants for most of my life.

    Jeans and denim capri pants tend to be my best, but even there it's super hit and miss. I think that sewing - or having a skilled seamstress sew - pants might just be the best (and less grief inducing) route to go these days.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your immensely sweet, understanding comment on my month in review post. It truly means a lot to me that you can understand just how incredible a weekend like the last was for me. {{{Huge hugs!}}}

  3. I have all these problems! Part of the reason I've given up wearing them and stick to dresses - although then there's the tights problem. Lovely polka dot trousers though, they look great!

  4. When Brett Anderson from Suede was shimmying hither and yonder in black hipsters I wanted some so badly that my aunt customised a pair of black jeans for me as I couldn't find them anywhere and now of course I don't want them, they are EVERYWHERE. It's easier to just avoid them for me.