Monday, 29 July 2013

Birthdays and Other Celebrations.

Hello, I'm back, it's been a wee while and I do have things to blog about......not least my trip to Chicago (more of that later.)

It's just July has been very busy at work, it's also been crazy hot and as we have no air con in the office this means by 3pm I can't even speak coherently let alone work at a super efficient pace. By the time I get home, make dinner and water the garden I pretty much just collapse in a heap with no thoughts of blogging.
I'm sure there are other events and other purchases to mention but I can't recall them right now, clearly this is because I am another year older and therefore another year more befuddled.

So yes the birthday was here again and I had a great day. I refused to work so booked a day off, Caron kindly agreed to squeeze me in for a much needed cut and colour before I travelled and also booked a table for us all to go and eat Italian that night. YUM.

Nephew Number One had an interview for the college course he desperately wanted to do and the extra birthday present for me was he got an offer! I'm beyond thrilled for him.

                                                        Celebrations all round!

Another bonus was I am able to fit back into the lovely daisy dress I am wearing in the above picture. Your birthday is probably not the best day for jumping on the scales to see if the diet you have 'kind of' been sticking to is working or not, but what the hell I like to live dangerously sometimes.

9 pounds down and many more to go........

Some of my fantastic gifts, quite frankly I have been spoilt rotten.

July is also my Mum's birthday and this year for the first time I missed it as I was in the States. I made sure I had her presents early, and as seems to be the way of it, the thing I bought last minute as a little extra was the star gift rather than the other things that I had so carefully chosen!

The night before I was due to get up at the arse crack of dawn for the airport Himself decreed we had to go and see The World's End.

As it turns out this was actually a really good idea because I would probably only have prowled around the house being antsy and instead I got to switch off for a few hours and laugh a lot.
It's not as good as Hot Fuzz but I did enjoy it.

After that it was home to bed for a few hours kip before the airport run, which surprisingly I did manage to get in.


  1. Oh it sounds like a wonderful birthday Miss M ... I love the look of the book on Hollywood and I adore Ruby Wax. Apart from the melting heat ("another year older, another year more befuddled" - haaaaaa!!!), which is simply not fair on the body and brain! Well done for your nephew, what an exciting step! Clever hubby on the movie for distraction and hooray for wearing much-loved daisy frocks!! xoxoxo

  2. Happy Birthday! Love that jumbo cord elephant and very well done on that weight loss! xxx

  3. Happy birthday! Looking great, you got some fab presents, 100 years of fashion looks wonderful and I love the the vintage railway poster too

  4. Happy happy birthday....yay!!!!! The fashion book looks just splendid......and I do love Mr Corduroy Elephant.
    Well done on the weight loss.....
    Love V