Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What A Vintage Carry On Margate - Photo Fail.

Hello firstly I failed big stylie at the weekend and Himself also failed me. I forgot to pick up the camera on my way out to work in the morning and he forgot to bring it with him when he met me at the station with the bags later on BAH.

The camera on my phone is absolutely shit so I have about 4 very poor pictures from my weekend at the What a Vintage Carry On Festival in Margate this weekend.
Not a single one of my outfit which typically came together perfectly and got me lots of compliments, something that does not happen every day!

I wore the lovely polka dot vintage dress I bought earlier in the year in Torquay, teamed with my brown leather and suede brogues and matching leather handbag.

I thought about doing a rerun for blog pictures but it never looks the same does it?

Anyway thankfully the weather held until the evening though it was stupidly windy. I first had a breakfast cup of tea with himself outside a cafe where one lady felt the need to point and exclaim very loudly 'I bet she's going to that vintage thing'.
Thankfully I was wearing sunglasses so when everyone around her turned and gawped I could remain cool and mysterious *cough*.

After I walked Himself to the station where he headed off to the safety of Broadstairs, I threw caution to the wind and went for a stroll on the beach, fancy outfits be damned!

I mooched there until I got a call from my friend Kay who I was meeting for a few hours at the festival. I browsed a few of the shops until she arrived and then we both browsed the outside stalls which were a fab mixture of vintage and handmade items.
We then did more of the many great junk/antique/vintage stores in Margate Old Town until it was time for cake and a catch up. So we headed to the aptly named Cupcake Cafe to stuff our faces until my sister arrived.
My purchases...
 Kay bought me the kitsch little girl ring and I bought one for her because we both loved them. You know me and brooches by now and these two were a done deal.
This funny ceramic dog with a tape measure in his mouth was £4, I couldn't resist him. My sister decided to pull the tape out and then of course it wouldn't go back in!

My sister arrived in time to join her dance group for a jive display in the market which was amazing. I'm so proud of her and very jealous because I can't dance to save my life, and of course, I haven't got my camera with me have I? dammit!

Once she had finished we went for a much deserved glass of wine and a catch up. By then it started to rain so we headed our separate ways, her to go for a kebab with her fella and me for dinner with the in laws.
There are some official pictures here 

A couple of other purchases to share.
1980's sundress which needs a wee bit of altering as it's too big. £4.99

I think this one is 1970's. It doesn't look like much on the hanger, and I thought it might be too small but it fitted like a glove. It looks quite glamorous I must say. Again £4.99

Finally a dress I bought with some birthday money and which I nearly wore for the weekend.

It came from the wonderful Trollied Dolly
What an amazing service they give and what fantastic quirky and well made dresses they sell. I highly recommend them to one and all.


  1. Owwww, no pics of your outfit - boo! Oh well, I get the idea, and I love all your purchases, especially the black 70s number, very sexay!
    I've never been to Margate, is it nice? xxxx

  2. Trollied Dolly - what a wonderful name for a shop! I love all of your pics, the ones of your purchases, even the ones of your outfit without you in it ... ah well, the experience shall stay in your memory banks for all time and I'm so glad the weather held out for you. Oh there's always one isn't there ... the pointing and the stage whispers ... thank god for cool chicks like you in dark sunnies ;) xoxox

  3. Your bag is really nice, and I love your purchases, the blue brooch especially. Does it have a tail off it like a comet?

    I have relatives who point and comment, the worst moment being one bellowing, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT MAN'S FACE?" in the V&A café... I'm slowly breaking them of the habit; they still don't understand that it's wrong, but they have grasped that it annoys me so don't do it as much when I'm around. Good grief, it's so embarrassing! Well done for maintaining your cool; I bet the people with that woman were utterly mortified.

  4. Ha ha!! I think everyone in the vintage world has on occasion experienced those moments of public mortification at comments aimed at them. I remember a drunk man bellowing, "FIFTIES GIRL!!" across a very quiet bar as I wiggled through in my pencil skirt, the volume frightened the life out of me and my face went the same colour as my lipstick. I also get queried on my sexuality when I wear swing trousers, and frequent comments from very drunk girls in loos that I look "so 1920s" when I'm actually in 1940s style clothes. It's a wonder I leave the house at all after all of these events.

    I just love your purchases by the way, and it is indeed a shame there aren't any photos - you'll have to wear the whole outfit again soon and get some evidence!

    P x

  5. Looks like you had a great time I am always forgetting my camera these days and I think oh bugger. Love your blue brooch you bought that's gorgeous. Loving your outfit to I bet you looked lovely you must show us all soon. dee xx

  6. Your new brooches are very pretty, I especially like the blue one. I've often taken my camera with me and come home with not a single photo!
    The oddest comment I have ever had was when a little girl asked her mum, while pointing at me, "Is that lady one of The Spice Girls?" which I still cannot comprehend, must have been my hair!

  7. That is such a spot on point. I've thought it - and experienced it - many times before over the years, but don't know if I've ever put it down point blank on paper. There is something strange to way that an outfit worn specifically for a certain day never feels or looks quite the same, even when all the elements are identical, if you try to recreate it again later on. There should really be a name for this phenomenon...sure we can't be the only two out there who have encountered it before, now can we?

    ♥ Jessica

  8. God, I'm in a right strop if I forget my camera these days! You've just reminded me to recharge the battery before we set off in the morning.
    Love that floral dress and I bet that slinky black number is sexy on. x

  9. oooh love the last dress. The little tape measure dog is just so sweet. The little girl ring is kitschtastic! Great present!