Monday, 27 January 2014

Cinema, Shopping and Bad Dresses.

So to fill in a bit more of what I have been up to in my blogging hiatus. I've still been wearing my wardrobe from the back to the front.I have decided providing the dress actually fits, I have to wear it for a whole day to be absolutely sure.
It has meant some weird and some wonderful and some most definitely unflattering outfits!

Unlike the first week, sadly the ones that followed have not been so successful, they have resulted in only 2 keepers, one possible and the rest out. I have been left wondering why on earth I bothered to keep such unflattering frocks in the first place, perhaps I was hoping if I lost half a stone they might magically become 'the' dress who knows? frankly I think I just lost the plot, and clearly more than once.
It's funny really as I wouldn't say I was hugely fashion conscious, but it's incredible how wearing bad fitting or unflattering clothes makes you feel really uncomfortable and well a bit low, especially after a whole week of one outfit after another. So much so I did go back to a few wardrobe faithfuls here and there just because I wanted to be wearing something nice for once.

Right now I'm having a wee wardrobe break as I am off work this week and unless I am out and about that means chilling out wear (ie; the stuff I slob around the house in)
Today I was in a keeper, (a little Hell Bunny number I forgot I had *cough*) as I had stuff to do in town and I thought I'd pay a visit to the Chazzas too.
There is a new one in town which is for a local charity and I think it will be worth keeping an eye on. I didn't have a huge amount of time and it is an absolute jumbled mess but I scored a few bits never the less.

A couple of Babycham glasses for £2.50 and a rather lovely hat for £3.00.I'll definitely go back with more time to really get rooting round in there.

I also had to pop into Wilkinsons and ended up getting a load of seeds as it was buy two get one free.
here's to the spring, if it ever stops raining. As usual I got soaked coming home today, this seems to be all I ever see when I open the curtains.

Other than bad outfits I have also been to the cinema not once but three times. Whilst I enjoyed all three films they weren't exactly easy viewing.

First up was the Railway Man.
Himself was not a fan, and admittedly there were points we agreed on, like in the right hands this film could have gone from just good to truly outstanding.I did find it incredibly moving and thought provoking.

This was followed by 12 Years a Slave.
Wow what a film. Well deserving of all the awards that have been showered on it, just incredible. If you haven't already go and see it! Go, go!
I will confess I was worried it would make me hate Michael Fassbender (as if) but thankfully not, monstrous as his character was, that person was a creature of it's time and upbringing.

Finally Philomena
Himself wouldn't go and see this when it first came out but when it appeared on 'Take Two Tuesday' he agreed to give it a go. Whilst again it was not of the calibre of 12 Years a Slave I did really enjoy it.
It has to be said in some ways it was the hardest film of the three to stomach. They were all about man's inhumanity to man, but somehow the ice cold and heartless cruelty meted out by people who are meant to be Christians was the most shocking of all.

Those three certainly left me with plenty to mull over and certainly didn't help lift my frame of mind any! I would recommend all three just not one after another like I did them.

I shall finish on a lighter note. Jenny bought me this wonderful Art Deco reproduction elephant bowl. I absolutely love it and felt I had to buy some flowers straight away to show it of in all it's splender.

I think it will look stunning when they open fully.


  1. Fab finds, especially the Babycham glasses and thanks for the heads up on Wilko seeds. I saw Philomena a couple of months ago and enjoyed it but not the best film ever. Your elephant bowl is gorgeous, are your irises secured by a pin holder ?

    1. Hi, they are in a holder the bowl came with one so I thought I'd better use it for flowers and not sweets!

  2. I love that pretty green glassware!

  3. Oh they are all movies I want to see.......thanks for the heads up on them........I will make sure there is a gap between them.
    The green elephant ware is amazing.
    Love v

  4. Elephant bowl FTW! That is amazing.

    There's no point in constantly wearing things that make you feel bad about yourself. It's probably a good thing to weed them out, though. Then you'll have more room for lovely things you'll enjoy wearing.

  5. Those Babycham glasses were a right bargain :-) I think with clothes you should wear what you feel nice and special in and get rid of the ones you don't to the charity shop they will make some one else happy instead :-) I know this rain is getting very depressing now. Enjoy your week off your flowers and elephant vase are gorgeous, dee x

  6. I think a lot of people are wardrobe weeding at the moment, it's good to do! Definitely ditch the stuff that make your feel blah, we don't need extra reasons to be depressed in this weather!

    Love the green bowl, how gorgeous.


  7. I too find I have collected clothes which are just OK, but I don't love them, or they don't quite fit as well as they might, and they will be going elsewhere. But I do think they are worth revisiting and giving one last try - then you know for sure they aren't right. It will be good to have a wardrobe which only contains well-fitting clothes that make you feel great!
    Fab find, those Babycham glasses go for silly money at vintage fairs. I really want to see 12 Years a Slave, less so the other two films, but might have to wait till they come on Sky...
    Rain. Sick to bloody death of it! xxx

  8. Wonderfully classic, beautiful black hat. You can dress that up or down and style to work with so very many decades. I rarely find good hats like that at thrift stores any more. It's all baseball caps and worn out toques most of the time.

    Big hugs & happy (slightly early) February wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Fear not, I did indeed have a roasty, toasty 1940s grey princess coat waiting in the wings to slip into the moment we wrapped up shooting in Kamloops that day.

  9. Aaah so you love elephants? I was day-dreaming of elephants only a couple of days ago. I want to be invited by an elephant tribe to live with them. I will help the mamas and babies. Yes, I think I've completely lost the plot, which I'm sure you're feeling too what with the heavens constantly relieving its contents upon you! I love this novel wardrobe clear-out you're doing and can understand how depressing it can be to wear a frock all day that's just not doing its job the way it's supposed to! xoxo

  10. Get me, I've just purchased 12 Years A Slave as an ebook, talk about being all modern! It sounds amazing.
    Good luck on the great wardrobe reshuffle, you'll have to come back to Brum (hint hint) for a restock session soon! Love the green glass and ta for the seed tip, I'm dying to get cracking on the garden. xxx