Sunday, 16 March 2014

Two Go Mad In Witney Again.

Yesterday I gave my usual Saturday lie-in a miss to meet Soo for day of shopping/gossiping/Wetherspooning in Witney.
The weather looked miserable when I let home so I scooted back and put a brolly in my bag but by the time I got to Oxford the sun was out and the rest of the day was glorious.
I have no idea what was going on in town mind, there were police everywhere and the police helicopter was hovering overhead, no idea if this had a knock on effect on the traffic but it took forever for my bus to arrive, bah.

We eventually arrived in Witney having also spent the time nose to tail in traffic, which though frustrating did give us the chance to have a lovely catch up!

It was also nice to get out in a lightweight jacket. I had had said jacket dry cleaned and asked Himself to pick it up. When I got home that night it was hanging on the back of  the chair so I said "Thanks for getting my jacket" Himself said "It is yours isn't it?" so I'm like "Well yes, don't you recognise it?" to which he replied " Well I figured it looked like the kind of thing you would wear, so I brought it home."
 Apparently the woman in the shop had asked him to check it before he did. Nice to know he takes such a keen interest in what I wear. *sigh*

Mind you last week I was home before him and in the kitchen when I heard him come in. As he didn't call out or come through I finished what I was doing and went through to speak to him. He was standing by the dining table looking the other way and as I came out of the kitchen he turned round and jumped violently.
I said "Sorry dear did I make you jump?" to which he replied "You weren't there, and then suddenly you were. It was just like a horror film!" Err thanks.

Anyway back to our day out, we had great fun altogether, browsing the likes of Dorothy Perkins and Marks exclaiming loudly over the horrors left on their sale rails and even more loudly about some other horrors that made up their Spring collections. To the point where we did worry we were perhaps being a bit too loud?.....nah!

From there we went to The Pill Factory, which I have mentioned before as the vintage/retro/antique shop where you think 'oh that's nice' pick it up and go 'HOW MUCH??' and hastily put it back down again. They do have some lovely stuff in there though so it was fun to browse.
This did did make me laugh.
I'd hardly call a rusty great hook 'charming' but each to their own.
I loved this teeny tiny waistcoat too, didn't dare look at the price for fear of exclaiming out loud and it was hanging very close to the till.
From there we browsed the fabric shop where I bought Himself some leather elbow patches for his brown corduroy jacket.

Next stop was Renaissance. A shop that started life as a dress agency but now has a charming mix of reproduction and true vintage pieces. I was completely won over by this little Hell Bunny apple print number so it winged it's way home with me. Very naughty because I'm meant to be saving my pennies but I couldn't resist.
We adjourned to Wetherspoons for some lunch and a large glass of wine before scouring the charity shops where pickings were sadly slim. Unfortunately we had run out of time on our parking so we had to hot foot it back to the car park and head for home.

Today was another glorious sunny day. I had thought about digging the veggie patch but when it came down to it I couldn't be arsed, so instead I spent the day just pottering about inside and outside. I recently bought myself a new lounging around the house jumper which I absolutely love, it's just so darn cheery.
It's amazing what one week of warm dry weather can do for the garden.


Finally I will sign off with a rather special addition to my vintage bag collection. Some random lunchtime browsing on Ebay struck gold when I found this mis-listed Art Deco bag. It doesn't happen very often that's for sure.

Elephant gold.


  1. That sounds pretty much my perfect day, too. Bitchin' about high street tat, good company, daytime drinking with a bit of shopping thrown in for good measure - sounds like something we'll be doing pretty soon!
    You know what you need with that jumper? Those banana print leggings you told me about!
    That bag is gorgeous, find of the year. xxx

  2. Yep, I'm with Vix - the perfect day! Love the frock, and the bag is a real find.
    So you didn't get the charming hook for £20? No!
    Gorgeous Spring flowers and sunshine, aren't you just loving it? xxxx

  3. Looks as though you had a good day out. I went into town yesterday and was struck by the sheer amount of spring flowers - glorious!

  4. Wow, that art deco bag is a world of win. Elephants always make me think of you now.

    Our magnolia is out now too, it's so lovely. Roll on barbecue weather!

  5. I chuckled at your gasping-out-loud at prices. We have a few places like that locally, and I have to shush the OH for fear we'll get chucked out by the stern lady on the tills. Our flowers are a bit slower coming out as we're higher up in the hills. So far only 2 daffodils in my garden! But the tree blossom is looking good. What a darling little bag, quite unusual. Cant' wait to see a pic of you in the new frock! x

  6. Some great photos, I love the bag! :)
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK

  7. That Hell Bunny Apple print dress has caught my eye big time as well. I like all of the punchy colour combos that they released it in, but the one you opted for might just be my favourite. I've found an online Canadian source selling them already so if I feel like being naughty with my pennies, too, I might splurge on one a little later in the year. We'll see - there are so many awesome Hell Bunny offerings, it would be tricky to pick one over the other (so far I own one of their dresses, bought last year, and have a skirt, bought on sale, from them coming in the mail as we speak).

    Thank you very much for your awesomely lovely comment on yesterday's post. Though I didn't experience a negative guest in my blog's early days (or ever), I did partner with a couple of brands/people for giveaways that in hindsight I regret. Not for the products themselves, but for the lackadaisical and/or very unprofessional way those folks conducted themselves. Thankfully 97% (of thereabouts :)) of people I've worked with in this capacity have been a joy.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. OMG, Iggy's bits all squished up and sweaty....!!!! Not sure whether I am finding that appalling or weirdly appealing!!! I'd love to see him live, though. Hopefully in decent pants!
    I reckon that the hook is rather charming! Sounds like a great day out, and I can totally see whay that frock had to come home with you! Dammit, the best frocks always turn up when you're meant to be watching your pennies!!!