Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fun in the Sun. Donkeys and Frocks.

Today is the last day of my week off work (Boo) I have had a great time with lots of unexpected busy-ness so I have actually hardly been in the house at all, and there was me thinking I would be kicking my heels at home for a week!

Sunday Soo came over as her other half was playing cricket in a nearby village. Neither of us is a fan of the cricket so we parked up said a quick hello/goodbye and took ourselves off for a ramble. 
As you can see it was a glorious day, with the most amazing cloud formations in the sky.
We did a slight detour as the village (Brightwell cum Sotwell) has a Donkey Sanctuary.
We ambled about looking at the many animals they keep, and got an unexpected bonus bit of sex education from one rather amorous ass who was having his wicked way with as many of the ladies as he could!
Ice cream was required after all that excitement so we bought an absolutely delicious tub orange and cointreau flavour each and resumed our walk.

We had decided to walk to the nearby town of Wallingford using Soo's O.S map which was fine until we got to the industrial estate where they have kindly built a load of houses since the map was printed.
It was quite surreal in someways, trapped on a housing estate on a glorious Sunday afternoon where there wasn't a soul about.

Seriously, it was like the Twilight Zone no people washing cars or mowing lawns, no children playing, no barbeques just this complete silence.......

We finally found our way to the town centre where we stood on the bridge watching the river which was thankfully VERY busy before heading back a different way!
In some places it got very narrow and I regretted wearing cropped jeans with all the brambles and stinging nettles I can tell you.
We arrived back for that last hour and a half (yawn) of the game but at least we got to tuck into what was left of the cricket tea so that eased the pain.
Then the sky did this
The rain came and it was time to go home, where Himself had thoughtfully put a bottle of wine in the fridge. Now that is what I call the perfect end to a perfect day.

Monday I took my parents out to lunch, prior to that I had made us some scones to have for afternoon tea. get me being all domesticated!
We had a lovely day though I did completely forget to give my Dad his Father's Day present for Sunday, so I will have to post it now - Arse.

Right, steady people but you are about to get not one but 2 frock shots!

I meet a friend for a drink yesterday afternoon and decided to give this little tea dress I picked up in a sale at Peacocks an outing.

I tied the waist ties to the front in a bow, as, as ever the waistband of the dress is nowhere near my real waist. I liked the effect I got.

Apologies for the strange angle I had the camera propped on the wheelbarrow!

Now this is the frock I was wearing when I walked through Oxford train station and a charity collector said "hello big fella" to me.
I did actually do a comedy look all round me to see if it was really me he was addressing, it was.
Big Fella????

It's amazing he lived to tell the tale.......

Today I am off out again for lunch with some more friends and I decided to finally give the bee button dress an outing.
It's not that I am having wistful emotional thoughts in this picture, I am actually really suffering with the hayfever today, hence the pink hooter and watery eyes. I never usually get it at this time of year but I have been hit hard this last week for some reason. Which is a fricking pain in the arse as I can't take anything for it.

Of all things to be allergic too, trust me to be allergic to anti-histamine!!! 

I shall end with a cute little bag I picked up when I was in Oxford yesterday for £3.50 in a 'retro/vintage shop. I don't think it's particularly old but I loved the colour. The blue beads were 99p.


  1. What rotten luck to be allergic to anti-histamine.
    Can't believe what that charity worker said to you, I'm sure his collecting tin must be empty if that's how he goes about fund raising. Was he was blind??
    Lovely bag and beads, hope you enjoyed your lunch date.

  2. Tea dresses, scone-making, walks to town, a thunderstorm/cloudy sky, Oxford train Station... This feels like a very British post! At least, to me :)
    WTF is up with that dude and the 'hey, big fella' or whatever???? He deserves a spank in the mouth for that!

  3. Sounds like you had a fab week off, a week is never long enough.
    Love the bee button frock and that red bag is gorgeous. I'm not sure how big the bag is from your photo but it looks like you can actually get useful stuff in it aswell.

  4. Beautiful blue skies and clouds, gorgeous frocks, days out with friends and scones,
    Some years ago, my very pretty female friend answered a knock at her front door; the bloke on the doorstep asked "Is your wife in?" We still laugh about it after all these years! And clearly it happens to the loveliest of women! xxx

  5. You do have the nicest frocks! Both of those look super.

    Being allergic to antihistamines must absolutely suck!

  6. A Randy ass! this would keep me amused for days! of course cointreau and orange ice cream would be necessary after those shenanigans! your dresses are beautiful, both look gorgeous on you and take no notice of the knobhead Charity worker, what an utter moron - and what a bugger being allergic to anti-histamine's, how awful for you x x x

  7. Lovely frocks and sunshine and bargains.
    I've no idea how someone would mistake you for a bloke, its probably just an annoying ploy to attract your attention, annoying idiots. xxx