Wednesday, 18 March 2015

All That Glitters Is Not Gold.

So you know that gold jacket I bought last month?

I finally tried it on at the weekend and was gutted to find it didn't fit.

Being tall I know I have longer limbs than most, but apparently I have extraordinarily long, gorilla worthy arms. Compared to your average gold tuxedo wearing woman that is.


The cut looked really cool on too, apart from the fact the sleeves were too short of course. With a heavy heart I stuck it on the Bay of E and it's now winging it's way to good old London town.

Hopefully to a lady with normal length arms who will do it the justice it deserves.

I also put on one of the Hell Bunny dresses I've had sitting around for a few months. Now as I know Hell Bunny fit me well I hadn't bothered trying this dress on when I bought it. It wasn't exactly a winter dress anyway (see below) so I just thought I'd save it for spring and wear it then.
Turns out it's not just the arms that are over-long.

It seems I also have a longer shoulder to boob section of  torso than the average woman too. Unlike the pictures above, the wide waistband did not sit flatteringly under my boobs giving them some much needed 'Oomph'.
Instead the band sat rather painfully, and decidedly UN-flatteringly right on top my boobs.



The dress also went back onto the Bay of E from whence it came, and is now winging it's way to Leicestershire.
Hopefully to be thoroughly enjoyed by a lovely lady whose boobs are presumably in just the right place.
I'm a bit gutted as I loved the style of the dress but I suppose there has to be at least one Hell Bunny dress out there that doesn't fit me, right?

I also ended up selling the mad pheasant blouse I bought in a chazza last September.
This was down to a lack of boobage on my part really. It just looked like a shapeless sack without a good rack to fill it out.

I was feeling a bit on the low side after my hat trick of disasters it has to be said. I mean I know  every woman's body is different and buying good fitting clothes can be a minefield, but 3 in one week?

So you can imagine my trepidation when I also finally tried on my Cath Kidston burglar dress. 
Thankfully that fitted like a dream!

I wore it to work. Himself frowned as I left the house and carefully said something along the lines of 'Are you sure? isn't it a bit loud for work?' but I was just in a 'What the heck' kind of a mood that day and wore it anyway, and you know what?
No one in my office even batted an eyelid!

Clearly I wear loud clothes more than I realised. I did get a few compliments from other people as I moved round the building, so there you go.Oh and no I didn't think about taking a picture, but as I'm sure I'll get a load more wear out of it maybe another time.

The real straw that broke the camel's back at the end of last week was the washing machine breaking down. Of course it had to do it in the middle of a wash cycle and with a full drum of water.


I turned the air blue and panicked for a bit, then took a leaf out of any self respecting I.T support worker's book. 
I turned it off for 5 minutes then turned it back on again and forced the dial onto the spin cycle.It only bloody worked!
I was able to get the washing out without flooding the kitchen. It will all need re-washing but that's a small price to pay.

Tomorrow I have a day off work so a man can come round and look at it. From our point of view the best scenario will be him being able to fix it then and there or having to maybe order a part.

But...... it's 10 years old so the lady from the rental agency and I suspect it has just reached the end of it's lifetime and died.

This is bad because of not only trying to get hold of the landlady, who lives in Spain and never answers emails or calls from anyone to do with her rental properties, (she has 4 in this town) because it probably means she is being asked to spend money, and she will do anything to avoid spending money on her houses.

In some ways this is a good thing because it means our rent hasn't gone up for about 5 years, there's so much that needs to be done in the house they can't charge more!
On the other hand if something vital needs fixing, we have to go into many, many weeks of battle to get even the simplest job done. Like getting the only toilet in the house working again for example, I believe we had 3 weeks of flushing the loo with a bucket before that was done 

So with my Mystic Meg black bobbed wig on for a moment, I foresee many weeks of hand washing and borrowing friend's washing machines stretching ahead of me (there is no laundrette in town) Before we end up with the cheapest ever washing machine it's possible to buy being begrudgingly fitted in the kitchen.


  1. Oh gosh sorry to hear about your week. At least you were able to sell the clothes that didn't fit you so that was a positive :-) Sorry to hear about the problems with the washing machine fingers crossed she doesn't take to long to get back to you. Probably save less time if you bought your own if you were able to. Good luck with it, dee x

  2. It sounds like a week of irritations. That jacket not fitting must have been especially galling, though you do still have your splendid burglar dress to enjoy. I hate it when seams go across the bust, too - I keep eyeing up dresses from Victory Parade and reminding myself that there's no way I'll pack all my front into any bodice with a seam that high.

    It's not your body that's wrong, it's simply that the clothes weren't the right cut for it. Maybe you need to look for more similar silhouettes to the burglar dress.

  3. I have long arms and a long torso too, so sleeves are often short on me, and the waist on lots of dresses sits higher than my natural waistline. Vintage empire line dresses don't usually fit me either, there isn't enough boob space! No worries, though - there's plenty of stuff that does fit well, so I can afford to lose a few. And at least you could sell on the pieces that weren't right for you!
    The washing machine situation is a bugger - hope you can get that sorted soon. xxx

  4. Re your washing machine -- I wonder if you have any charities nearby who sell second-hand washing machines? The British Heart Foundation, for example, do them for a very good price, and generally they are reconditioned and I think have a guarantee.

    I know that it should be your landlady who replaces it, but to save you from being without one for ages maybe you could get the agent to agree that you should buy it and then deduct the cost from your rent. If it's a bargain they may be more inclined to agree.

  5. That sucks about the washing machine! Laundry piles up so fast, too. I have a super long torso, so I understand about having a hard time fitting things. That HelllBunny dress was really cute.

  6. I'd be tempted to get a cheap washing machine and deduct the cost from the rent.
    What a shame those clothes didn't fit, but at least you've moved them on now.
    I agree with Mim, its not your body at fault, its just the cut of the clothes. The waists are usually cut too low for me, so I stick to empire lines. x

  7. I'm another long-armed one with a longer torso, and I often end up with waistband on boobs scenario!! So I sympathise. But that burglar print dress is just too adorable, so I'm glad something went right. I go through phases of things I buy off Ebay/from charity not fitting, which can be a pain, but this last week or two I've been lucky. Still, got one pair of smashing boots to go back on Ebay as they're too tight.

    Hope your washing-machine gate turns out ok xx

  8. I seem to have the opposite problem, short arms. Funny old bunch aren't we? Sounds like you've done well on ebay recently. You'll be able to go on a spending spree soon, hopefully not on white goods! She sounds like a slippery customer, that landlady of yours.

  9. How annoying about the washing machine and the dress and jacket. Getting things done with rentals can be a right pain, even more so in your case with a landlady in Spain.