Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Outings and an Alteration or Two.

Last weekend I had to work so it was lovely to have a bank holiday to look forward too this weekend.

Soo had found an offer for The Rococo Gardens at Painswick in the cotswolds so we headed off there on Monday morning. We had to take a detour because of the annual cheese rolling, probably a good job as I might have felt obliged to leap out of the car and steal the cheese....mmm cheese.

Anyway the gardens were an absolute joy. We were greeted by a charming black and white puss cat who joined each group of people in a effusive "welcome, welcome to my gardens, do please enjoy your time here, and please do feel free to pet me before I move on" fashion.
graceful as ever I almost lost my balance and plummeted down this slope!

There were follys
Wild gardens
Formal gardens
A stunning wooded area
Look at all that wild garlic, what a shame there isn't smellovision!

 There was a maze which we found our way into and out of using Soo's Dad's formula of first left, second right.
By the time we had seen it all we could no longer ignore the fact it was lunchtime.
There is a little cafe at the garden advertising 'delicious homemade lunches and cakes' so we decided to find out if they lived up to their word.
I'm very happy to say they most definitely did. We both had cauliflower cheese made with local cheddar. It came with ciabatta and a spoon (as the lady explained for getting all of the sauce scooped up) on the side.
It was absolutely gorgeous as was the slice of cake that we forced down after it.

We decided to walk, or waddle in my case, down into Painswick itself after lunch to burn off a few of the million calories we had just scoffed.

It was very beautiful but it strangely quiet. We expected it to be full of tourists but no there was hardly a soul to be seen. Surprisingly there were no shops to speak of and only a couple of pubs. Mind we did pass one
where else would you ride the horse to the pub?!?

We headed to the church which legend has it can only ever have 99 yew trees in the churchyard
apparently the 100th tree just never grows......

As we ambled back to the car exclaiming over the views, we laughed over the fact that if we were to meet our twenty something selves, they would be shocked and appalled that these days we seem to get together to visit gardens and not go pubbing and clubbing!

Mind I say that, this is the picture I took on Friday night when we met up with some other friends down the pub.
We still got it!

I shall sign off with frock news.
Remember the turquoise Hell Bunny dress that was on the at risk register?
I just couldn't get on with the collar bow combo but as I liked the cut and fit of the dress I chopped them off.

Just don't look too closely at the finish!

Also I have a confession. So I was talking to someone about how you admire the style of friends or fellow bloggers, try it on yourself and realise it's not to be.
Last year I bought this 1970's dress because I admire the style on Vix and Curtise.

I have to confess every time I wore it I just didn't feel quite right (sorry ladies) However I liked the fabric and neckline so I took a bit of advice from my Ma and have shortened it to just on the knee.

Talking of frocks thank you all for telling me I'm not mad for getting rid of those dresses, I feel better for knowing it's not just me.  

My other outing was with Soo again (people will talk!) and our friend Melissa to see The Jersey Boys.
First we had a delicious pre-theatre dinner at Cote in Oxford before heading to the theatre. The show was fantastic but we were equally entertained by the audience. There were many ladies of a certain age who clearly don't get out much.

The ones next to us sang along very loudly and distressingly flatly, clearly forgetting this was a theatre production and not a real Frankie Valli concert! The lady behind us looked a very ordinary lady of advanced years but once the cast started singing she started whooping and whistling and...well.. what can only be described as howling like a dog. Most disconcerting, then at the sad bit a lady in front of us started sobbing uncontrollably.

But as I say, they kind of just added to the evening.    


  1. "We had to take a detour because of the annual cheese rolling" is probably the best line I am going to read today. So veh English!

    I loved Painshill Park, but it's funny how it looks quite different in your photos to how I remember it, I only recognise the ogee arch on the little gothick folly. The maze is new!

  2. Ha, there's nothing wrong with visiting gardens and having a decent lunch, as long as you still get to rock'n'roll in the pub as well!
    Goodness, there's no need to apologise for not feeling a particular dress, length or style, we all have our own look and preferences. Wouldn't it be dull if we all the wore the same stuff?! Your alterations to both dresses will make them more wearable for you, and since they are your frocks, you do what you like with them! It's funny how just an inch or two off the length or the removal of a fussy detail can make all the difference.
    The Jersey Boys audience sounds bonkers! xxx

  3. Ha! Snap! Jon and I mentioned going to the cheese rolling and nicking the cheese, too.
    That dress looks lovely but I think shorter would definitely be more you. It's good to try something different and no failure if it doesn't work.
    You did a great job on making the Hell Bunny dress more you. xxx

  4. All of this sounds very pleasant!! Those trees look really cool. Looks like the pub was a good time :)
    Do what you can with the dresses or move 'em on---that's what we all do! I think the collar and bow are cute, but would make me feel too precious---I like it better w/o.

  5. Tsk, no cat photos?! Painswick looks lovely, though, and now you make me crave cauliflower cheese. Or macaroni cheese. Or just cheese.

    I know what you mean about not being over-influenced by other bloggers, I sometimes have to smack myself and remind myself that what suits other people won't always work on me. Well done for making over your dresses and making them more you.

  6. A bit of chopping and changing can make a dress perfect, it takes a little gumption and there you go (I would never do a close up of my alterations in a million, nope, not going to happen!) your alterations look great though! interesting how the 100th yew tree doesn't grow, i find that fascinating! why ever not! great day out though, and I do love the lady from the concert haha! at the queue at the ladies at the Paloma Faith concert I was informed of the massive toilet fight at the Lionel Ritchie intermission, love those snippets x x x

  7. Well done on the chopping of the HB dress to make it suit you! It feels a bit naughty to be chopping bits off but I have started doing it a lot more myself.

    Also, you reminded me that I've been to those gardens!! I checked back through my blog and I visited them in 2010, here's my post:


  8. What beautiful gardens and stunning maze, I smiled at the thought of a black and white cat greeting you. Great job on the frock, you're bound to wear it much more now. x