Sunday, 27 September 2015

I appear to have had a shopping frenzy.

I'm not sure how else to describe it really.
I was aware I had been doing a bit of buying lately, some of which I've shared in my last 2 posts but when I see all the pictures together well clearly I have gone a bit madder than I thought! 
I can only conclude it's like when you go on a diet and you are so good for weeks and weeks and weeks, then suddenly when faced with the first forkful you crack and eat the whole cheesecake.

I haven't shopped much up until about July. Too much other shit going on in my life and for once instead of that making me shop, because shopping makes me happy (and yes I am VERY aware that it wouldn't take much to tip me over into a full blown shopaholic, that's a battle I fight)
This time round I completely lost my urge to shop, just trying to keep positive and keep everything and everyone together took all my energy.

Anyway the madness seems to be easing and I'm being cautiously optimistic the worst is over. Some of the situations are resolved, some whilst changed forever have settled into a new routine, sadly at least one will rear it's terrible head again in the future but hopefully not in 2015. Frankly this year has already served up enough.

Now the stormy seas have passed it's like subconsciously I felt the need to do ALL the shopping I had missed up until now. I have also noticed that, and being the contrary creature I am, whenever I gain weight I shop more. You can safely say the poundage spent out reflects the ones gained on the girth.

So without further ado let's start with the Charity shop purchases, well the ones I bought for me anyway. It's been a long time since I've trawled the many chazzas in town. As oft lamented before they are mostly full of Primark cast offs, this being a small town made huge with modern housing estates and therefore pretty much made up of young families. I did manage to find a couple of goodies though.

A fabulous fishy bucket bag and a cat print scarf.

I also stepped into our only vintage/retro shop Hidden Treasures, which is possibly the smallest shop in the world ever.
I'm not sure you should even call it a shop really, I reckon it was really the passageway between the two neighbouring shops that at some point someone greedy bugger added a window too and sold off separately!
 I know it's hard to tell from the picture but you pretty much have to enter sideways and get more than 2 people inside and it feels dangerously claustrophobic.

I wasn't taken with any of the frocks but they did have a sale on their repro jewellery and this one just had to be mine.
He's pretty huge as brooches go but I love him and he's already been worn out and about.

Other shopping has included

Two tops from Peacocks

A couple of blouses.

Two dresses from Sainsbury's. The deer blouse was also from there, as is the new pair of black boots I bought on Friday but we won't talk about them yet!
Another Hell Bunny dress and a red sweetheart dress both off Ebay. There have also been 2 pairs of cropped jeans, 4 other pairs of trousers/jeans, 3 cardigans, 3 vest tops, a green jumper,undies and 2 nightshirts!?! 
I will reiterate only the yellow and deer blouses were full price but still it's a bit shocking when you see it all together.

There were 2 mistakes (thankfully neither was more than a fiver) and this ties in with a post Retro Chick did not so long ago about styles of clothes she just can't wear.
Personally I can't do V necklines, so yes I will probably be changing the Hell Bunny one above!

I don't know quite why it is but they just don't work for me. I can get away with the deeper V of a crossover bodice but your average sized V neck just looks weird. sadly every so often I will get swept away by the frock and ignore the neckline.
Like this one from the Sainsbury's sale rail. It was leopard print, it was over the knee and with a huge full skirt, and it was only £5 so I was blinded to the V neck.
I put it on and it just looked very wrong, even Himself who is the epitome of tact was lost for a way of saying politely it looked terrible.

The other frock was a V neck too.

So there you have it like a woman back at her first AA meeting after thinking she was cured I have stood up and shared my excess.


  1. I suppose I believe that we are all entitled to spend what we like, provided we can afford it and it doesn't cause anyone hardship or distress. And if you choose to spend on clothes or bags or brooches, that's your choice - it's not as though you're spending the housekeeping on crack cocaine and leaving the kids to go hungry and barefoot, is it?! Space must become an issue though (it certainly is for me) or do you operate a several in/several out policy?
    Anyway, you found some pretty things, and I like the look of the teeny weeny Hidden Treasures! xxx

  2. Hidden Treasures sounds a gem of a shop, your horse brooch was a lovely find.
    I've just bought a very similar check shirt...mine was New Look, I was seduced by the brushed cotton! (warm)
    Love the fishy basket and cat scarf too. x

  3. I'm with Curtise, if you've got the money what's the harm in spending it on pretty things?
    That brooch is incredible. I'd have bought that, too. The basket is fabulous.
    Why don't you wear a vest top under the V neck dress? That'll give it the illusion of a different neckline. xxx

  4. I think you and I have similar shopping patterns! Sometimes I go for ages without buying anything, but I have gone a little splurgey recently. To be fair, mostly charity shop/car boot sale bargains so it's no great loss if they're not quite right (pale pink dress for Spring, that looks HIDEOUS on!!). I adore the fishy bag and the horsey brooch, I really enjoy seeing these posts on your purchases!

    Thanks for the message of congrats! xx

  5. I'm with Curtise...if you have it to spend and nothing else is gonna go short, then there is no harm. I like a bargain like yerself, but I'm not so thrifty that I won't buy it even if I love it. Life is short and clobber is for wearing and enjoying.
    I'm having a chazza shop marathon myself this week as I haven't been in for eight months or so, and I'm hoping some nice winter warmers will be there. LOVE that horse brooch. He is magnificent!

  6. It's your money, spend it how you like. You deserve some cheering, pretty things after the year you've had. Plus, selfishly, I like your style and love seeing what you've bought :-D

    That cat scarf is fab!

  7. You go shop! You do it well with those buys, especially the fish bag (that is brilliant), horse brooch and red dress - those are my favourites

  8. Your blog title hits the nail on the head. At least you'll have plenty to wear! The peacocks tops look great. Xx

  9. I am really sorry you have been having a difficult time of lately but glad to hear things are sorting themselves out for you and I hope it continues that way. Great buys love the brooch :-) dee x