Monday, 5 September 2016

Just Walking in the Rain.

I'm sitting here still feeling post holiday blues, it was only a long weekend away but after all that has gone on our annual trip to Bournemouth was well needed.
The weather did it's level best to ruin our stay but to be honest we love Bournemouth so much pouring rain, and something rather more than just 'bracing' sea air did nothing to dampen that love. To be fair we have had consistently fabulous weather in previous years so a soggy weekend was overdue.

We arrived and checking into our tiny and very blue guest house, I rush to add it was painted and decked out from top to toe in various shades of blue rather than being blue in an x-rated way!
The owner was also obsessed with old school Hollywood, especially Marilyn Monroe, so their were many objects ranging from the tasteful to the hideous car boot tat dotted everywhere too.
Our room was also tiny, probably better suited to being a single than a double in all honesty, with a rather striking white & turquoise blue and dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor!
We always like to head to the beach as soon as we can mooch about, eat chips looking at the sea as the sun goes down then toddle off somewhere for a drink or two. This trip was no different and at least the the rain held off so we could do just that and feel the weight of the world drop away.

We spent the next day initially battling down the seafront through the wind and the rain in the end we decided to wander up and down the chines which whilst wet were at least sheltered.
We stopped a couple of times for a restorative hot drink, especially when the rain got torrential. I got to try Dorset tea which I liked so much I went a bought a box!
Here's hoping it tastes as good at home......

We had a wander around Westbourne and I did all the charity shops, where there were very thin pickings, My theory is because there are such an abundance of vintage shops in the Bournemouth area I'm convinced they snaffle all the good stuff.
All I bought was a kitsch necklace for £2.
 We headed back to the beach and even found a rather soggy magpie to photograph. I can't say I've ever noticed one by the sea before.
 My converse are still wet now 3 days later!

Next day I met my friend Alison for our annual catch up. We went to the Bournemouth Vintage Emporium & Tea Rooms first
We had a lovely browse and a good gossip over a pot of super, strip the enamel off your teeth strength tea.
I was quite restrained and only bought this pretty brooch.
We had always planned to go for afternoon tea which was a good job as the heavens opened in biblical fashion as the afternoon went on. We had hoped to go to the Hotel Miramar but they had a big wedding on so we ended up at the nearby Cumberland Hotel.
The outside is gorgeous 30's Art Deco but sadly the interior is a modern interior designer's frankly over the top vision of Art Deco so personally a bit of a disappointment.

In the end I plumped for a Dorset cream tea rather than the full cream tea, sadly the scones were a little dry, crumbling to pieces as soon as you tried to spread anything on them which was frustrating. the tea was good though and we were were not at all rushed and the staff were friendly but a little overattentive. So sadly not the best.

I did a little clothes shopping. I had set some money aside for my holiday. I was looking for a couple of new checked shirts as a coup,e of my current ones are getting very faded. I did find two a black one and a green & blue one, I have a sneaking suspicion I will just keep wearing my old ones alongside the new ones rather than throwing them out. I also found a t-shirt with moons & stars on it and a cardigan with dragonflies.
My final purchase was a sheer black polka dot dress. It was reduced from £60 to £16 so I bought it, despite it looking like a shapeless sack!
Holiday over for another year *sigh*

Our holiday followed hot on the heels of the last summer bank holiday. Mum and I did our annual pilgrimage to the huge craft fair at Stonor Park. It rained this year too but we dodged the showers browsing the tents. I bought a couple of things. A lovely cranberry glass seahorse which I thought would look so pretty hanging in my kitchen window catching the sun
until I got it home and realised the kitchen window in this house doesn't have anywhere for it to actually hang *sigh*

I couldn't resist this rather mad cow creamer either
 It looks like it's gossiping in full flow.

Finally on Bank Holiday Monday we went to Oxford to see a new documentary that has just come out about Gary Numan, Android in La la Land, the screening was to be followed by a live Q&A with one of the directors.
Filmed in 2012 over the time he and his family were relocating to L.A and he was finalizing his first album in 6 years, it had taken 4 years to produce.
As a bit of a fan I was very excited to see it but worried Himself would be bored stupid as he is anything but a fan. As it goes we both really enjoyed it as it is an extremely well made and entertaining documentary.
Made by Steve Read and Rob Alexander after a chance meeting backstage at a festival, Steve freely admitted that though they obviously knew who he was, neither was a fan of Numan's music. I think this actually worked in the documentary's favour making it a much more balanced view of a genuinely humble, down to earth and fascinating person who just happens to make music and have been hugely famous at one time.
The thing that really made it was how open and relaxed Numan and his family were. He was extremely open about his Aspergers, and how difficult that can make things for him, and movingly so about the depression he has suffered.
He is clearly a devoted father and husband and the strong relationship between him and his wife was the bedrock of the film, as well as providing some real laugh out loud moments with their joshing and bickering.
I would say it's well worth seeing if you get the chance, whether you are a fan of the man or just a fan of a well made documentary.

Right I'm off to do the washing up and get ready for going back to work tomorrow. It's all non stop glamour around these parts.


  1. I like the fact that Gary Numan married one of his fans and they're still together. Some teenaged dreams do come true!

    Such a shame about the weather, but at least you were somewhere you love. Hopefully your next trip to Bournemouth will be a sunny one.

  2. I had wondered about the Cumberland, that's good to know. Shame about the crumbly scones!! Xx

  3. It sounds like you had a good weekend despite the weather, crumbly scones and blue decor!

    Your finds are lovely; I can't resist a patterned cardigan either!

    Gary Numan documentary sounds very interesting - I had no idea he had Asperger's or depression.

    Hope you have a great week


  4. I love NUMAN! (as the fans always shout) so that film sounds right up my street.
    I'm glad you had a great trip despite the weather doing its utmost to spoil it. You can't beat chips on the beach, can you?
    The mad cow creamer and the glass seahorse are ace. xxx

  5. I especially like the glass seahorse you bought. I could be mistaken, but it looks like Murano glassware; a lovely find!

  6. I'll look out for the Gary Numan film. Back in the 80s my cousin was a big Numan fan.I think she even went to his house and kept some of his loo roll as a memento.

  7. Can you purchase one of those suction-thingees to hang the seahorse from a window (like a sun-catcher)?

    The guest house sounds...interesting?

  8. Can you purchase one of those suction-thingees to hang the seahorse from a window (like a sun-catcher)?

    The guest house sounds...interesting?

  9. Don't holidays always pass too quickly? And it's the same whether you go for a weekend or a month ... The seahorse hanger is lovely, and I'm sure you'll find a way to display it. I definitely must check out the Gary Numan documentary. xxx