Saturday, 15 April 2017

Start Spreading the News

Two posts in less than a week what has got into me?

I hope everyone is having a fab Easter weekend, so far we met my Mum and Nephew Number One and his girlfriend at Dad's care home. Mum brought prosecco and smoked salmon (got to love my Mum) I brought crisps and cream cakes (I'm all class me) and a copy of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'.
My Dad is a huge Harry Potter fan and has been since day one of the books coming out so there was no way I was going to let him miss seeing this, sadly taking him out to the cinema is not an option, luckily the care home has a huge flat screen TV in their lounge. What you call putting the good into Good Friday.

Today we may go for another walk, if the weather behaves, not as long as last weekend if I have anything to do with it. Himself has decided I'm good for 10 miles and anything over I get cranky. I think that's a little unfair. Going straight from 0 to 13 miles is enough to make anyone grumpy, but I think it is more pertinent that more than 4 hours without a cup of tea is what makes me cranky!!
I have invested in a new flask to see if this helps......

Last week I needed a new watch battery so I headed to Debenhams in my lunchbreak. They have a watch mending concession in store which guarenttees the battery for 18 months so even though it's more expensive than the market it's worth it for a battery that lasts more than 6 months. Whilst I waited for the battery to be changed I browsed their Blue Cross sale. I bought some brooches, I'm not precious about only getting vintage when it comes to brooches.
 The pineapple, orange flower & parrot were a set. The girl who served me who was very young and very 'on trend' said "ooh when those came in I did wonder who on earth would buy them"  Me apparently!

I also spotted a biker boot size 6 in the sale I tried it on and it was a bit big but there was no size 5 and it was nothing thick socks wouldn't solve so I asked to try on the other boot. The girl took it from me with a deep sigh and walked off to the stock room at a pace that would have made even a funeral director tell her to speed up.
She was gone for about 10 minutes then shuffled back to announce she couldn't find the other boot so she would check the other stock room. Off she went through the store and as I watched her progress I swear to god I saw a tortoise overtake her.
I had enough time to collect my watch and contemplate life the universe and everything before she returned still with just one boot in hand. It wasn't in the other stock room either apparently she would check the first one again.
By this point various other ladies waiting for service had given up and left. She finally re-emerged still with just the one boot she definitely couldn't find it's partner. Could I wait for her supervisor to return? He would know where to look.
I asked when would he return, not a difficult question on the face of it but by her horrified reaction you would have thought I had asked for an in depth explanation of quantum physics on pain of death. In the end she guessed it might be another 40 minutes, I said sorry I couldn't wait and never mind, by this point I was already late getting back to work as it was.

As it happened I got my storecard bill through 2 days later so I popped in to pay it, I wondered if the boots were still there so walked past that department on my way out to check. They were and it was a different girl on the till thank the lord. I asked for the matching boot and she disappeared into the stock room and reappeared instantly with both in hand, they must have literally been just inside the door!
Anyway I bought them even though I'm not really meant to be spending money right now and I need another pair of boots like a hole in the head.
They have been a bit flattened at the top as you can see but nothing a boot shaper won't sort out.

On the subject of spending money when I shouldn't I had a flash sale thing through from Voodoo Vixen and just had to snap up this beauty for half price.
It's been on my wishlist for ages now, but I couldn't justify full price.

I also bought a pair of flared exercise trousers in the Sainsbury's 25% off clothing event. Now the clocks have changed Himself and I have been going to the park after work to use the exercise equipment there.
He goes every day, I have been going every other day. All part of the plan to get a bit fitter and healthier.
The only downside is it has been playing havoc on my wrists. I have had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for years now, eventually I will have to have an operation but for the moment I manage it by, mostly ignoring it for as long as I can, and wearing wrist braces or Robocop Arms as Himself calls them, at night when I can't.
I really need to get myself some kind of wrist supports when I exercise because I don't want to give it up just because it kills my wrists.

I'd better finish up by explaining the title of the post. On Tuesday at th arse crack of dawn I am off to New York for work. I am excited because it's been over 25 years since I was last there and I will have a day each side of work to cram in some sightseeing.
I am also in complete denial about the fact I will be interviewing candidates for our Masters programme face to face Eeeeek. So far I've only done Skype interviews which I like, I can spread my shit out around me and have all sorts of prompts and guides that the cadidate can't see, face to face I won't be able to do that and I'll have to try and take notes as well as listen and ask the right questionsall at the same time, Good Grief.
Work has even provided me with a nifty little laptop and just handed it over like I'll know what to do with it hahahahahaha. (For those who don't know I am an utter technophobe.)
I haven't done anything yet in terms of packing etc so I really need to get my arse in gear.

See you on the other side, providing North Korea doesn't blow me up in the meantime.........


  1. I would have picked up those brooches too, but I guess you knew that! Glad you got the boots in the end. What a dopey sales assistant. I would have lost patience long before you did ... That Voodoo Vixen frock is fabulous! And last but not least: wishing you a safe trip and good luck with your interviews in New York! xxx

  2. Great boots, your patience paid off 'cos I'm sure I would have said something rude to that useless individual. (Grumpy old woman... wot me?) Good luck with the interviews and hope you have a fab time in New York. xx

  3. Good luck on your work trip! It sounds exciting. Xx

  4. The assistant sounded like Mrs Overall reincarnated! Glad you got the boots in the end. The brooches are fab.
    Have a wonderful time in NYC, you lucky thing! xxx

  5. Enjoy New York.

    Those boots were worth the hassle-they're very cool looking.

  6. How you didn't give the assistant a mouthful I don't know! The boots are rather lovely and the brooches are really gorgeous. Debenhams is one place I would never have thought sold brooches - you live and learn.

    Have a fabulous time in NY - look up the thrift shops before you go so you know exactly where they are...

    Well done with all the walking - I'm really in need of a good long walk having only walked short distances in Ireland.

  7. Oooh, well done for getting out and exercising. Is there any equipment you can use that won't involve your wrists? Velcro-on wrist weights, rather than ones you hold, might help, if you haven't tried them already. We're thinking of joining a gym 'cos His nibs has got high blood pressure so losing some lard is becoming a necessity.

    You were very patient over those boots. I'd have given up and left. Or spent the money on more excellent brooches...

  8. Poor customer service drives me mad - what else are people who work in shops there for, if not to help customers? (As someone who works in a shop myself, I should know that it's really not that difficult!)
    Some lovely brooches there.
    Have a great time in New York! x

  9. Glad you got your boots in the end - gotta love a pair of biker boots; I virtually live in mine. Crap customer service really winds me up too.

    Hope the New York trip went well and am looking forwards to reading about it :-) x