Monday, 28 August 2017

August Outings and a Suitable Hat for an Adventure.

August is going out on a high, I'm sitting here typing in 27 degrees, the first proper hot weather since that mental week way back in early June. It really has been a miserable summer weather-wise hasn't it?  but I'm ever hopeful this will hold out for another couple of weeks for our annual jaunt to Bournemouth.

So what have I been up too this month? As ever time seems to have galloped by and thankfully after last month's mad frenzy I haven't been spending none stop!

Sadly for my wardrobe but not for my pocket one of the Collectif dresses had to go back. This one in fact.
Whilst the others fitted perfectly this one was so small I couldn't even get it on let alone attempt to zip it up. It never ceases to amaze me how the same dress size can vary so dramatically within one company! At least reflect it on the size chart people, or maybe to be fair it was wrongly labelled.

My only clothing purchases this month have been a pair of leggings and a lovely olive green cardigan from M&S. I was actually looking for new plates at the time but they didn't have anything I liked.

Talking of the wardrobe as I never have the time to do a one in one out when I buy stuff I tend to have a day of taking everything out and sorting through it. With my main wardrobe I do find I keep putting the things I wear back in the middle so items get pushed to each side and forgotten about.

I'm still using up random leave at work and have been taking Thursdays and Fridays to make long weekends so one grey and miserable week I did my main wardrobe first and my second wardrobe a week later. I Ebayed and charity shopped a few things, in fact I'm quite proud of the fact my second wardrobe now shuts with ease and isn't rammed full to the point of danger. It tends to house my going out dresses or special occasion dresses so I don't go in there that often if I'm honest and here is confession time. I have become that person I read about and always smugly think 'well at least I'm not as bad as that'

I am thoroughly ashamed to say not only did I have a couple of dresses still with the price tag on. I actually had one still with the tag but absolutely no recollection of where or when I purchased it. I have never done that before and I feel pretty dreadful. Out of control purchasing well it's a slippery slope and not one I want to head down, been close once, never again.
Anyway here it is (in a crumpled heap) after being worn and it fits perfectly thankfully. The only downside is a side zip fastening with a very rough edge at the top that was bloody painful under my arm by the end of the day so I need to do something about that, hmmm I hate side zip fasteners.
The other thing I was cross with myself over was a dress hanging up with make-up all over the straps, usually I always check things before they go back in the cupboard and clean as appropriate, it's so much easier to do when a stain or mark is fresh. Hopefully it won't be too difficult to get out....
Anyway I've had a stern word with myself, the dresses that stayed live to fight another day and I have made some pennies on the ones that didn't, so all is good.

Soo and I got together for a day out, we decided to go to Henley on Thames. She's never been and apart from a flying visit a few years back for some emergency dental treatment over the Christmas break  it's been many a year since I was there.
We were so busy yapping as we left the house I forgot my camera. Oh well I thought never mind, until I got there and was reminded how damn beautiful the place is and then basically spent the whole day cursing myself every time a lovely photo op occurred, which was often!

I may go back with the Mater as she has expressed an interest in seeing the town again too so if I do I will take pictures galore. In the meantime I nicked a couple of the internets!
We basically just ambled about going into any shop that took our fancy as well as looking in the beautiful little church and walking alongside the river. We did note there are A LOT of estate agents in the town, I don't understand how it can support quite so many, so we looked in the windows of most of them and played money no object, because frankly you need to pretty much be a multi-millionaire to live here.
It was one of those days where the sky keeps letting rip with a sudden torrential downpour of either rain or hail and the first time it happened we dived into 'The Vintage Look' a quirky mix of antique and retro household items. I ended up spending my left over birthday money on this mad dog because it made me laugh every time I looked at it.
We googled the artist when I got home (as you do) and it turns out to actually be a thing, and I got it for a good price as it goes!

Another rain pit stop was in Tudor House Antiques, what a place!!!
On our visit instead of baskets in the windows upstairs there was a half shop dummy, bosoms pressed to the glass which was somewhat distracting!

You walk in and every single inch of space from floor to ceiling is rammed full! You have to turn sideways to get through some parts and upstairs having to literally bend myself double under the low beams whist tiptoeing on a narrow staircase where each tread was so piled with stuff on each side you could only just fit your foot in the gap between certainly added a frisson of danger to my visit.
It certainly led to a jokey camaraderie with the other customers as you tried to find a spot to squeeze into so they could ease past you, especially as you often keep bumping (literally) into the same person again and again as you go round.
The other mad thing about the place that Soo pointed out was there wasn't a speck of dust. All these shelves piled floor to ceiling and someone clearly kept them spotless. what a job!
Anyway despite all that it's a bloody amazing place and we had a fab time poking about to our hearts content. I also made my next random purchase of the day.

A vintage pith helmet, because, why not?
I'm not actually sure where or when I shall wear it but it fits perfectly and is in near perfect condition. I do have these mad moments of impulse and frankly have learnt to just go with them, I offered the guy £20 for it because that was all the cash I had on my person and he accepted so that was that.

I also had my annual trip to the Stonor Park Craft Fair with Mum this weekend. I went home with her after work of Friday and had a lovely dinner at The Red Lion  then we were up early for the craft fair the next day.
It wasn't as big or as busy as previous years but actually that made for a pleasant day because it was so much easier to get about. I bought a couple of things.
 I'm definitely going through more of  a nautical phase than usual right now!

An owl for the garden reduced to £20 and a Monkey Puzzle Tree reduced to £9. I have always wanted a Monkey Puzzle so even though I don't have my own garden to put it in (which I always maintained would be the prompt to finally buy one) I bought it anyway. You can grow them in pots and who knows what the future will bring? (better start playing the lottery....)

We also sat in the sun and listened to The Haywood Sisters
who we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Anyway today we are planning to go for a walk and enjoy the last glorious day of the bank holiday so I better get my arse in gear. I shall leave you with my only bag purchase this month and one that came from an actual retail shop no less, something that does not happen often!
Bought in New Look for £8 in their sale.


  1. I'm laughing so hard at that dog-I'd have bought it as well.

    I have a general sort of idea what I own clotheswise, but I fear I already became, "That person" years ago. I suppose I'll just deal with it next time I move house.

    That's a lovely bag.

  2. I'd have bought the dog too, he's just got such a lovely face! Henley on Thames looks frightfully posh, I bet they don't have a Lidl. The antiques shop sounds right up my street, I'm always worried my handbag will knock something off a shelf in a place like that though. Hasn't the weather been great this weekend? x

  3. I've only ever driven through Henley on Thames after we'd got lost but have never actually visited it. I love your re-found dress (what I can see of it), the smiling dog, and your nautical buys from Stonor Park. Oh, and that New Look bag is divine! xxx

  4. That mad dog is ace. And as for the pith helmet, you can always go along to a steampunk gig in it.

    Out of control purchasing would not be good. You seem to have things sorted, though - spotted the slippery slope before you dropped down it.

  5. I love the mad dog, too!
    Funnily enough I haven't found a pith helmet on my travels all year, we've found loads previously, they're a top seller at festivals.
    What a shame that dress didn't fit, it was my fave. xxx

  6. The mad dog is so cute! I love the dress you had to return----that sucks!! It's so adorable!

  7. I love all your purchases! The dog is hilarious, I love the New Look bag (New Look - who knew)?

    I had no idea you could grow a Monkey Puzzle tree in a pot and as I've always wanted one and have a teeny garden I think I shall look out for one - thank you for that idea, Gisela!!

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