Thursday, 9 December 2010

Q&A. The As

Many thanks(I think!) to Tea and Crumpets for tagging me in this Q&A. Here are my answers, I am only being so obscenely fast in my responce because I am working late tonight invigilating a reading room so have time on my hands :-)

1. Why did you create the blog?
It started out that I was going to blog about the random things that I ponder about/get annoyed by as I go through my day but somehow it morphed into a blog about clothes and shopping.......but mostly shopping!

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mostly vintage fashion and handicraft blogs. I keep meaning to spend some time looking at what else is out there, but never seem to find it......
I must confess to the guilty habit of finding most of the blogs I follow by looking at the ones other people are following and just following the ones that appeal to me.

3.Favourite makeup brand?
As I am confessing guilty secrets I am a complete make-up whore. I have no solid allegiance to any one brand and am easily seduced by special offers and new ranges, a marketing mans dream no less! However it does mean I know what does and doesn't work for me.

I use Max Factor foundation because they do a lovely pale one that doesn't make me look either tangoed or dead, I like their eyeliners too.

I also keep going back to Bourjois Coup de Theatre mascara because it is fab.

4. Favourite clothing brand?
Definitely don't have a favourite brand as such. I love to shop and if i find something that fits well and looks great I'll buy it. I do go back to particular stores for example I know on the whole Dorothy Perkins jeans fit me as do Red Herring trousers so I will go to them first if it's jeans I'm after. Marks is always good for seperates too. Charity shops don't really count do they?

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

in a word, Lypsyl. I have had a serious addiction for over 20 years and can open the tube and apply one handed. My friend says it's like watching a gunslinger in action!
I always have a concealer on me and an eyeliner.

6. Your favourite colour?
Green. Purple is another favourite too.

7. Your perfume?
I don't wear any. I'm one of the however many percent of the population who has funny skin that makes perfume smell horrible so I stick with body lotions and body sprays.

I love Bath and Bodyworks Juniper Breeze

or Sheer Freesia.

Of course they don't sell them in the U.K anymore *weeps* so I stock up whenever I am in the U.S or get my lovely American friends to bring some over with them when they visit the U.K.

8. Your favourite film?
Couldn't possibly say there are so many..........
Nope my head is about to implode just sitting her thinking 'oh there's this one, or what about that one'.

My favourite book is Hound of the Baskervilles so that will have to do instead!

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

I want to see a moose in the flesh, it's been an ambition of mine for years and one day I shall, money permitting.

I'd like to visit the Amalfi Coast too. The film and book Enchanted April made it look stunning , if you haven't watched or read them, I would highly recommend them, I love both.

10. To be chosen by blogger.
I liked the 'What do you want to be when you grow up' question in Tea and Crumpets so I shall steal it!
I wanted to paint pub signs when I was little. I was a strange child on occassion!

Pass on the baton
I'll do this later as I have to shut the reading room up right now......


  1. Loved reading this! Glad I am not the only makeup whore out there!

  2. Thanks, it actually took longer to do than I thought it would hence me running out of time...