Monday, 6 December 2010

Walking in a Frosty Wonderland.

Today I am off work HUZZAH!
I was meant to be going to Stratford Upon Avon for the day but plans had to be postponed, so I decided to keep the days leave booked, and do productive things like write christmas cards or wrap presents instead.

I was doing pretty well with cards but It was SO lovely and white outside and as I discovered when I went out to feed the birds, actually not that cold.
After another hour or so I was getting desperate to be distracted from the job. I had written my overseas cards so I decided to take them to the post office and go for a walk on the way back.

My usually black gate all sparkly and white.

I took the camera with me as I only got it in the summer and wanted to see what it was like with winter pictures. Sadly they have all come out a bit blue tinted hmm....

Here is a house that I would like to own. It's just around the corner from where we live and has such lovely original features like the front door and stained glass windows and a wrought iron veranda at the back *happy sigh*
I have told Himself if we ever have the money Kirsty and Phil are going to find us a house. (I love their show so much!) The criteria being 1900s to 1950s no later, large garden, original features but mod cons! Don't want much do I!


  1. Love the blue tinge to the pics - I think it has captured it perfectly. And that IS the sort of house I used to own. Well - by proxy. Its the exact sort of house I grew up in. Alas - I dont thnk I shall ever live in one again.
    Thanks for you comment hun - I know!!! 49 followers?? WTH? All thanks for Va-Voom Vintage's recent post about listing your blog, I think :o)

  2. Crap. Just realised it were not thee who left that comment for me - it was Missy Vintage. I am getting all confused in my dotage! *sigh*

  3. That sort of house is on my wish list too!
    Pictures look beautiful- probably what it looks like here, but there’s been freezing fog all day so I couldn’t say! Tups x

  4. Love the pics. I was too much of a wimp to go out in the cold with my camera today x

  5. The whole world looks nicer when it's sparkly and covered in white. So pretty!
    And I think you'll be fighting me for that original features house with Kirsty and Phil. It's just the place I want to live in!

  6. How lovely your snowy pictures are. Its amazing what the frost does. Keep thinking and dreaming about your house - you'll get it one day.

  7. Well we live in something similar but smaller and it's only rented. It has lots of 'issues' due to the landlady not wanting to pay out on it's upkeep. It also was hideous renovated in the 70's the stone/concrete fireplace has to be seen to be believed!! I do love the fact you get a huge garden with a 1930's house though.

  8. Oooh it's so pretty!

    I love the frosty weather it makes the world look like a Christmas card!