Monday, 17 January 2011

River Island Frock as Promised .

So, yes. I have made a couple of comments on other blogs about there being some good items to be had in River Island over the last couple of years. I also mentioned the fact that they champion London Fashion Graduates with a summer collection. Below are some pictures to show the things that I have bought in there in the last year. Quite honestly it is just an excuse for me to photograph clothes!

Historically River Island was a staple port of call on my places to clothes shop list. Back in the days when I first foraged the high street with my own money rather than shopping with my mother, it was called 'Chelsea Girl' and was way better and way cooler than Topshop!
I can't remember exactly when the name changed to River Island, but I shopped there a LOT back then too. Over time I fell out of love with the shop and hadn't been in there for ages until a couple of years ago. As I say there is still a lot of over priced horror to be had in there but there are some absolute gems to be had too.
Let us begin.....

ok I have no idea why this dress just would not photograph bah! This is the best picture I could get and it really doesn't do it any justice :-(

It is the frock I mentioned buying from the Fashion Graduate range.

I love the fact that it is quite girlie with lovely little puff sleeves and this unusual gathered detail at the shoulder and yet has a hard edge from the zip up the front. I think maybe I need to put it on and get a picture of me wearing it, daylight!

Next up are two pretty blouses.

I just about exploded with bliss when I saw the cat print one!

I loved this cute 50's style bustier top too.

and this equally sweet pinifore dress.

I don't think I have mentioned on this blog before but sadly when at work I am pretty much forced to dress scruffy. It's very dirty, very dusty and pretty physical and over the years I have ruined far too many nice clothes!
Basically it's jeans and jumpers in the winter and jeans and t-shirts in the summer so here are a few tops I have bought for work!

I loved these vintage print tops.
and finally

The Chelsea Girl logo top brought back some great memories....

Now I could do a whole seperate post on my River Island accessories lol.


  1. LOVEing the cat print shirt!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! i saw a dress once like this in Camden - but the seller wanted over £50 so I went away grumbling about "making one myself for a tenner". Alas - I have yet to bother! Good haul!

  2. love those vintage print tshirts!

  3. Thank you for posting! I didn't know that about chelsea girl, l remember those stores. I think l remember the first ri in 88.

  4. Wow, 1988......that would be about right if I think about it. Off to lie down in a corner and feel old!

  5. The printed shirts get my vote!Zootsuitmama