Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Spending the Christmas Pennies!

Just a little blog to show you what I decided to get with some of my Christmas spending money.

Still filled with my new resolution I have managed not to run amok in the clothes shops during my lunch hour now I am back at work and the sales are on.
Today I did pop into Cath Kidston to have a look at their sale. I bought a very cute little jug with cherries on it and was about to depart when I spotted this work basket.

It's quirkiness was a draw and I liked the clever compartments. Sizewise it is the kind of thing I have been looking for but the price was definitely NOT! However, I then found one reduced as 'shop soiled'. I checked it over very carefully and it appeared to have 3 faults.

1.Someone had tried to open the windows on the front which are for decoration only so they were hanging off.

2. It had a small dent in the roof.

3. It had a dirty line running across the middle of the back.

I decided 2 out of 3 were fixable and the price was good so I bought it. Firstly I took a stiff brush to the felt back and apart from the tiniest area the mark brushed off first time = result! A bit of Vanish bar got rid of the last little mark. Next I glued down the windows.

As you can see Himself's stormtrooper belt buckle proved a perfect weight whilst the glue dried!

All that leaves is is the little dent in the roof and I can live with that. I can't wait to fill it up and use it. :-)


  1. What a good bargain! Have you got lots of nice things to put in it?

  2. I could probably fill it about 4 times over if I'm honest.....

  3. Most excellent find! As I have said before - I am not a huge fan of CK - but there are some bits that do appeal. Like the house! :)

  4. I love it! I've wanted one forever but like you couldn't justify the price. How lucky to get a fixable shop soiled one. It was obviously waiting for you to take it home and get it bac to almost perfect x