Saturday, 5 March 2011

Old New Glasses and I've Broken the No Shopping Rule AGAIN!

Dear lord above has it has been manic at work this week, seriously, somone or something has put the fear of god up the students because they are ordering books like there is no tomorrow. This means in a nutshell I crawl home each night and collapse in a chair *almost* too weak to make even a cup of tea.
 This is not good, I still have a load of clearing up to do since the new sofa. My sitting room looks like someone has come in and just randomly thrown things all over the floor.....oh wait that would be me wouldn't it.*SIGH*
I made the mess, it's getting me down but I just can't seem to find the energy to clear it, see what I mean about it being not good. It also means I haven't been job hunting this week either, even more not good. Only got until the end of July, so I really need some motivation.

I WAS doing marvelously well with the no shopping in March. I met my parents on my afternoon off and all I bought was 4 teaspoons, (we have some manner of teaspoon mystery going on in our house at the moment, in that they just keep vanishing, very strange.)

and these awesome Hungrey Caterpiller cupcake cases.

This little bit of spring reduced to half price in Sainsburys.

My Mum also brought round a load of buttons for me from one of her ladies at Age Concern. :-) Not sure what I will do with them all mind.

Oh and we did give the lady behind the till in Robert Dyas a laugh. Just as she walked up to serve me my Mum turned to me and said 'Oh! I forgot to bring you that glue for your glass eye' (There was a display for superglue that had caught her attention and reminded her) As you can imagine I got a rather perplexed look until I quickly had to explain she meant the glass eye of my crow garden ornament that had fallen out and not one of my own.

Talking of eyes I finally went to get mine tested on Tuesday. I knew it was long overdue but I also knew my prescription had changed which would mean new specs. As it turns out I got a free eye test because my Dad and Nan both had to have treatment for Glaucoma.
So I rang up my Dad that night and said 'You know in the book Pollyanna she has the Happy Game where in a nutshell you have to find a happy thing out of any situation no matter how bad?'.
He's like 'Mmm'
'Basically Dad when you were in hospital last year and nearly lost your eye, the good thing to come out of it is because of that I got a free eye test!'  
It's good to finally be able to make a joke about what was a horrific few weeks.

Anyway as suspected the short sighted eye has got worse. It was quite a jolt when he covered up the long sighted eye and asked me to read the board and I could not see a damn thing!!?! I hadn't realised it had got quite that bad!
So that eye gets a stronger prescription and the long sighted eye gets a weaker one because it has been working too hard to compensate, poor eye I know the feeling.

Finally to my 3rd of March 'no shopping' fail. Debenhams had their 3 day 25% off event. I have a storecard so I get an extra 10% on top of that. I need new jeans for work and I came out with a coat which I need like a hole in the head! It's leopard print, which is a major weakness, it's furry, which is another and it was already 50% off before adding the 25% off etc.

The flash on my camera has made it look very shiny it's not shiny but it is lovely. Happy fail.


  1. I am so with you on the mess thing. I am currently surrounded by boxes of stuff removed from my flat to OH house. I should be sorting them and I just cant get motivated. Love the coat and it was very frugal to get it at 75% off what a bargain.

  2. At least your shopping was a great bargain. We used to have the same problem with teaspoons, when they were younger the girls used to throw them away with their empty yoghurt pots! Linda x

  3. Love the cake cases! My nieces are mad on that! Great bargain too, and a classic mac like this is an investment as you can get a good few years out of it! :)

  4. What a lovely bunch of buttons!!! I have broken my (feeble) no buying rule 4 times this month. *sigh*

  5. No shopping rules are over rated I gave up on saying no op shopping for awhile anymore cos I always FAIL!!

  6. love the cake cases and the coat...and the buttons! x