Tuesday, 29 March 2011

This week seems to be all about accessories

I know it's only Tuesday but it does seem to be shaping up to be an accessory kind of week.Work has been somewhat worrisome and my way of dealing with things like that is to either comfort eat or shop. Neither thing is good I know and both are things I am trying to avoid at the moment *Le Sigh*
So I compromised I indulged in one Strawberry Frappe Dessert from Marks, if you haven't tried one they are heaven! and allowed a wee browse around a couple of shops. We did need new pillows but somehow pillows didn't quite quench the urge to shop. My shopping compromise was to get some accessories at either £1 or £2 each in the sales rather than a big purchase.
 Very mad ring!

The above were from Miss Selfridge.
I then had to go to Boots to get some conditioner and spotted this faux pearl necklace reduced to £4. I have been looking for a short pearl necklace with larger stones for a while and this is perfect :-)
I did manage to get the pillows on sale in BHS and also found these earrings. Both were half price but it was time to call a halt to the spending as I had gone over £10. See I really am being tough on myself! lol.

 Aren't the little hummingbirds above lovely though?
It has to be said, hand on heart  I have always known I would fail the 'no shopping' policy but it has been an intersting and sobering experiment. Firstly to see just how much money I did fritter away on things, especially clothes but also to really think before buying means that when I have bought something it's been with careful thought and not mad impulse. This has meant lovely things I am really enjoying having and actually wearing rather than languishing unloved in a ram packed wardrobe.
I shall finish with this rather lovely bangle I found on Ebay for £2.50.

If I've said it once I shall say it again 'one can never too many elephants.'


  1. I can definitely relate, I usually thrift shop at least 3 times a week, at least it's cheap and the money goes to a good cause though!

    Love the bangle you bought and the dangling earrings full of skeleton keys. You found a lot for very little money.

  2. Oh I do love that golden bracelet with the heart!

  3. Oh great bargain finds, I'd fail a no shopping challenge miserably - it just inbuilt in my genes to want to find a bargain! Scarlett x

  4. Ooh lovely things - you're a girl after my own heart, I've just done a post on all my recent thrifty accessory finds. The ring is amazing - love turquoise - and the gold bracelet appeals to the Bon Jovi fan in me!

    I'm following you now...

  5. Er, your blog that is. Not like a stalker or anything.