Monday, 11 July 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

Well I am finally catching up, thank the lord I decided to take a day off work today. I got a much needed lie-in and have now been online for 3 hours, 3 freaking hours maintaining the Mother-in-Law's games on Facebook whilst she is away (only 114 requests to accept today!?!), catching up on my Facebook, my email and all the blogs I follow! Shesh.
The washing machine is on load 4 of 6 and the sitting room looks like it has been ransacked. After I've been out to restock the fridge I think I know what my afternoon will be spent doing *SIGH*
Shouldn't really grumble, today the mess was definitely made by me, I do just tend to open my case up and tip it out when unpacking as I find it quicker to sort through that way lol. This time I tipped it up and left it where it lay, I know what a slut, shameful.

We had a great weekend away. Friday night we just had a couple of beers and something to eat before heading back to Himself's parents house.We were meant to be going out in Broadstairs but Himself's friend Paul couldn't make it after all, as it turns out the weather was awful anyway so it was probably for the best.
Next morning I went to meet my sister and friend Kay in Ramsgate. I decided to get off the bus early and walk to my sister's flat along the cliff top. I took my time, filling my lungs with sea air and just contemplating the ocean. I swear I could feel all the stress of the week just melt away. I really should live nearer the sea, maybe one day.....
Gabs and I sat in her garden drinking tea and chatting until Kay arrived. It's great to see she seems to be in a good place after all the upset with her ex.
This is the view from the garden to the sea.
 My sister is a great one for using random household objects in the garden, hence the wicker baskets, cups, plates,clock and staffordshire dogs!

  We had some lunch when Kay arrived and a bloody good catch up as we haven't been able to organise a get together for months now. It really does the soul good to be with old friends.
So we were going to go into town, but as we were getting ready it started to hammer down so a change of plan! A dash through the rain to Kay's car and off to a local garden centre instead. It's one of those huge ones with shop outlets and a cafe, so we mooched for a bit, ate huge wedges of cake with much tea and mooched some more. Bliss.
Kay dropped me back and popped in for a chat with Himself whilst I got changed. after Kay left, Himself's friend Paul and his Dad arrived and the 4 of us went out for dinner at a hotel on the cliff top in Kingsgate. The food was nice, but sadly the service was dreadful. Having said that we ended up moving through to the bar and staying there all night chatting and drinking! Sorry Broadstairs maybe next time.
Sunday Paul collected his car and popped in on his way home. He gave us a lift to the shopping mall as we needed to get some bits and there are sales on and I love shopping, need I say more?
Now I'm this side of it, and after such a great weekend I don't want to go back over the shit, shit, shit week I had at work so I won't.
There was a highlight on Wednesday night when we went to see the comedian Ross Noble (we are both big fans of his) at a tiny venue in Reading. He was showcasing 2 up and coming young comedians and also testing out new material before his next tour. It's such a small venue that there is no backstage area and the acts have to walk through the audience and then clamber up on to the stage!
This meant Ross did the first 15 minutes in the dark running up and down the walkway and even hiding behind a curtain at one point. There were some very confused latecomers!
The other highlight of the week was my boss bringing in 2 huge boxes of doughnuts on Thursday to say thanks to us for trying to cope with all the chaos.

On a side note as I say I did take all dresses with me at the weekend. Thanks for the comments on that by the way. I feel I must point out that I do love my jeans and essentially at heart I am most comfortable as a jeans and t-shirt kind of a gal. However I have made the descion to dress a bit better and wear some of the lovely frocks that languish in my wardrobe due to nothing my that sheer laziness on my part. I'm afraid I have only one picture of me in a dress from the weekend.
I always feel like I should be serving tea in a Lyons Corner House in this dress. Mind with that face on I don't think I'd get many customers, Jesus! No idea why I look so stern, it's a face to turn the milk sour!
I hadn't had any wine yet, maybe that's it, maybe this is my I've had a crap week give my wine NOW face? If so, I can see why Himself often wordlessly puts a bottle in the fridge!

Oh and to finish on a lighter note, there is nothing like having nature on your doorstep. I went out to water the garden last night when we got home and our resident hedgehog had done what can only be described as a spectacular poo by hedgehog standards right in the middle of the door mat. Lucky for me I was looking down at the time.


  1. I'm still loving your new haircut. That looks like a fairly typical cafe waitress face to me ;) x

  2. Your dress looks lovely. But if you are a waitress, WHERE'S MY CAKE? Ahem.

    Sorry to hear you've been having a rubbish time at work, I hope it improves this week.

  3. I love your sister's garden, it's a right little feast for the eyes. That dress is fab, having been a waitress I have to agree with Margaret's comment! x

  4. The dress is fabulous on you :o) Scarlett x

  5. Lovely dress, so happy to hear your sister is doing okay. I love the seaside too - its hard to leave isn't it! Love Ross Noble (know from Goes Global on radio) good to hear he's un-starry. The doughnuts sound week-salvaging. xxx

  6. That's so cool what your sister has done in her garden; I think those Staffordshire dogs look far better there than on boring mantlepiece.

    P.S. I like the dominatrix waitress look! ;-)

  7. Gorgeous hair cut! Love hedgehogs, shame it did a dump on your doorstep though :D xx