Friday, 1 July 2011

The Further Adventures of Ted and a Visit to the Circus.

After a busy day at the library Ted has spent his time hanging out with Harry at home, they got through a lot of chocolate I can tell you.
That was until yesterday when he came to Gifford's Circus with me.
First stop was my parents house in a very picture postcard Oxfordshire village *see above*  That's not thier house by the way.
 Where he examined the garden and was a bit miffed to find nothing was ready for him to eat yet hmm.
After Fish and Chips for tea it was circus time!

Thankfully there were still tickets to spare.
 and some kind cast members who were happy to pose for a picture.
 Though he was a bit scared of Tweedy the clown!
 Time for the show..... and what a fabulous show it was!

This is the second time I have seen Gifford's Circus. The first time was in 2008 on the 'Caravan' tour and it was such a magical experience I was thrilled to finally see them again.
Seriously I waxed so lyrical the first time, I convinced 4 work collegues to go with their families and they all loved it too!
The idea is one of an old fashioned travelling show that goes from village to village telling stories to music with jugglers, tumblers and acrobats, as well as singing and dancing.
My favourite character by far in 2008 was the bear. Shows of old would have had a live bear to entertain and this one came loping in chained to his master as you would expect. He then broke free and a classic slapstick, keystone cops type chase took place,  this was followed by some nifty John Travolta-esque disco moves by said bear and a sit done for a nice cup of tea whilst all around him panic still ensued!
I laughed until I cried, I laughed much more than anyone else around me, I laughed and people started starring at me but I just couldn't stop, you know how it is sometimes right?
 Sadly in this show he only appeared for a brief moment, boo says I.

 My other favourites  in 2008 were Bichu and Bibi the jugglers, please take the time to watch the below clip it is well worth it to give you an idea of just how jawdroppingly good they are!
Bichu and Bibi

The story this year was War and Peace. It is a very long book as you know but the story was condenced in such a way that it fitted the 2 hour or so long show and still made sense. There was a lot more dialogue and singing in this show which made it more like a musical thetre production in some ways.
Tweedy the clown had a bigger role this show, entertaining the crowd whilst equipment was set up or taken down and he was just superb. He reminded me a lot of the comedian Ross Noble (who I love, and who as it turns out also used to work in a circus before he did stand-up!)
I think one of the things that is so magical is that it is a small tent by circus standards so it makes everything so much more intimate and breathtaking when you are literally inches from someone jumping through a burning hoop on a trapeze, or spinning through the air on just a piece of material.
    The time flew by too fast for me and I still want to run away and join the circus. Hmm maybe now I'm soon to be redundant it could be the time.......

* Edited to add if you would like to learn more about Ted or have him come and visit you all the details are on his Mum's blog DaisyDonut *


  1. You do make me laugh.... I thought it was only me who had a strange sense of humour so glad I have a blogging friend just like me. Love Mr. Ted I must introduce him to percy the one legged pigeon I am sure they can go travelling together. Perhaps join the circus...
    Have a lovely weekend I am off tomorrow at the crack of dawn to sell my wares or I hope I do.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy
    Beverley xx

  2. Looks like a great show! Sounds fun!

  3. Bless you taking Mr Ted with you it did make me smile ;-)) The circus looks and sounds great i haven't been to one for many years. dee x

  4. What a wonderful BLOG, Miss Magpie, you brought it all back to me. Maybe I'll bring my old Ted next time too!

  5. Oh, I loved reading this. You take brilliant pictures, too. x

  6. you and TED had so much fun ! xx

  7. Love reading all about the adventures of Ted. Great stuff! xx