Thursday, 9 February 2012

Guest Post by Jackie Clark : Power, Beauty, Strength and You.

I was recently contacted by Jackie Clark to ask if I would allow her to have a guest post on my blog. Jackie does outreach work for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance writes a blog for them as well. You can find it here
Having just lost a good friend to cancer I was a good person to ask.

Power, Beauty, Strength and You
By: Jackie Clark

Take a moment and look down at yourself right now. What do you see? Do you consider yourself beautiful? Do you see deep inside of your soul and ignore that beauty that is trying to push out of you?

Chances are good that if you have been dealing with doctors or mesothelioma cancer or any other health problems that you are looking at some of your oldest and rattiest clothes. You may have gotten up this morning and thrown on the same clothing that you have been wearing for some time now, convinced that it doesn’t matter what you look like. For some women, this is a self-defense measure, for others, it is a gesture of despair.

It is true that you do not owe the world beauty. Too often women are told that they need to be beautiful for the sake of others. The truth of the matter is that you should try to be beautiful for yourself. When you look down at yourself and see that the clothes you are wearing are the ones that suit you perfectly, and when you look down and see colors that you know give you a wonderful shape and silhouette you will be happy. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing your favorite sundress or your favorite power suit; clothes do make the woman in many ways, so consider what your choices are telling you.

Cancer and other illnesses can make you feel guilty for thinking about things like fashion or makeup. You may feel that you need to be serious all the time and that worrying about fashion is frivolous. In fact, thinking about fashion and makeup is a way for you to take care of yourself. You may not be able to control how you feel or what shape you are in, but you can always decide what you want to wear. This gives you something that you have absolute control over, something that no one else can take away from you.

Think about your favorite clothing and think about the last time you wore them. Were you out with someone that you love? Were you out having a great time with your friends? Think about how excited you felt when you put on your favorite outfits and when you were ready to have a great time. There is something to be said for anticipation and excitement, and when you dress up again, you’ll find that there is a great deal of emotion tied up with simply taking care of yourself in this way.

If you are ready to take control of your life and to show the world what kind of beautiful woman you are, it is time to look at your own personal fashion and your make up options. You can be yourself again in this respect, and you can even bring in your loved ones to help.


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