Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Holiday! Celebrate! etc.

Yes I am currently singing Madonna and circa 1980's Madonna at that!

Himself is out at the cinema so I have taken it upon myself to book holidays!
I have made noise about the fact that I want to go to Edinburgh in December this year and as the reaction from Himself was not negative I have gone ahead and booked......

I have also arranged dates with his sister so we are also going to Torquay at Easter. Strike while the iron is hot and all that. :-)

I am very excited about both, now lets just hope the film was good and he comes home in a happy frame of mind! 

Other than that I had my first dental appointment on Monday (after last week's powercut) . I was in a highly nervous state I have to say, and having a girl sat opposite me praying fervently over a rosary and saint on the way there didn't help that highly nervous state much!
It was as awful as I expected but as it turns out kind of good too so maybe the prayers worked. The appointment after mine which was also the last of the day, had been cancelled. As the work was going better than expected the dentist decided to crack on and finish the nerve/root canal drilling and prep work which means not only did I not have to schedule in another appointment to make up for the cancelled one last week, but more importantly the horrible stuff was all done in one hit. I'm not ashamed to say it took all I had to stay in the chair for so long and I was actually shaking by the time he'd finished but I am so very relieved the worst is over. I only have 2 more appointments left, huzzah!
One to make casts so a new crown can be made and also tp fit the post it will be attached to, and then the last one to fit the crown.
Plain sailing in other words!
In some ways I wish I could have been outside of myself and watching. The proceedure was so hi-tech with gadgets a go-go. I am currently sporting a very nifty gel temporary tooth, made to be a perfect fit via a rubber cast of my teeth that was made when I first arrived! I can't eat with it mind, but it looks very spiffy.

Other than that I was out with the girls last night for the most amazing cocktails I have ever tasted at 'Moya' on St. Clements, truly, The Pink Russian was sheer heaven and the Daiquiri's beyond compare.

These were followed by the most delicious Italian food at 'La Cucina' also on St.Clements. I highly recommend both if you are ever in Oxford.
We had a fantastic night, but really, going out drinking on a school night tut tut.Better not mention I am out on the Raz on Friday night as well then.

*goes of whistling* 


  1. Dental work can be horrible, I'm glad yours went well.

    Holidays are fab :) My husband loves Edinburgh but I've never been. *Feels envious*

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  3. oh, so you're not that far from me (not stalking promise)... will have to try La Cucina.

    I just spent £160 at the denist to find my teeth are fantastically perfect! Argh.

    Someone else had "dress you up" as a blog title and that's got dress you up in my love by Madge in my head now!

  4. I'm so glad the dental treatments well under way and you're coping. Great to see that you've got some hols booked, it makes the winter so much more bearable when there's something to look forward to. x

  5. Glad the horrible dental bits are over! Looks like you had a wonderful evening.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

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  7. Glad you got through the worst of the dental bit - i would have been shaking too. Scarlett x