Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Three decades and all at only 99p

Well isn't the weather here being a bit mental? Freezing cold one minute and baking hot the next. I really don't do heat very well, especially as the heating at work is still on full blast! Bleugh.

Anyway when the weather was miserable last week and I was tired and bored I went on Ebay and found myself becoming the new owner of 4 rather marvelous vintage bargains.

The first was mentioned but not shown in my last post.

1970's purple dress from good old Marks and Spencer, not quite as pussy bow as it looked in the picture on Ebay but what the hey, I still love it and it was only 99p plus postage.

The second a very loud 1960's crimplene shirt.

Also from Marks and Spencer and also 99p plus postage.

The third a 1980's houndstooth dress, again for the princely sum of 99 pence.

 of course now it's way too hot to wear it so it will have to wait patiently in my wardrobe for colder days.

Finally these were a little more than 99p, in fact the were just shy of a fiver at 4 hundred and 99 pennies but I think they are well worth it.:-)

Loud, kitsch, elephanty and just perfect for my kitchen!


  1. Good haul. I love the houndstooth frock.
    I used to have those elephants on my bedroom wall when I was little!

  2. You're the queen of the 99p bargain - that first frock is lovely. Enjoy your elephant troupe!

  3. Wow! Those elephants are so cute! Love your 99p bargains, both frocks are fabulous and I adore that floral blouse. Those tab collars make my knees go weak. x

  4. aahh those elephants are adorable ;-)) Great buys loving the black and white dress. Have a great weekend, dee x

  5. Woah, GREAT elephants! Well worth a fiver.

  6. I LOVE the elephants!! I might have to look out for some more elephanty stuff for you. Great bargains and the collar on that shirt is amazing!

  7. You know what would look great with the B&W dress hot pink tights :)

  8. Fantastic scores, and at such incredibly good bargains to boot! My favourite thing you picked up are the elephants, they're so squeal-worthily cute!!!

    Wishing you a gorgeous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica