Sunday, 3 June 2012

Celebrate! or in my case be slow on the uptake.

So it's the Jubilee weekend here in the U.K and somehow I only just realised this on Monday! I mean I knew it was coming, I would have had to have lived in a cave not too, but somehow I didn't quite realise it was actually this weekend until it was almost upon me. Which means I have spent the week being a bit grumpy because everyone else seems to have wonderous things planned and I don't. I took to the internets to see what was going on in my town and apart from planting some trees it would seem nothing, which actually surprises me as on the whole they are usually pretty good at getting into the spirit of things.
Himself is in London today for a non Jubilee comedy show, (I wished him luck on getting to that unscathed what with the river pageant taking place today!) and I am here twiddling my thumbs.

So far this week I have;

Listening to lots of Punk, not because I am anti-establishment or anti-royal, or a huge fan of Punk, but it was there on my I-Pod and it seemed the thing to do.

I have enjoyed watching the various programmes on the Queen and the Coronation on TV.

Drunk Pimms, for it is the Jubilee law!

Eaten a cream tea, what could be more British?

Indulged in a little red, white and blue shopping, would you expect any less from me?

                                    Cat Print Dress and Elephant Ribbon anyone?

and put up my bunting.

Oh and grumbled at being sat at home like Cinders whilst all around me go to the ball! 

I haven't really done a huge amount worth blogging about these last 2 weeks. I've been stupid busy at work, far too hot and bothered in the sun and determinedly eating less and better. All very dull I asure you. Twas my Brother's birthday this week so I got to drink Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer with a hint of orange (suprisingly nice) in his honour, not eat any cake (told you I was being good!) and spend 3 hours planting up all the pots on his patio, (and there was me swearing blind he would not trick me into doing his garden for him again BAH.)
He was also trying to tell me that my house is about as bad as the ones on the 'Hoarder next door' TV show. It is full of stuff and somewhat disorganised I'll grant you, but he is a minimalist with clean clear surfaces so the merest hint of clutter fills his heart with horror. He also doesn't get why you need to keep books, especially after you have read them. Sometimes I wonder if we really are related!

On top of that I have taken something that was said about me to heart, which is very silly and I am cross with myself for doing it but you know how it is. I know it wasn't meant in the way it sounded, as I have known the person who said it for a long time and they are not a cruel or nasty person, they are also not always good at getting the right phrase or at being tactful if it comes to that. Combine this with someone who has had issues with food as long as I have known them so has a somewht scued view on all things to do with weight and really it's stupid to even give the comment head space *but* sometimes a comment gets under your skin.
Apparently my Mother, Brother and I are all of  'the same hefty build' we 'are all carrying too much weight' and to end up looking like us should be avoided at all costs.
Now to add some more context to the comment, the person who said it is physically teeny tiny in every way, just shy of 5ft 2" and with very slim petite frame, whereas My Mum, Brother and I are 5ft 7", 6ft 3" and 5ft 11"  respectively with the kind of normal frame someone of that height would have.
Whilst I am the first to agree that it wouldn't do any of us harm to lose a few pounds, we are hardly what would be called obease by any means. I also know the person who said this has an irrational fear of putting on weight and projects that fear onto people around them.

See I can rationalize it and put it in context, but you know what? it still hurt to be refered to in such a way. Sticks and Stones? what a load of bollocks, words CAN hurt and they can wound deeply, and that hurt can last long after any physical injury has healed.


  1. Hope you can brush off the comment, it can be hard not to take that sort of thing to heart, even when it isn't meant how it sounds.

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  2. Aw - sometimes its the throwaway comments that hurt us the most, but you must try not to let it get to you. Just enjoy your weekend and try to remember all the lovely things that are going on in your life.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Take no notice's the sort of thing teeny people say without thinking. I was once told by a wisp of a lass that my size of thighs would be better on a taller woman!!

  4. Don't take it to heart (I know, easier said than done), the poor woman's obviously got major issues and just lashes out at whoever's around at the time.
    The elephant ribbon is gorgeous!

  5. That's a horrible comment for someone to make. I wish people wouldn't take it upon themselves to talk about other people's weight, whether they're large or small. (I'm large. And healthy.) What matters is the person. And you are a fab person!

  6. I've had things said to me by 'friends' too and it does hurt .. I hope you feel better soon xxx

  7. too true, some people are very tactless. was this person a bit older? They're often the worst. Also some people who have weight/eating issues can be rather cruel to people they deem to be fat. How stupid. Ignore it!
    I love your bunting, the ribbon is amazing and the cat dress is divine! xxx