Friday, 1 November 2013

Frankenstein and a Little Shopping.

So Halloween has been and gone and so has our 16th Anniversary. Himself got me me some flowers with an ornamental cabbage in the bouquet (not sure what he's trying to tell me!) and this little chap
as a hint to what we were going to do for said anniversary. He took me to see a cinema screening of the National Theatre's production of Frankenstein starring Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch.
It is the show where they took turns with the roles of Frankenstein and his monster each night. This version had Benedict in the role of the monster.
I was very excited to see this as you can imagine.
We were shown to our seats by a young man wrapped in toilet roll, I *think* he was meant to be a mummy but his wrappings had slipped so much he was just a young man in jeans and a t-shirt with random lumps of toilet roll round his arms and legs which trailed out behind him and gently shed sheets here and there like dandruff as he went up and down the stairs.

Before I get into the production I'll get a rant about the 2 women next to me off my chest. Himself said, very charitably for such a people hater as he, that they 'clearly didn't get out much'.
Firstly they talked quite a lot, not enough to give you the opportunity to tell them to belt up but enough to be irritating, (though I will confess I did find the comment about Benedict Cumberbatch 'he's very bendy isn't he?' funny.)
 The one next to me reached into her bag about 2/3 through the production, got something out and started rustling it. At first I thought she was trying to open a sweet, but no, oh no, she actually just had a piece of paper in her hand that she was absentmindedly agitating!

I unleashed some of my finest passive aggressive behaviour and very pointedly looked her in the face and then at her hands and then at her face again. Thankfully she took the hint and stopped before I had to throttle her with some discarded toilet roll from the stairs.

The worst bit by far though was the one farthest from me kept making that really gross nasal throaty horking snort that old men make right before they spit. I mean this was a smartly dressed middle aged woman for god's sake, it was absolutely revolting and very distracting. Unfortunately she was too far away for me to throttle though the idea of lunging across at her got more attractive the more she did it!

Going to the cinema would be so great if it wasn't for the people.

The play was bloody brilliant. Bit slow and 'modern dance interpretation' to begin with but other than that brilliant and with a fabulous supporting cast. I can't wait to go again in a few weeks to see it with them in the reversed roles.
It's such a thought provoking story, it still blows my mind to think Mary Shelley was just 19 when she finished writing the novel. I could never have conceived something so complex and so worldly wise at the age of 19 that's for sure.

I actually had yesterday and today off work in lieu for those Saturdays I slogged away at earlier in the month.
So yesterday I went to a local garden centre with my Ma and Pa, completely forgetting it was half term so the place was rammed with families and shrieking kids.We looked at the Christmas decorations, as you do, bought some hedgehog food and beat a retreat!

Today I went into to town to grab some shampoo and a few groceries. En route I browsed the chazzas, as you do and came away with
a suitably autumnal vest.
A huge vintage straw bag for a pound, It just needs a new toggle closure, and 2 bead necklaces for 50p
I also dived into Wilkinsons for bird food and found they had all their left over bulbs reduced to either 50p or £1 = RESULT!
This little lot cost me £6 I restrained myself from going too mad! Now I've just got to find the time to plant them all....

I shall leave you with the suitably festive aspects of my outfit yesterday. I love Halloween and not just because it's our anniversary.

Oh yes and we had Halloween shaped pasta for tea!


  1. Happy Anniversary! The play sounded great, but not those women sitting next to you. I've been in the same position and found that the 'evil psycho woman stare' did work!
    P.S. Love that bag - you can never have too many of those!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Whilst I'm not a fan of BC I love Danny Boyle so I bet the play was great. People are so inconsiderate, aren't they?
    Love the cat brooch and that lovely straw bag!x

  3. Love a bit of mad Victorian Gothic fiction!
    I think people are much more disinhibited when they go to the cinema or theatre these days, maybe they forget they aren't in their own living room watching telly?
    Happy anniversary to you and your man. That straw bag is a beauty! xxxx

  4. Hehehe, puntkin socks FTW. Happy anniversary, too.

  5. Happy anniversary 16 years lovely :-) dee x