Monday, 11 November 2013

Two go Mad in Newbury and a New Arrival.

Well it's been a while but in my defense I've been a busy bee.

Himself and I went to see Thor on Monday, Ooooooh it's good, I thoroughly enjoyed it. We also got a new shed roof on Monday, I think I'm still in shock I only reported it needed replacing on the Friday!?!

On Saturday Soo and I took ourselves off to pastures new for some much needed girlie time and to start the dreaded 'C' shopping.
We decided to try Newbury after being recommended it and it was lovely. Such a pretty town and with quite a good mix of shops, we did the real shops and the charity shops all whilst dodging the downpours.

It has little alleyways
original family run shops
gorgeous old buildings and some lovely old pubs.

The Charity shops were very disappointing. For clothes it was the old story of over priced Primark and not a lot else.

All I found was a Per Una hat for £3
and a set of Gisela Graham 12 days of Christmas ornaments. They are missing the drummer drumming, but as they retail at £30 and I paid £2 I'm not too worried, I think I can find a drummer somewhere.....
I particularly liked the maid a milking and her lovesick cow!

We had heard great things about the Debenhams outlet in Newbury but I wasn't that impressed, it wasn't a bargainous as I had been lead to believe so all I bought was 2 pairs of Snoopy knickers! (Well you know me and Snoopy.)

There was a good market and best of all a cracking Antique/Flea Market. We both scored some fabulous jewelery bargains there. Soo found a stunning Amber pendant and I found 2 gorgeous brooches.
This lovely whale

and this sparkly palm tree
I *know* I'm not meant to buy myself presents at this time of year but I just could not leave either behind.

Finally I came home to 2 packages. I won these ace 1970's beaded shoppers on Ebay, both were 99p plus postage and I am thrilled with them.

  SNAP! Helga!


now that all is well, and all the people who should know do know, I can announce 2 weeks ago Niece Number One FINALLY arrived, and she is a little smasher.
 She didn't arrive when the doctor said, or when her Mum wanted, but when she felt ready. Clearly once she has made up her mind she doesn't hang around as from start to finish it took just over an hour for her arrival!?!

I am very much looking forward to my first cuddle.


  1. I do love a beaded bag - I haven't blogged about my latest addition yet! Yours is the dead ringer of Helga's! That cap is ace and those decorations are very sweet.
    Newbury - is that the place of the notorious bypass? x

  2. aaww little one will be spoilt this Christmas and make it more magical I had my first son on the 21st November he was 6 weeks old on his first Christmas with us it was such a sweet time. He is 17 in a few weeks time flys. Love the beaded bags I don't think you can ever have to many ;-) dee x

  3. Great beaded bags and brooches - of course you need to treat yourself, why ever not?! The Christmas decs are lovely, I'll keep a look out for drummers for you.
    Congrats on the safe arrival of your niece - yep, babies make their own minds up about their arrival, and indeed about a lot of things! xxxx

  4. Congratulations Auntie Magpie!! Hurrah. Let's hope you can get her addicted to charity shop finds from a young age. What a bargain those ornaments were, well done! I haven't been to Newbury but my sisters have and loved it. It's on me list. Have a good week xx