Friday, 23 May 2014

Movies, Meerkats and Dressing a Long Torso.

Another week has zipped by. I was out catching up with girlfriends on Saturday at Beale Park a halfway point between us all. The idea was to find somewhere with monkeys but in the end we found the next best thing, a sort of mini zoo come wildlife centre. 

They advertised shooting a bow and arrow which I was most excited about. Sadly when we got there it turned out to be the kind for children with a fuzzy board and Velcro on the end of the arrows which is no good at all, there has to be some kind of threat to life at the very least. 

We decided to give it a miss and go on the mini train instead which was ace. I swear this is the only way to go round a safari park, except for the danger of possible mauling obviously.
Without boring on too much we had a fab day out.There were geese that reduced us all to hysteria with their bizarre coordinated honking, a shouty bird from Australia that hid in the tree until you went past then scared the be-jesus out of you, (ok maybe that was just me.) 
There was a snoring pig that had us all weeping with laughter again, some very pregnant meerkats 
and lots of activities for kids that we managed to talk Katy into doing them all. Like hanging from a bar for as long as you can, running as fast as a cheetah or flapping your arms more times a minute than a hummingbird flaps it’s wings. Not the kind of thing you would get me doing on a roasting hot day!
 It was boiling hot that day which meant ice cream was a must yet I ended up eating chips for my lunch which was a bit naughty not to mention mental on such a hot day but there you go. (I did have a lovely piece of lemon sole with roasted tomatoes for my tea to sort of balance it out.)

All in all a fun day out and somewhere I would highly recommend to people with children they need to entertain, there was so much for them to do with adventure playgrounds, a swimming pool a giant sandpit and soft play area, Stamps to collect on a card, as well as the animals and the train.

Sunday saw me beavering away in the garden despite the heat, mad dogs and Englishmen indeed!
I dug the last 3rd of the veggie patch and planted broccoli, beetroot lettuce and beans. Watered everything and then collapsed inside with a big glass of chilled white wine.

This week has also seen me at the cinema twice. First was to see The Two Faces of January for Orange Wednesday.

I didn't love it, I didn't hate it, I didn't have a fricking clue what the hell it was about either. It was kind of disappointing, you get the feeling the book really wasn't done justice by the film. The Greek Islands looked lovely though.

Last night it was The X-Men, which I was just a little bit excited about.
It was an enjoyable film, not outstanding but good, and of course it had my favourite bit of eye candy (apart from Mr Magpie of course) in it.

That plus some amazing 70's fashions and Hugh Jackman's bum. What more could you want?

I also found time to clean the handbag I bought in Bournemouth
From this
To this.

I also ended up buying another couple of bags on the bay of E whilst I was browsing for a new work handbag, I'm very particular about the bags I use for work so it's always a hunt to find the right thing.

The brown one is Clarks and the map one I just liked the look of. This is a shot post cleaning also which really brought up the map design. I'm thinking 1980's for that bag for sure.

Finally, randomly today being dress down Friday at work had me thinking about the outfit I put on and how I have learned to adapt the cut of average high street clothes to fit my (unusual) body shape. 

I am tall but don’t have particularly long legs, most of my height is in my torso which can prove challenging at the best of times. 
Most off the peg frocks will not only be too short, but the waist will come somewhere up on my ribcage rather than my actual waist, which has the rather depressing effect of making you look much, much wider than you really are. Built like a brick outhouse is not a look I aim for as a rule.

Having said that there are some exceptions, which is why if I do see a pretty frock I’d like to own, I will always try it on, because it might just work. 

When it comes to anything with a belt, without exception, I do have to take the belt loops off as they are never, ever on my actual waist. Sometimes I will move them down a couple of inches but mostly I just chop them off and do without.
Dresses that do work well are ones with a higher waist as this comes just below my bust and gives a lovely empire line effect. 
Another trick I have learnt is when a top has a tie back waist, try tying it either to the front or the side, again this does depend on where the waistband comes on my torso. Like the dresscometop I am wearing today for example.
The ‘waist’ actually comes right under my bust, so tied to the back and I look like a hunchback but tied to the front and combined with a gathered neckline et voila, I suddenly look like I have boobs = Result!

Yes, yes I took this photo at 7am and was as bleary eyed and dazed as I look!

Another trick I have found is want a pair of ¾ jeans or Capri pants? Buy your usual size but in a ‘short’ and you will have some! Today’s trousers are actually from Dorothy Perkins and a short leg length, instant cropped trews.
I have no idea what I was doing, as I say it was 7am but you get the idea.

Right I am off to bed. 


  1. Beale Park looks lovely...even without archery. Great new handbag finds and the clean-up job was a triumph.

  2. Long torsos and swimming costumes - don't get me started on that one. We loved Beale park when the children were younger - do they still have the paddling pool. If they do you could cool off in there if you visit again on a hot day.

  3. I'd forgotten all about Beale Park -- my great aunt used to take me there when I was a kid. I really can't remember anything about it, but I know we went a few times and I loved it. I do remember it was just called Child Beale back then, not Beale Park. Or was that like a local name for it? Anyway, I have really really vague memories of the little train now.

    Your bag cleaning did wonders! And pregnant meerkats, squee!

    1. It did used to be called Child Beale after the family who owned it :-)

  4. I've never seen a pregnant meerkat, it's an even cuter meerkat! I didn't think it was possible! Beale park looks amazing, my type of place, mini train ride? yes please! and Hugh Jackman too - your bags are all fab, I adore the world map bag! and dress 'waisbands' drive me crackers too, and tie backs! it's a gorgeous pic of you x x x

  5. I have the longest torso and short legs! I have a hard time with shorter dresses because my rear is so much lower than it should be...

  6. You look gorgeous in that aqua tunic dress, it really shows off your figure and your hair is looking fab.
    Jon's got the matching manicure set to your atlas bag. The white one came up a treat and the new work one is lovely.
    The pregnant meercat made my day, what a cutie! xxxx

  7. Ooh, didn't that bag come up well? Like both your new ones from Ebay too.
    I have a similar issue with a long torso/short legs. Waists on dresses are often in the wrong place for me too. A wide belt can help with that, I find. You look lovely in that tunic, and Beale Park sounds fantastic. Well done on all the gardening! xxx

  8. I love your tunic dress, very pretty. I have a similar problem only the other way round... To get trousers that fit me I buy cropped or 3/4 length ones and they fit perfectly as long trousers. Am a hobbit...!

  9. I just love your little updates! I have gained some cinema tips, dressing tips (belt loops never in the right place on me either!), and am glad I'm not the only one that persists in gardening even when everyone else is sunbathing with drink in hand. Not that there's been much sun this particular bank holiday weekend in Wales, we had flash floods and everything!! I cannot believe how you've cleaned up that bag, what did you use??? P x

  10. That meerkat is so bulbous! I bet it'll be glad to give birth.

    I thought the Two Faces of January looked interesting - it's a shame it's not so good. Then again, I was going mainly by the costumes ;-)

    What do you use to clean bags? I have a white vinyl one from the 80s in need of some TLC...