Monday, 5 May 2014

When World's Collide or Bloggers Meet - A Day out in Sheffield.

I wanted to get a Def Leppard song title in there somewhere and Pour Some Sugar On Me didn't seem appropriate somehow!

So yes I was up painfully early on a Saturday to get glamorous before jumping on a train to Sheffield. As this is me, the moment I left the house the elastic in my tights went (the curse of wearing vintage tights!) and hayfever hit, but only my left eye. By the time I got to Oxford to change trains I was having to hold my tights up and one half of my face was paying tribute to Alice Cooper.


As I was anticipating some manner of tight disaster (me and tights, we don't get on) I did have a spare pair, what I didn't have was an eyeliner.


This meant the lovely once matching flick on the other eye had to go. I repaired to the toilet to repair myself before my connection got in.

The journey was uneventful, the train was packed, the girl next to me snored which made me snigger, the usual stuff of train journeys.
Once off the train in Sheffield I was looking round getting my bearings when I spotted a colourful flock of ladies sitting at the coffee stand. Bingo!
We did introductions and hugs and presents and then it was off to the town hall for a vintage fair.

Now Sheffield and I are not unacquainted, As a teen, I used to live not so far away in Doncaster and made a few shopping forays to Sheffield with mates from school. I also went to my first ever concert there as a wide eyed 13 year old (Tears for Fears at Sheffield City Hall in case you were wondering) but I have to say I recognised none of it. Not a brick, not a building, not even the city hall, how bad is that?
Vix, Curtise and Sara ready to shop!

The fair was way busier than I expected but we gave it a thorough going over. I nearly bought a bag, tried on a couple of 'Definitely Not!' frocks and finally bought a cute repair job dress and a brooch.

By the time we had exhausted all the fair had to offer I was more than ready for lunch, I was very glad everyone else felt the same way too so we headed to Wetherspoons.
Ladies on a mission! Vix, Curtise, Em, Tania and Sandra
 and chips
the perfect refuel.
We raised a glass to Krista and wished she were with us.
we also wore something pink in her honour, no easy thing for me, pink and I are not friends. I cheated by wearing a dress that had a few pink flowers on it and bringing my monkey bag.
Krista I hope you approve ;-)
After we had fed and watered we visited the Vintage shops. I think we all found something that wasn't to be in Mooch
for me it was a Mapin and Webb handbag that was just a little too expensive to justify.

From there to Cow where I tried on 3 more 'Definitely Not!' dresses. We also went to a couple of other shops I have forgotten the names of. Vix found a fab little frilly number and a frock with monkey's on it
Emma and I admired the girl behind the till's amazing tattooes but nothing else found it's way into my shopping bag.
 Suddenly it was time to take Sandra back to the station and fit in one more cheeky glass of wine sitting in the sun before heading home.

Emma and I were on the same train as far as Birmingham and talked everything from mortgages to Michael Fassbender whilst trying not to listen to the phone conversation of the lad opposite.
Charlie if you are reading this, get a grip woman, you are clearly the love of his life but  he can't see you tonight because he is going to his Dad's birthday party and it would upset his Mum if he didn't go - OK????

Other than having to wait an hour at Oxford, a member of the train crew was late due to a 'trespassing incident' I know in all likelihood that meant someone on the track but I did have a bit of fun imagining..... and on the plus side it did give me time to buy a huge bucket of tea.

I was finally home to a large rum and coke and a jam sandwich, I know how to live.

Thank you ladies for a great day out and some fabulous pressies.


  1. There are always a few Not To Bes and Definitely Nots in the mix, but I think we all came a way with a Just Right or two, didn't we? Thank you so much for coming all that way to join us, Gisela, it was great to see you again! And I must thank you again for the fabulous bag - I have used it already and love love love it!
    I keep laughing to myself about various bits and bobs from the day, sighing over the boobalicious Not To Be frock in Mooch, and looking happily at all my goodies. A fab day. Let's not leave it too long before the next one!
    PS. I didn't see that wonderful dress, was that from Vix? It looks gorgeous! xxx

  2. I love that photo of us marching to Wetherspoons on a mission! Definitely worth the early start and the weird train people for such a cracking day. I keep thing of stuff I'd forgotten and tittering to myself like a loon. I wore my pink frock last night and it got loads of love.
    Great post and fab photos. I hardly took any, too busy talking and drinking! xxxxx

  3. Loved it! Great to finally meet you after all this time.Fab day out and one of many to follow I say...what a laugh. I hope that lad made it to his Dad's party and the other two blokes made it to wherever they were going without getting a few slaps! Looking forward to the next trip already.

  4. Lovely to meet you Gisela and thank you so much for the ultra glam hat. I love it! I didn't realise you had had a tight situation on top of the eyeliner emergency. You are a model of calm in a crisis obviously. You got a great buy there with the repair job and that mermaid print frock is just fabulous! Xxx

  5. It was lovely to meet you! I hope to see you again when there's another blog meet-up!

  6. Glad to hear that you all totally rocked Sheffield :-)

  7. Wasn't it an amazing day! and it was just lovely to meet you, I had a great time and I think my head has only just stopped spinning from all the excitement! x x x

  8. "Pour some sugar on me" is ALWAYS appropriate!!! I love that song!
    I am totally gargling with envy and sheer joy at seeing all you lovelies out together having a blast!!!! Fecking FUN FUN FUN!

  9. What a fantastic get ladies look like you had the most wonderful the dress from Vix. Love v

  10. That looks like a brilliant laugh! And, as always, you come home with some fabulous finds.

  11. Looks as if you had a bloody good day. My finances couldn't stretch to it this time but hopefully, next. You girls give great gifts.

  12. So fun! Very jealous of this adventure!