Monday, 28 March 2016

Flights of Fancy and a Little Shopping.

I hope you have all had a magnificent Easter so far? The weather has certainly thrown everything at us here in the last 3 days, sun, snow, hail wind and rain but sadly not the thunder and lightning they have had in London. I do love a good storm!

Magpie Towers has been a pestilent plague pit for the last week with both of us full of a post holiday cold. I can't really grumble it's the first one I've had for a long time and thankfully it hasn't lasted long or driven me to take to my bed. Which meant on Good Friday I was up and out for the day despite the sniffles.

For my brother's big birthday last year I was a bit stumped because he's bloody hard to buy gifts for at the best of times. I finally decided to take a punt on an experience day that came highly recommended by Soo, and bought him a Falconry Experience at a local centre. There were a couple of different ones you could choose from but I decided to go with hawks.

It's taken him nearly a year to get round to using the voucher but finally we headed off on the one gorgeous day of the long weekend. We got there in time to have a look round
(Twoo was having a much deserved rest and digest after having flown in the 11.30 display!)

 and then watch the 1.30 display. Which featured a stunning 4 yellow tailed kites and Ronnie the turkey vulture.
This is very much a get right in it sort of display with the birds flown literally right over your heads and landing right next to you as you can see.

Nearly all the birds here have been hand reared from eggs, the owners have a license to hatch and rear chicks from stolen eggs that have been retrieved as well a to buy eggs legitimately. They also take birds where the owners can no longer look after them.

It was interesting to hear that kept well fed and properly exercised in captivity these birds can live for up to 5 times their lifetime in the wild. I don't particularly feel comfortable to see animals or birds in cages but I guess if the emphasis is on the well fed, happy and helping conservation I see the need.

Apparently the oldest bird of prey in a centre is a golden eagle who reached the ripe old age of 86! There's a goal a lot of us would happily wish to reach.

It was time for my brother to get hands on. He was shown how to hold the birds properly and then we were given a private tour with a bit more information about some of the species they keep. I have to say I did particularly like Loki the raven, very unusual to see a raven and yes they do use him in displays! though apparently he only likes to do shows in the summer and won't cooperate if he doesn't want too. He had all sorts of equipment and toys to play with, ravens being very intelligent birds they get bored easily.
We didn't get to see it, but his favourite trick is to hang himself upside down by his feet from the netting wings akimbo terrifying the unsuspecting public as they walk around the corner, which made me like him even more.

After this my brother got to fly a couple of birds
 before the 3.30pm display began, we stayed for that one too.
Final bird of the day was this gorgeous owl who's name I have forgotten!
 All in all an amazing, fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable experience, though I was gasping for a cup of tea by the time it was all over, but then what's new??

I shall end with my latest internet purchases. I mean what else does one do when one is ill?
This very pretty beaded and embroidered bag I have stalked on Ebay for a while. It was listed as 'vintage' but I wasn't convinced and I was quite right not to be, it's about as vintage as last night's dinner.

It was listed for much more than I was willing to pay, or anyone else it would seem because it didn't sell. The seller kept relisting and relisting it. They did drop the price a bit but not enough to tempt me so in the end I deleted it from my watch list.

When I was browsing last week, there it was again and this time at a much more realistic price, so I went for it.

Next up is a bargain leather bag I bought absolutely ages ago but keep forgetting to share, but now I shall for it deserves it's day in the sun too.   

Finally an absolute stunner and another demonstration of why it is worth checking misspellings if you are looking for something in particular.
This gorgeous little brown Corde bag was only £6 because the seller had spelt the name wrong, what an absolute belter of a bargain and a belter of a bag. I am one happy bunny.

How about a frock or two? both Hell Bunny (who else?) and both under £20. Bargains that definitely made my cold more managable.



  1. You picked the right day for the Falconry...the rest of the BH weekend was filthy. Great handbag scores, particularly liking the green one. x

  2. 86?! That's extraordinary! I had no idea birds of prey could live such a long time. Days out make the best presents.

    I do love your new Hell Bunny purchases and look forward to seeing you in them at some point x

  3. 86?! That's extraordinary! I had no idea birds of prey could live such a long time. Days out make the best presents.

    I do love your new Hell Bunny purchases and look forward to seeing you in them at some point x

  4. Lovely Corde bag, that! And I had no idea eagles could live so long, though I suppose parrots can so I shouldn't be surprised other birds can live for many decades.

    We've got quite nice weather here, I think the worst of the bad weather blew through the west overnight. Probably then swept over you on its way to London.

  5. What a great day out! I love that grumpy owl and can't believe eagles live so long.
    What a weekend, torrential rain, thunder and lightening, sunshine, gale force winds and today SNOW! Typical schizophrenic Bank Holiday weather.
    Great bags especially that gorgeous green one. xxxx

  6. Those birds are truly magnificent! I love the green bag and the Corde one, and both of the Hell Bunny dresses. Apart from today, when we had some gale force winds, we were actually quite lucky with the weather here in Belgium. xxx

  7. Oooh - that sounds right up my street. I bet your brother enjoyed his birthday treat and it sounds as if you did too! I've had an American hawk perch on my wrist at a County Show in Ireland about 2 years ago. It was a magical experience.

    I love the beaded bag - so pretty and girly - does it matter that it's not vintage? Lovely dresses too and what bargains!xx


  8. That's a really good birthday present for your bro and nice that you got to join in too. I had the plague, disgusting business. The weather is all over the place, but they reckon it might get nicer towards the end of the week? I keep repeating it to try to make it come true. You got some lovely handbags there. Do you use them all or are they mainly for display? Xx

  9. Looks like a fabulous day out I knew some birds lived to a good age but had no idea that the golden eagle could live to be 86 that's amazing. Love the dresses and I especially love that last bag what a bargain :-) dee x

  10. Raptors scare the daylights out of me (had a vulture circling overhead on my walk the other it was waiting for me to fall over and become dinner).

    It looks like you love a good bag as much as I do-and those are very good bags.

  11. That's a really good idea for a birthday present, well done for thinking of it!
    Some more lovely bags for your collection. Do a count up for us, Gisela - I dare you! Xxx

  12. Ooh, where is this place? I so desperately want to see a raven x