Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Vogue 100 and Some Leopard Print

Last week was a short week anyway due to Easter, but Charlotte and I took a cheeky extra day off work to visit the VOGUE 100 - A Century Of Style exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery.
Being a lover of fashion and photography I genuinely don't know what I liked this exhibition for the most, the pictures, especially the black & white ones, or the fact that a large majority were pictures of fashion. As ever no picture taking was allowed so I can't weigh this post down with all my favourites, and there were many, it really is an extraordinary exhibition.

I loved the fact that it was deliberately set up to lead you from the present day back in time, decade by decade, to 1916 when the first issue was released. Each decade had it's own room and what a difficult and amazing job it must have been to choose the most representative pictures of each era. I'm afraid I'm guilty of dismissing Vogue as one of those coffee table fashion mags made up of 80% adverts and no proper articles, so it was good to also be reminded of some of the groundbreaking photo-journalism they have produced.

The exhibition clientele was almost as fascinating as the pictures themselves. An interesting mix of young and old, including unexpectedly, quite a few young men, and some very, very glamorous and well groomed ladies of a certain age, who for the most part clearly came from the industry. We spent quite a bit of time ear-wigging their conversations, particularly in the room that had two long cabinets with glass cases displaying open copies of various issues of Vogue.  Being such a lover of history it was interesting to go from things I've lived through (1980's supermodels darling) to eras I've read about voraciously (The Bright Young People & WW2)  In fact we got quite lyrical about our own youth, what we wore and the celebrities and supermodels of the day.
All in all a fantastic exhibition and one I thoroughly recommend.

Conversely on Friday I had to work late as we had a yield event at the school which meant I had to be on my very best behaviour ALL DAY!
The only plus to this was there was a college dinner involved so not only did I get to eat some lovely food I got to do it in the stunning surroundings of Harris Manchester College in Oxford.

Mind I would have loved to have seen a picture of the horror on my face, when on arrival, I was told the drinks reception would be in the library! Food and or drink near precious books goes against every fibre of my being. Having said that what a gorgeous library it is,

I also think I am little in love with their librarian who ever they may be, they are clearly a librarian after my own heart allowing quirky touches like a skeleton in a hat and a sleeping bat to take their place among the stained glass and polished oak. Apologies for the crappy phone pictures.

I shall sign off with the leopard print. I bought this frock from the Lady Vintage sale
I dithered for some time over whether to buy it or not as whilst I have always loved the leopard, even back in my rock chick days I never dressed in it head to toe, and lets face it a swing style dress equals a LOT of leopard print. *but* it is a style of frock I love and it does have sleeves which is always a Brucey Bonus when you get to a certain age/weight in life. So I took the plunge and hit the 'Pay Now' button.

I ordered it to be delivered to my work address as there is always someone on the main desk to sign for it and sure enough I soon got an email to say there was a package for me. I didn't half get some looks when I scooted down to collect it and here's why

 A huge expanse of leopard print clearly visible through the packaging!

 Let's just say my work wardrobe would never lead one to suspect I might be a full on Bet Lynch in my spare time!!


  1. Oo see-through packaging is NEVER a good idea, don't they know that a girl needs to keep secrets?! I hope it fits nicely??

    I would love a drinks reception in a library, two of my favourite things in one! xx

  2. That library is stunning, I love the witty additions and that glorious stained glass.
    The Vogue exhibit sounds really interesting. I'm hoping to see the Rolling Stones one if me and my friend can get our acts together.
    I bet that dress looks ace on. xxx

  3. Love the library but agree with you that food and drink shouldn't mix with precious books. I like the sound of that Vogue exhibition. We never seem to have such interesting things going on here, although Antwerp is supposed to be a "fashion capital". Will be looking forward to you posing in the dress. xxx

  4. I know I'll never get down to London to see the Vogue exhibition, so its good to read your review of it. I don't think I've ever brought a new copy of Vogue though. Agree about the librarian's humorous touches - they add some informality to what looks to be such an imposing room. Love leopard print and your dress looks really lovely, bet you can't wait to wear it out xx

  5. What a beautiful location! Though drink near books is possibly not a great plan. That little bat is a cute touch.

    Your dress is fab, I bet it looks splendid on.

    The Vogue exhibition sounds fascinating. Did they do fashion photo editorials as far back as 1914, or would it mostly have been society event photography back then? I'm thinking new fashions would've been illustrated in the 1920s and possibly early 30s rather than photographed.

    1. yeah I probably should have said the majority of the fashion was illustrations, they had a couple of the original artworks on display that became print covers. Yes it was interesting to see how the art of photography in magazines developed over the eras too.

  6. That library looks like such a fun place, but I can totaly understand you horror at having drinks near all those precious books! Oh I want to see the Vogue exhibition, I must confess the modern magazine is of no real appeal to me but the early ones are so iconic with their beautiful illustrations its hard not to love them! The leopard print dress is lovely I am sure its going to look great on you!