Wednesday, 6 October 2010

And still she shops!

So I have been off work for a week on complete rest because of a bad foot. Now in theory that should have stopped me shopping, however, of course there is the wonder of the interweb! I found myself spending an obscene amount of browsing time on places like Ebay looking up whatever random item popped into my head. I did keep Himself amused sending him links to various hideous things that I came across in my browsing! But I are my purchases.

I my opinion a girl can never have too many elephants or too many bags so what better than an elephant bag I asked myself? Look at this little beauty!

Then I found this one!


To digress for a moment, I have to point out that in my workplace glamorous outfits are not a wise move. It is very dusty, very dirty and there are too many places to snag your precious vintage. So clothes-wise for work I'm a t-shirt, jeans and converse gal.
I just LOVED this shirt when I saw it. I'm not sure if Mr Whippy is an ice cream brand anywhere else than the U.K., but this is a print of their original 1950's logo. It was also in the sale half price = result!

As winter draws on I also got this cute little cardigan.

I did put my imposed rest to good use for some of my sewing projects. I prefer to use vintage thread where possible so I was very happy to find this job lot on Ebay for £23.

By the end of the week I was going a little stir crazy. I decided to take a slow stroll into town and see how the foot held up. Browsed through the charity shops and found a couple of lovely scarves.

With sewing still on my mind I rooted through the boxes of buttons and other stitching odds and ends one particular shop always has. I found this bag of buckles for 50p and this amazing 'bra repair set'!


  1. You have all the best charity shops!! I LOVE the 2nd headscarf! And that red cardigan!!!! **turns green with envy**

  2. Thanks :-)
    I am having a bit of a headscarf thing this year!

    I find the charity shops in my town seem to be better for accessories and housewares rather than clothes, though that said i have done well for clothes in the last few months too.