Friday, 15 October 2010

Scavenger Hunt!

I have been tagged in an online scavenger hunt by Fully Fashioned. I've never done one of these before so here goes!

Tell Everyone Who tagged You: Fully Fashioned.

Find and post the following items:

Your Favourite YouTube Video:

Any cat owner can relate to this!

A photo of something that will make people say 'awwwww' :

A Funny T-Shirt :

Something Geeky:

Some but not all of my Snoopy t-shirts!!

An Image From Your Favourite Movie:

I don't actually have a favourite movie but this is one of my favourites!

A Link to the Newest Blog You've Discovered:

A Picture of Something on your Wishlist:

Well it's on my christmas list anyway!

Tag 3 other blogs:

Land Girl 1980

Lady Cherry

Dolly Cool Clare


  1. Goodness me I've been tagged and I've only just this minute figured out what being tagged means! I will go and figure it out ;-)