Thursday, 28 October 2010

Jane Austen and Cath Kidston.

I have been meaning to blog for days now but I just never seem to find the time too much work intruding on my internet time!
This Tuesday I did have the most fantastic day. Firstly they have been celebrating Jane Austen this week in the U.K and because of that fact the Bodleian Library exhibited some of her notebooks and first editions for one day only. I adore Jane Austen with Persuasion being my favourite book so I was there like a shot (perks of the job!) It's hard to describe what it feels like to gaze upon parts of her novels...... written in her own actual handwritting! To imagine her working away on that actual piece of paper creating Mr Darcy or Elisabeth Bennett for the first time. I must say beautiful neat handwritting it is too. I guess you just have to either love books or the author so much to get that buzz, it was just amazing, well for me anyway.
They had a lovely quote from one of her nieces who said she would sit quietly sewing, then suddenly roar with laughter jump up scribble something down in a notebook, then sit down again as if nothing had happened. You can only imagine what she was sitting thinking about as she sewed!

The other lovely thing was the openning of a Cath Kidston store in Oxford.

I had a blissful lunch hour browsing round. Now whilst I would never say I am a mad fan to the point of filling my house with her goods. I do love a lot of her vintage style floral designs.

I only wish I could afford them all.


  1. I quite like some of the Cath Kidston fabric and crockery. Apparently she has a store in Covent Garden, but I've never been. Lucky you seeing the Jane Austen note books!

  2. Sounds like you had a grand old time me dear! I know exactly what you mean about seeing something hand written by someone you admire. I was the same when I saw Anne Boleyn's bible at Hever Castle for the 1st time - with her hand written notes in the margin. *swoon*
    As for Cath Kidston? There are some bits of her collections that appeal to me - but I find alot of it VERY exspensive :(

  3. I know Cath Kidston stuff is horribly expensive.

    As to the notebooks, I think that is why I just don't get the people who say e-books are the only way to go and the printed book is dead.

  4. Hello = just found your lovely blog. I occasionally shop in Oxford, but I find it a bit difficult getting in to the City. The Park & Ride nearest to us is full by 8.30 in the morning! But it is a wonderful city, my daughter is a real Cath Kidston fan, and there is also a new habidashery shop I believe, so I feel a trip coming on in the near future!

  5. Hi, Yes parking in the city is awful. I tend to come in by train.
    Yes there is a new habidashery shop. The bad thing is it is TINY! the good thing is that the staff are lovely and they have made a very imaginative use of so little space.