Sunday, 7 August 2011

Attacking the Wardrobe.

On Wednesday lunchtime I finished work, I thought I might have been more emotional but as it turns out for some reason I wasn't, which is probably a good thing. I'm guessing the amount of cake I got through that day helped!

When I got home this is what greeted me, Himself was off work too and had got me treats. :-)

My life as a jobless bum had begun in great style.

One of the plans on my 2 days off was to sort through the bigger of my two wardrobes and hopefully find items I could use to assemble some 'smart professional' work outfits.
It was a wearisome task as it turns out, though that was probably more to do with my mental state than the actual state of the wardrobe.
I managed to put off starting until 3pm on Thursday by finding all sorts of other things to do, even falling asleep for 2 hours Ooopps. In all honesty I still haven't quite finished but I have tackled the bulk. I tried on a myriad of outfits some worked, some didn't and took another bag of stuff to the charity shop.
On the downside trying on clothes does somewhat depressingly confirm that my comfort eating weight gain is as bad as I really knew it was.
On the up I found some gems I had forgotten I had and also had a good laugh over some of my more random/awful purchases.
I ended up listing a few more items on Ebay that I know I'm never going to wear again. I did have that 'Eeek' moment of regret and unlisted one item which I just couldn't bear to part with.
I don't really do the gothy rock chick/victorian lady of the night look any more but somehow when it came down to it, whilst I could part with other similar skirts no problem I couldn't with this one. I love this skirt. I always feel like breaking into song when I wear it, to be precise Nancy from the musical Oliver's songs!
'Oh there's a little ditty they're singing in the city.....' etc
Not that I can actually even do it up right now *sigh*........but anyway back into the wardrobe it went.
 This one on the other hand is on Ebay at a very reasonable price!
So yes there are some amazing memories hanging in my wardrobe and some easier to part with than others.

But I digress I sorted, I tried on, I washed and I ironed. I identified gaps in the 'Smart Professional' wardrobe and headed into town to see if I could bridge them and on a tight budget no less.
Thankfully the clothes gods were looking down favourably. I had a very successful trip to Next and managed to get 3 pairs of trousers and 3 tops in the tail end of the sale, which meant the most expensive item was only £15 = Result.

I had a gift card for New Look and got a couple more tops in there, as well as a lovely leopard print clutch which obviously was not on the list, (naughty) but it was only £3!

I also scoured the charity shops and got this very pretty blouse. I love the smocking detail.

As well as a sugar shaker, just what every professional woman around town needs!
and finally this amazing dress.
 I was just drawn to it even though it is not at all my usual type of thing, I even tried it on in the hope that that might put me off it but it didn't. So I bought it. I think I will wear it as a long top over leggings or jeans though.Being tall it was just that bit TOO mini on me, as a rule I don't go out showing the world my knickers.

 Last night we went to see 'Captain America'. Himself had already been to see it last week and loved it, and as you may recall from previous blogs I am a comic book fan of old, though not of  The Avengers as it goes, but it had to be done. I did enjoy it, but to me it was more like a war film than comic book hero one. It was set in WW2 and the period detail was very good, there were some dodgy accents though including Stan Lee himself!

  So yes, today I really must finish up tidying. I cleaned and polished the rescued cabinet last weekend and it looks ace, I did clear a space for it upstairs yesterday, but generally it looks like a bombsite up there.
I have the added insentive of  Nephew Number One coming to stay whilst his parents are away and at the moment the spare bedroom is only worthy of Mr Trebus, with a path to the window being the only bit of floor you can see and the bed cunningly disguised under a huge mountain of  'stuff'.

Anyway I shall leave you with this picture from my garden. I have no idea how I managed it, but I appear to have grown the worlds smallest sunflowers!!??! Yes that is a real football next to them for a touch of perspective!


  1. What a lovely hubby.Now tell me where is your ebay to be found?

  2. 'Himself' wins max thoughtfulness points for the flowers and champagne! Wardrobes are such a headache, you should congratulate yourself for even getting started. Decluttering is so happy-making in the end, though. Best wishes for tomorrow, xxx

  3. Lovely man!

    That skirt is lovely, I'm not surprised you don't want to get rid of it. I still have my graduation dress - from 1995! – in my wardrobe. Sometimes clothes are more than clothes.

  4. Himself was so thoughtful with those treats and I know what you mean about not parting with clothes even though you know you won't ever wear them again.

    P.S. I loved the Mr. Trebus reference; I felt so sorry for him, but then again I wouldn't have wanted him as a neighbour with all his mess!

  5. Those sunflowers are the cutest thing ever. x

  6. what a lovely husband to do that for you! oh wardrobe clear out I really need to do that but it depresses the heck out of me and takes soooo long!