Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Family Day Out to the Chiltern Craft Fair.

Can't believe it's already the Bank Holiday weekend, but here it is and that means just one thing the big craft fair I go to every year with my parents. If you recall last year I bought my garden crows? Well the theme of garden ornaments continued, pictures in a moment!

This year my sister came for the first time and loved it. She and I both stayed overnight at Mum and Dad's where Mother fed us to within an inch of our lives as is her custom and we laughed ourselves stupid at a t.v. show about 1970's heart throbs. Good times.

The weather forcast for yesterday was heavy showers and they weren't kidding.
 We had some interesting moments dashing across the grass into the nearest tent to avoid biblical scale downpours, against which it has to be said my poor sisters quiff was no contest, I was feeling kind so no pictures. lol.

So to the day's purchases.....
a GIANT mug covered in little birdies which will be used to house my paint brushes.

A travel scrabble name bracelet, made while you wait, well kind of, in my case I actually went off and had lunch and then went back for it!

Circus animals to hang from the ceiling or some such. My mother thought I was buying them for Nephew Number 2 who has a jungle themed nursery. When I said 'No, they're for me' she just sighed and said 'How old are you?'
Do I care? er no they were too cute to leave!

  I loved this stall. It had loads of garden ornaments made out of reclaimed metal. This family of wild pigs won out as my favourites. I couldn't afford them all but I did buy one.
           Here he is in my garden, I'm now testing out different spots to decide where to put him permanantly out there.

So that was my happy day at Stonor Park for this year. I came home and drank wine and ate much macaroni cheese which makes for an even more perfect day in my book.


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