Sunday, 28 August 2011

A VERY quiet day at the Office (can mean only one thing!)

Friday saw our department very depleted. Three on holiday, including my line manager, and the departmental head rang in sick. The result was almost a carnival atmosphere from the 4 of us left and not a great deal of work done if I'm honest.
Being very easily lead when it comes to food, it took no arm twisting on my collegues part to get me to indulge in a huge chocolate brownie at teabreak and fish, chips and peas in the restaurant (yes the new work place has a freaking restaurant as well as a canteen!) for lunch.
I was *painfullly* full after that, but it was delicious...

So yes, I did do just a smidging internet browsing which resulted in just a tiny amount of internet buying......

                                            Another snowman for the collection.

 Seriously how could I not buy this? I was beyond thrilled to find this Magpie necklace on Ebay!

 This was the most expensive purchase but I have been coveting one of these necklaces for ages and it was cheaper than a brand new one......just!

                                 Lovely and surprisingly roomy blue velvet bag for 99p!

Finally I know they look almost identical but they were tail end of the Office sale, £12 for the pair including postage so how can a girl not?

The other stuff hasn't arrived yet.................

Friday was also the last day at the old job of my friend Melissa. Unfortunately I had to go and meet my sister at the station at 7.30pm so I couldn't join in the whole evening which I was gutted about, but I did manage to scoot down for an hour or so after work for a quick drink and a catch up. It was so, so good to see everyone again and I can only imagine how messy the night ended up!


  1. There's nothing like a bit of retail therapy is there? I love the moustache and magpie necklaces and those Office shoes are a bargain - I've brought some great stuff from the Office website too. I try to stay away from the temptation though!

  2. Ahh.. internet shopping. The reason behind many a missed call at work!