Wednesday, 25 January 2012

When Size Matters.

Sorry in advance this is going to be a mini rant about the latest issue of my weekly mag!

Yesterday I bought the new issue of Look magazine. I buy it every week because I will be the first to admit I like a bit of scurrilous gossip. I do have a level mind you, I find so many of the weekly  magazines aimed at women dumbed down to the point of insult, I like my gossip but notin a Janet and John format.

On the whole I like Look magazine because it has LOTS of clothes in it and I love looking at clothes. I can't be bothered with the likes of Vogue which in my opinion is pretentious beyond words and right up it's own arse when it comes to clothes and fashion. (this is my personal opinion.)

Article-wise I would say Look has followed the pack and dumbed down over the last few months, which is a great shame.

Fashion-wise they have appeared to be right on the nail, championing proper sizing and using size 14 and 16 models in most of their shoots and on the catwalk of their live show. Brilliant says I except they do seem to have double standards about it and this weeks issue was a casing point.

We have praise for Christina Aguilera  'Long live her gorgeous curves' they cry using the picture below.

We see them raving about the new Ann Summers campaign using the model Lucy Moore who was voted for by the buying public and therefore won the photoshoot. 'Looking Hot!' they crow.

Then we have an article about this season's new trends.

Spring 2012 'Underwear as outerwear' is going to be HUGE this season they say, curves are IN!

Yet they use this shoot of Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

Now Rosie is a beautiful young woman, but curvaceous she ain't! Jesus that top actually has wrinkles on the cups because she has nothing to fill it. Surley there are a million and one other models who could have done justice to underwear as outerwear? 

Rant over.


  1. I'm not a fan of magazines at all, I think they're pretty much all rubbish but that's just me :o)

    I agree though, I often see people saying hey look at her curves and I think well I think she's rather beautiful but she certainly doesn't have curves! Silly!

  2. I pretty much gave up on all women's magazines after reading the Cosmo article which was along the lines of "what position do you look fat in". If the coathanger look was in this season then Rosie would be a perfect model to demonstrate that, but it's not and she's not

    1. also if the "Cher As A Blonde Hooker" look was in, then Christina would be a perfect example

  3. I don't bother with women's magazines anymore....they do my head in with their body fascism.

  4. Ive bought Look a couple of times one a whim but not impressed, I'm aways fighting the corner for curvy models - although hate it when size 14's are classed as plus size! Scarlett x

  5. Never bought Look, but I agree - beautiful RHW is, curvy she ain't!

  6. Agree. They could have used someone who epitomises the word 'curvaceous', not RHW who has that catwalk model skinniness.

  7. Completely agree! I stopped buying fashion mags a while ago for the selfsame reason, if they can't work what message they are trying to send out to their readers how are we expected to!x

  8. I can't bear fashion mags, they just seem to contradict themselves and reading them is enough to make even the most confident woman feel insecure. x