Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Blogger in No Make-up, Midi Dress, New Boot Shocker.

I have a day off work well I have a few if I'm honest. the last bit of my annual leave to use up before the end of September and we are off to Bournemouth for our yearly pilgrimage away from it all by a bit of the coast that we love. We have one long walk planned and other than that we will see where the mood takes us.

We did a gentle 5 mile warm up hike on sunday as the day was so gorgeous, in fact I got sunburnt dammit.
One thing I love about living near the Chilterns is you seem to get such vast skies in this area, even though it is by no means a flat landscape.
This is me getting stung to buggery by the nettles, well I did decide to wear 3/4 length jeans! but I mean really, maintain your footpaths please dear local council.
I also got round to hameriting my crows. The poor things have been falling to bits and big crow was in danger of a wing completely rusting away. I didn't really want them all shiny but as Himself pointed out crows are meant to be black.
 I'm sure they will weather a bit.

Today I had to go the Clarks to try on some boots I'd ordered. Practicality has meant I haven't been able to wallow in mourning my dead boots for very long.
I had a bit of a disaster with the first order but the second was fine and they have come home with me, here's hoping it's the start of a long and beautiful friendship.
I also got some cheap and cheerful black biker type boots in the New Look sale. If I remember correctly they were £12 and no doubt won't last the winter, but they fill a gap for the time being.
So what did I wear for my trip into town?

Well I have been stalking a vintage dress on the bay of E for a while now.
To digress for a moment, I find my vintage frock buying on Ebay tends to be a bit of a disaster if I'm brutally honest.
Probably 4 out of 6 purchases will be a mistake and I either end up reselling or charity bagging them. Those are pretty poor odds right?
You would be right to ask so why do I keep buying?
Well because when I do find a good one it's usually a total gem.

This purchase doesn't quite fit into that territory but it's a keeper. It's not in a style I normally choose and was too expensive to begin with which was why I didn't snap it up, but I kept it in my watch list for about 6 weeks. Watching as it got re-listed and re-listed again and again, each time it was reduced by the seller until I finally snaffled it for £7.99.

This ploy does work sometimes. To be fair mostly items will just keep getting re-listed at the same price or get bought by someone else but if that happens then so be it.
I wore it with my Curtise boots, which I think you will find Clarks have renamed in her honour much in the way of the Birkin or Kelly bag.
I also wore it out into town with no make-up on hence the headless shot above.
Want to see?  Oh go on then
Haha, as if! this is as close as it gets.

Oh and in case you are wondering that is the Hogitat (hedgehog house) and their feeding box at the bottom of the tree.

Right I'm off to pack.



  1. Your hike looks lovely and your new boots are great. I like the blue dress, it's perfect with the boots!

  2. What a beautiful dress! I've always been a fan of that shade of periwinkle-esque blue.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That dress fits you beautifully. Loving the new boots, too.
    What a gorgeous walk. Have a top time in Bournemouth. xxxxx

  4. Love the was made for you, great boots too. Your Hammerited crows are fab and they'll soon take on a weathered look with our winters, lets face it.
    Btw regarding the fork head, the border force at Le Havre did look in Dad's boot but I think they are more interested in concealed Eastern Europeans than rusty gardenalia!. x

  5. Looks like a beautiful and peaceful place to walk. Loving your new boots although I cant get out of flipflops just yet summer is not over in my head yet I hate having my feet shut away with the winter months. I wish it was summer every day. Have a fabulous time in Bournemouth. Dee xx

  6. I've never bought anything off eBay, it's too much of a faff, but your dress is lovely so clearly it's worth doing!

    How are all the hedgehogs doing now? Wasn't one of them wheezy for a bit?

  7. Boots - love 'em.....they're a wardrobe staple for me too. My friend picked up some chazza shop gold the other week: black DMs with roses embroidered on them - am I jealous? Too right I am!! I reckon those biker boots go with anything and you can't go wrong with those. Cool Hogitat too :-)

  8. Look at that wonderful sky!
    Well, that dress certainly wasn't a mistake, it's lovely, and you are so right, Clarks should definitely name those boots after me, I wore them to death before summer, and intend to do so again all winter! I like your new additions to the boot collection too.
    Have a great time in Bournemouth! xxx

  9. I.m writing with a kitten purring on my shoulder - I haven;t bought from ebay since my account was hacked (the buggers) your dress is a keeper, it's gorgeous! the boots are fab! I snaffled boots for me and the girls int he sale 5pairs £25! blooming great! x xx

  10. I have similar odds to you on ebay, but that's a winner right there. It's fab. Fancy having boots named after you? Our Curtise is a star! Have a great time down in the SW xxx

  11. Great bargain on the dress! And those boots are pretty snazzy, I like them a lot. I'm impressed at the hedgehog house, how cute. x