Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Calm Before the Storm.

The last weekend in September and hasn't it been glorious? I have pottered about and you'll be pleased to hear also tidied the house a bit .

We also went for another long walk today. Himself is full of cold and was hoping for a kill or cure, as he is currently upstairs lying down I can only assume it was the former! I'm also wearily aware he is sure to pass it on to me before the week is out which is very, very bad. I can't afford to get sick right now which is exactly why I will as that is always the way.
but for the time being I shall focus on beautiful views on a beautiful day like this.

I didn't get a chance to get a picture on Monday but the sash was every bit as awful as I thought it would be, bright green satin, oh dear, oh dear.

That is not the end of it either, this Tuesday I have to go to the programme launch dinner. It's going to be in Keble College which instantly means it's black tie.
The problem is technically I am working so I can't go glammed to the nines with sequins from arse to elbow much as I would like too.
Instead I have to find a frock that not only fits (eek) but will pass muster as both a cocktail dress and workwear. I believe this is what is called a first world problem and not one I would ever have thought I would ever find myself pondering!

On Wednesday it's the first of October and the start of a mad busy month for me, half for work and half for pleasure.
On Friday I'll be off to Paris for work, with a few hours of free time on Saturday morning this time round and plans to take in a flea market at the very least. A friend from America's younger sister has just gone to Paris to study for 6 months so I am very much hoping to catch up with her, I haven't seen her for over 5 years and she was still a shy teenager then. It would be so lovely to catch up.

Home on Sunday and then it's back to work on Monday for a week of interviewing before heading to London next Saturday, yet again for work.
See why I really don't want to be catching Himself's cold!

I have to say I do resent when work hijacks my weekends, it's very difficult to claim the time back and we don't get offered overtime. Bah.

Anyway other than having panic attacks about the amount of work I have coming up I have found time for a wee bit of shopping.

It's Nephew Number One's birthday on the 11th so when I was out getting him a few bits I also ended up buying this lovely green cardigan, not that it has been cold enough to wear it yet.
Apologies for the creases, yes it was screwed up in the bottom of a bag, I do hate how a lot of shop assistants these days just ball up you item and bung it in a bag!

No respect.

I also bought him something on Ebay which meant I ended up browsing and ended up buying another Hell Bunny dress that was absolutely cheap as chips so I couldn't not really.
Haven't tried it yet, it will probably be hideous on then I will end up reselling it!

Finally I got this gorgeous owl print dress in Peacocks. It's the same style tea dress as the rose print one I bought the other month and love.
Following the Vix rule as I have bought new ones a few dresses have gone out of the wardrobe, not that you can tell.....


  1. Can't you get changed at work? If not I'd just go all out sequins and sod any funny looks on the bus.
    Have a fab time in Paris! x

  2. Can you wear a Little Black Dress with a concealing cardigan over it for daytime, and then lose the cardigan and top it off with some splendid accessories for evening?

  3. I hope you have a lovely time in Paris despite having to work, and I hope you don't get ill! I do like that owl dress, might have to check out Peacocks soon...

  4. Have a wonderful time in Paris. The Hell Bunny dress will look lush and that owl number is terrific.

  5. Right I'm going to stick my head in the sand over your rather daunting schedule and focus on gay Paris (ooh la la) and fabulous frocks. Go on, sparkle, I dare you! Xxx

  6. Les puces! Lucky you, have a fabulous time. Yes, dress up a LBD and go glam. Howsabout a 'bastard' massive necklace and some CFM's ?

  7. Gawd, all that work is making me feel tired just reading about it!
    Surely if the event is Black Tie, then there's an expectation that you glam up, whether you're working or not? Maybe not showing tons of cleavage or wearing skyscraper heels, but still... Go Glam!
    Hope you get to enjoy Paris when you're not working! And You Will Not Get Ill, I forbid it! xxxx

  8. Oh my goodness! how busy can one person be! well, very busy, clearly! I hope you don't get ill, but seeing as Curtise has forbade it you should be fine! (positive vibes sent too) Enjoy the flea markets and your dresses are gorgeous btw x x x

  9. That Hell Bunny dress is rly cute!! Hope you don't get sick!! Very jelly of your Paris trip :)