Sunday, 22 August 2010

Is it just me?

Or do you have accessory obsessions?
I have always loved accessories and shiny things, hence the 'Magpie' in my blog title! So me purchasing bags, jewelery etc is nothing new, but lately I find myself getting fixated on certain items and buying them obsessively for say a month or two and then that's it the whim has passed. This means I don't have set collections as such just loads and loads of 'stuff'!
Earlier this year it was bags. Just when that was seriously getting out of hand I, thankfully for my bank account and Himself's sanity, came through the other side.

Next was headscarves. Mostly I think due to me growing my hair long enough to wear scarves to tie it back, but me being me one or two were not enough. I was scouring shops and the internet buying and buying. The headscarf thing seems to be in abatement rather than over completely at the moment as it seems to have been overtaken by a necklace fetish, preferably glass beads or faux pearl. Again ebay is being scoured and the jewelry case is my first port of call in any charity/thrift shop.
I am being sensible and sticking to a tight budget but where oh where am I going to put them all and when will I ever get the chance to wear them all?

As seen in an earlier blog cute blue plastic beads

another string of blue beads and one of pearls I bought on friday for 50p each.

Three gorgeous glass bead Ebay purchases. I love the glass pasta twirls!
Finally a purchase from an local antiques centre. This was a 1930's necklace that was broken and the lady has restrung it with some extra modern beads by the clasp to replace ones that were lost. I just loved the square beads and I think the restoration has been very sympathetically done.

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