Saturday, 14 August 2010

Shopping with Soo and Gabi

So a few weeks ago it was my Mum's 70th birthday. My sister came to visit as a surprise, no small one at that as my sister does not do 'travel' and hasn't been here for 3 years now!
As she was arriving on Saturday morning and she also loves trawling charity/thrift shops as much as I do that became our plan. When we get together these days thrift shopping tends to be what we do. Luckily both the towns in which we live are blessed with many charity shops so we have the perfect opportunity to indulge ourselves .

On this occassion my dear friend Soo also came along. Whilst she doesn't share the same passion for shopping, she does adore finding a bargain. So the three of us set out for the shops......
Shown below are my spoils from the shopping trip.

Two faux pearl necklaces. I'm going through a bit of a pearl thing at the moment so I was very happy to find these two long strings for a very bargain price.

In the same shop I got this string of turquoise beads. Whilst I was buying these my sister decided upon 2 huge reproduction china staffordshire dogs!?!

I then found this gorgeous scarf. It has one small pull in it but it's not very noticable.

I found this lovely coffee coloured chiffon blouse which I just had to buy.
In the next shop I found these red jeans for £3.49. They are my size but too short for me but I figured for the bargain price I'd risk buying them with the plan I could shorten them even more and take them in so they become capri pants.

Finally in the last charity shop I found this top for £1.00
After that we went to a few clothes shops because there were sales on and Soo wanted to find a pair of shorts for her holiday, My final purchase was this gorgeous, gorgeous pair of shoes.
Next we collapsed in a cafe for well earned tea and cake. Happy day.

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