Saturday, 14 August 2010

A New Start.

So I did a brief ramble in December last year and haven't been back since. I have decided to get going again and what better than one of the greatest joys of my life than shopping and vintage/bargain shopping at that.
I adore clothes especially vintage ones. I think a lot of my friends would be surprised to hear that as I do spend a great deal of my time in jeans! My only excuse is that my job is not one that that looks kindly upon nice clothing and it has made me lazy outside of work too. My mother has said 'you have such good clothes sense, why don't you use it on yourself?' and I admit it is a fair statement.
I have also had a bit of a fashion crisis these last couple of years. Firstly now I have hit the big '4' '0' I live in fear of the 'mutton dressed as' label or vintage bintage as a dear friend calls it! Secondly my waistline is not what it was, indeed there is a great deal more of it than there used to be and that has affected the clothing confidence more than a little too.
Anyway I am a self confessed shopaholic and a sucker for pretty and shiny things so clothes and accessories are still being bought.
Here is where I'd like to share them with the world!

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