Monday, 9 May 2011

The Best Laid Plans etc and Films!

Foolish woman that I am I had made various plans for the weekend all of which were kibosched by my damn back.
Ever since I had an accident at work about 20 years ago, (which lead to the discovery that my pelvis was tipped up and tilted forward on one side!?!) I have had on and off problems with my back. I have tried various treatments and found that The Alexander Technique is what works for me :-)

The irony is that I had a session on Tuesday last week that went really well and then I go and do something stupid at work. Lift and twist and OWWWW.
I had hoped it would have eased by the weekend, but no cigar, so change of plans. Instead I sorted out my sewing box and finished off a few sewing projects that have been sitting around for ages. Pictures to follow.

We had planned to go to the cinema yesterday and I was determined to keep to at least one plan! So I dosed up on painkillers and we left a bit earlier and walked slowly.
 We went to see 'Thor' and LOVED it. Chris Hemsworth was fantastic. However despite being blonde haired and blue eyed, somehow he just didn't look nordic. He looked like he should be running along Bondi Beach so I wasn't surprised to find he was Australian and had been in Home and Away and Neighbours!

Before the film started we saw the trailer for the new X-men film, some of which was filmed in Oxford. Whilst all the other girls at work were squealing about James McAvoy I was beside myself with excitement because Michael Fassbender is in it *swoon* 
 Of course my jinx was upon me and I was stricken on my sickbed, full to the eyeballs with a stinking cold the day they actually filmed at the library *WEEP*
Anyway I was disappointed to see in the X-men trailer he was wearing a hideous roll-neck jumper which quite put me off him.(only joking Michael!)
I shall of course still be going to see the film, and 'Captain America' and 'Green Lantern'. I think I am having a nostalia turn for my student days where a lot of my spare cash went on comic books. Must have passed that love on, because nephew number one is also a huge fan, I must get my old 2000AD's out of the loft for him at some point......

Other cinematic excitement was the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 trailer.
 I just love those films, pure escapism, so I am letting Himself take me to see the new film for his birthday, aren't I nice? Actually it's his birthday tomorrow, so it will be about a week late as a

On the subject of films I had heard there was a Hitchcock Film Festival on in Oxford and Himself's favourite 'Rear Window' is actually on tomorrow, the day of his birth = Perfect.
Unfortunately it starts so late we wouldn't get home until 1am. I told him about it to see what he wanted to do and he decided it was a bit too late bearing in mind we have to be up again at 6am, so we may just put on the DVD instead. It would have been ace to see it on the big screen though.
 James Stewart is my favourite actor of all time (sorry Gene!) Boo, maybe next time.

Anyway back to yesterday! Thankfully the chairs at our local cinema are very comfortable so I did last the whole film without pain.That was until we stood up to leave. We got outside and it started to rain....HARD. Himself had no jacket and went dashing off with me lurching along as fast as I could behind him. We didn't half get some funny looks and it occured to me how we must have looked just like Dr Frankenstein and Igor! So I called 'Master, master enough I can't keep up' and took shelter in a shop doorway until the rain had eased.


  1. Poor you, I hope your back feels better soon.

    I can never decide between jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. Every time I think it's one, I remember something great the other one did.

  2. Some nice eye candy there (well maybe not Igor) thanks! Fashion and home loveliness are all very well, but there's just not enough BOYS in my blogroll, your piccies have gone some way to rectifying that ;-)

    Hope your back feels better soon x

  3. Hope you feel lots better soon. Mind you, anyone would need a lie-down after that feast of gorgeous men. xxx