Monday, 30 May 2011

A Birthday Celebration and a Fruity View of my Wardrobe.

Time for another blog because it's pouring with rain which has put my hedge cutting plans on hold for yet another weekend. Seriously if I don't get the damn things pruned soon I'm not sure my shears will be up to the task Darn weather, though I will admit the garden does need the rain.

So yesterday was my brother's birthday. He was out to lunch with his in laws and my parents so we went over late afternoon to take his card and have a piece of cake. The plan was to stay for a couple of hours then head home for dinner and an X-Men film (we are trying to watch them all in order before we go to see First Class on Wednesday!)

 I'm not one for outfit posts as you know but I wanted to show off this cute knitted pompom dress which I bought earlier in the month. It had a hole in the side so I got it for £5 thankfully I was able to fix it. I love the shoulder detail on the sleeves and the pompoms.

Anyway it turns out the lunch had been awful so everyone was tucking in to cake and wine when we arrived. As I say the plan was to stay a couple of hours........I finally got to bed at 2.20am! Wine and conversation flowed, the music was loud and an ecclectic mix to say the least, with the theme of the night being The Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love of all things!
I spent nearly 2 hours chatting with Nephew Number One in his room. It's been a long time since I was in a teenage boy's room. It reminded me of Wednesday's episode of Desperate Houswives where Lynette and Renee are in the twins room and Renee says 'What IS that smell?'

Further to my Leopard Print wardrobe post I thought I would share a few of my fruit themed items. Again this is not all of them, just an overview so to speak.

This is my newest purchase from Red Herring it's kind of short for me so I have to wear it over leggings.
 This one I got on Ebay last year. I'm not usually one for strapless dresses but the price was too good to pass up and I can wear a cardigan over it.
This is my first ever cherry print dress. I bought it in America in the late 80's it's a real 1980's take on the 1950's!
 Another 1980's top I got on a trip to America.

Assorted tops in cherry and strawberry print.
 A vintage 1970's t-shirt.
 Strawberry Jumper.
 Assorted necklaces, earrings and a strawberry brooch.
 Socks and a scarf.

Finally sneakers!


  1. Crikey that is a lot of fruity clothing! I think the only thing I have is a glittery strawberry handbag. The sneakers are my fave xx

  2. Fruity! I love cherry print, it's timeless and fun.

  3. Love the fruit post. I adore a bit of cherry print and have a lovely cherry print 50s wiggle dress! Scarlett x

  4. I don't own any fruity clothing! You've got some fab bits in your collection. xxx

  5. Lovely pic - looks like it was a happy day. Love all your fruity clothes too - there's nothing more cheerful :) xxx

  6. Ooh I love that 80s cherry dress! I'm a sucker for anything cherry...what a great collection!

  7. Some fab clothing finds there :) and I can totally understand the teenage male bedroom smell - hence I open their windows wide everyday!!

    Hello blog swap partner - anything I need to know about you - special likes or wants?? and anything you absolutely hate???

  8. ooh love all those fruity prints, especially those yummy Converse! Love the Pom Pom dress too!!

  9. cute dresses...loving the strawberries