Saturday, 7 May 2011

Family, Thrifting and Not Shopping.

I was going to start this with the line 'It's been a funny sort of week' which made Ronnie Barker as Arkwright from Open All Hours popped into my head as it sounds like the kind of line he would use, that probably means nothing to most people reading this and just shows my age! So I'll start with it has been a weird week instead. MayDay was fun and it was good to catch up with my sister and her Beau. My Mum made a wonderful lunch and I ate way too much of it. *Happy Sigh*

Enjoying the lovely weather.
 Nephew Number One trying on his Auntie's vintage sunglasses!
It was very hard to get up for work on Tuesday I can tell you.
It's been all peaks and troughs this week. Lows have been:
1.Work was so manic I swear it only took 2 days for all the good my holiday did me to wear off *SIGH*

2.Another collegue left this week, kind of hard because not only had she been working there the same length of time as me but I was also very fond of her. I came home feeling very flat.

3.Getting trapped in the post office for nearly an hour and missing my train home.

4. I woke up on Friday and could hardly move, lord knows what I have done but my back is freaking killing me :-(

Highs have been:
1. My Sister in Law's birthday yesterday, it was lovely to catch up with my brother's best friend Mark who happened to be round when we called in with her card and pressie.

2.My parents calling in with all the ingredients for a cream tea on Wednesday.

3.Pottering round my garden after work.

4. Some lovely charity shop finds.Please see below!

 Lovely lightweight wool skirt.

A pair of dark red clam digger style trousers. No idea why the colour has come out all patchy in this picture.....
 Yet another scarf.

GORGEOUS little jug and tiny wee blue & white chicken which I thought was too sweet to leave.
 Large owl wall plaque for only £1, not sure where to hang it mind you.
 Finally 2 elephant soup mugs for 40p!

Disturbing moment of the week came on Tuesday night. Himself was at the cinema and had thankfully locked the door on his way out. I went up to bed and about 10.30 I heard someone trying to open the front door. I assumed at first it was Himself coming home but when I didn't hear him actually come in, I went down to check and no he wasn't home. This is the second time in the last few weeks someone has tried the front door whilst I have been home alone. It has had the good effect of making me lock the door behind me which I usually forget to do, but it is quite weird.  

So I also had two proud moments with my 'no shopping' policy. Firstly I took 2 things back for a refund when usually I would have just stuck them in the cupboard. I know for a 'no shopping' policy I shouldn't really have bought them in the first place but at least I returned them and got refunded.
More importantly I went into town on thursday lunchtime and mooched around the shops. I found 2 lovely dresses, one was even in the sales. Before I dashed for the tills, I made myself walk round with them for a bit. I then stood in front of the mirror and held them up against me one more time. I decided one was very similar to a dress I already had at home and I didn't really need two the same. The other whist being lovely, was quite formal in style and really when would I ever find the occassion to wear it? So I put them both back and left empty handed. For me that was a big moment, usually I'd have just thought what the hell and bought them anyway! Hopefully I can keep it up.


  1. Great finds - love the owl!
    Scary though about someone trying your door, that would really freak me out :S

  2. 1) that door trying is seriously worrying! Could it be a drunkard at the wrong house? Possibly not. Keep vigilant!

    2) Parents popping in with cream tea goodness should have a badge advising "Best Folks EVER".

    3) I have skirt envy.

  3. Lots of ups and downs - you deserve a massive pat on the back for your Dress Resisting action in the shop. I couldn't cope with Oxford shops every day - they're too good! Sis-in-Law's birthday sounds lovely, as does cream tea. I expect its just someone mucking around, but best keep locking your door!!!

  4. Can you get a motion-sensitive light to put by the door? It might put people off trying your door if they know everyone on the street will be able to see them. It must be really scary.

    that owl is great!

  5. Landgirl I did think of you when I saw the skirt!

    To expand on the dorr thing. We have a really short drive, not quite the lenght of a car even, and no gate at the front. We think it may have been someone from/to do with next door as we both have white front doors. It's home to 5 or 6 Polish guys who come and go at all hours and have many visitors.

  6. oooh not good on the door trying incidents, hope that gets sorted soon!

    Well done resisting the shopping, well ok on taking them back!

  7. oh scary s**t about the door trying! Well done on the shopping, i must admit i have been guilty of not taking stuff back and just putting it at the back of the wardrobe! Scarlett x